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Mario Memories
Week #7

Good Memories
I remember the ol' McDonald's toys of SMB3. I got Mario, 2 Goombas, and 1 Koopa Troopa. However, it took me forever to get Luigi. My parents kept trying & trying to him for me. Finally after a week of the promotion, I finally received my Luigi in a Happy Meal!

My mario memory was when I Almost beat world 1 of mario 3 at the verry end of the game I was almost done when Kopa made me die But I shall kill him once and for all he will not win good will overcome evil like king kopa (spelling not altered -ed.)

Super Mario All-Stars gave me my first chance to sink my teeth into the Lost Levels. Alas, they were ludicrously difficult, and even though I bravely tried, I never got very far in them. Well, I -was- still very young back then. But by now, I'm still nice 'n young, of course ^^, but also, SMB Deluxe has given me a chance to have a "re-match" with the Lost Levels, so to speak, and after many painstaking efforts, I finally got the better of them. Ah, the bliss of it ^^.

I can remember when I first met Mario.I was at my 2nd cousin's granny's house. She was gone at the time to get him something I dont know what for. She came back with Mario Bros. and a NES I tried to play it with him (I was only 3), but when i would jump he would pause the game and make me fall. Then on my 5th christmas i finally got a NES! Between me and my parents it never got cut off!--P.S. I never let my brother play so now he dosent like games.

The best memory I had withmario is when I past SMW before my brother it was pritty cool considering that he was 7 years older then me, but the glory dident last long he past it an hour after I did. But clearly that was one of my best memories. :0)

Just recently, I managed to clear Levels 74 and 75 on the SNES Wario's Woods, after months of trying. I also made it to and beat Wario in Vs. COM mode.
-Tuxedo Ken

I remember when I was real young, and I first beat Super Mario 3. I beat it when I was about 6, without a Game Genie (but with the warp whistles, warping from level 2 to 4, 5 to 7, and 7 to 8). It took me about an hour and a half. I was one of the first kids in my grade to beat the game, and I was so proud of myself! Now, 8 years later, I know every secret and tip of the game, and I haven't played it in 3 months, and then I used an emulator instead of the "toaster" NES.

Weird Memories
When I was playing my Mario RPG Game something stupid happend like all the sudden out of no where this Glitch came out.and it was Smithy and he said too me "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"then he looked at Mallow and said "What the Hell" and showed me the Middle FInger and Ran Away.(I shouldent have got it from that weird game seling place) well I got a new one and everything was fine.The shopkeeper got sued for Selling Wierd games and thats it.

One day when I was watching the ending of SM64, I thought I saw a pic of Earthworm Jim on the wall of the Hazy Maze Cave. I think I was just seeing things. Probably the fire. It was strange.

Once when playing one of the NES Mario games, I forgot which one it was, sometime in 1997 (yea my NES still works), I had one of the funniest but weirdest expericences. I have had some weird things happen due to age of the NES/game cart (color/sound/gameplay changes), but none was as weird as this. I fell into a hole, but I didn't hear the "dying" music. Instead, I heard this sound of high pitches going to low pitches (sort of the sound you hear in cartoons when something is falling), and then I heard a "boom". Then the game crashed and I restarted the NES. It may not seem funny, but I laughed my head off (part of the reason was why the heck I am playing this old, faulty NES in the days of N64 and PSX, now I see how old my system is).

I have quite a few memories of crazy glitches on Mario games... in Super Mario Bros, once when I turned it on it started playing really messed up music and then it showed Bowser sitting at the beginning of the first level. I tried pressing a button. A koopa walked on the screen and walked towards Bowser. When he got there, he turned into Luigi and jumped so high he wasn't on the screen anymore, and he never came down again. I kept doing this for a while cause it looked kinda cool, but then the screen went black and REALLY messed up Music started playing. I quickly resetted. On Super Mario Bros 2, I was playing as Toad, and suddenly Toad kept changing into a different thing! He turned into Snakes and Coins and Veggies and stuff. Then all the bad guys kept walking up to him and stopping there. I shut it off cause it was REALLY freaky. My one friend dropped his Super Mario World outside, so I guess that's why the other glitch happened. We turned his SMW on and we started out at a world much like the Sprite map screen, but all colors of Yoshis with Marios and Luigis on their backs were running around everywhere. We checked out the "ninth" castle. Inside, we instantly faced someone who looked like Larry. He ran up and killed Mario. But we didn't return to the map screen!!! Instead, we watched "Larry" walk off the screen. Nothing was happening. We shut it off. Those are my only interesting memories.
-Morton Koopa Jr.

Bad Memories
I remember one time playing SMB3 with my cousins & aunt, one of my cousins knocked the system over twice! Luckily, the NES & the gamepak were ok.

It happened a year ago. I was in World 8-3 in Lost Levels and it took me literally 30 times to get through it. I was at 8-4 finally, after several days in cursed 8-3! This day I managed to get very close to where Bowser was, because his flames were coming after me. But just when I was about to jump over a lava put, I hit an invisible box with a poisonous mushroom in it! There was also a pink squid above me and a fireball just jumping out of the pit. The mushroom had me cornered, I was small, and it killed me. That wasn't the worst part. I took my game out of the system and played another one. When I put it back in it erased EVERYTHING! I don't remember how long it's been since I played Lost Levels, but I can't say I want to go through that time again!
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