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Mario Memories
Week #6

Good Memories
Lets all face it, The Super Mario Bros have always been there for us.Good or bad memories, in a way they have always been good,all of them. I remember the golden era when everywhere you went was mario. Around the 64 stage Mario and Luigi had somewhat been forgoton, until sm64. During which I was reuited with the bros. But i wanted to hear the characters. So in a vain search for the cartoons and Mario stuff, I came across a small but steadfast growing site of pure magic and fun of long ago when the bros rulled all Koopas, SMBHQ. So in this i raise my hand in salute to ye all wonder-workers of SMBHQ, my best friends--the overall wearing brothers, a mushroom, and a princess. But the greatest thanks of all goes to the one who started it all, Shigeru Myamato.
-Ross Johnson

When I was about four, my brother got the first Nintendo system, and i wasn't very tall, so when I played Super Mario Bros., I had to jump to see the screen.

For as long as I could remember, Mario Bros. 1 through 3 were 100% impossible. In #3, I could get to world 8 after hours of playing and by using the flutes, but the boards after the tanks were undoable. When i bought a SNES from a friend, he gave me SM All-Stars with it. I saved up my items over the weeks and using the save feature, I had plenty of Jugems clouds, P-wings, and Tanooki suits. I played, and using my army of items, I beat Bowser and won the game!!!!! I know it was kind of cheating, but later I beat it the real way. (GO ME!)

I was about...9 years old when I was a SMRPG Freak! In 5 weeks I'm going for the 7th star! Plus Culex's Song is Exellent! I wish his crystals wernt so POWERFUL! One day I beat him, I was so happy! But I lost the groovy music! Well, another great battle was Jinx. He was REALLY HARD and funny! A midget was thrashing Bowser's fat butt in the air! I wish I could fight 'em again!

Weird Memories
I had a glitchy version of Super Mario 64: I was just walking inside the Princess' castle, and as soon as I opened the door, Bowser's silhouette appeared and I lost a life for opening that door!

I won SMW after 6 years (pathetic,isn't it), and I watched the end. I became so happy, I shut everything else in my brain out. I said "... OOOH! I better Game Boy Camera this Kodak moment!". I know... I'm a WEIRDO!

I remember once I was playing my Super Mario Bros. 3 game on Super Mario All-stars. I did something really weird. While the game was on I started to pull the cartrige out of the SNES and all my SMB 3 files were earased! But I got them back.

Bad Memories
I had worked on SM64 every day, and I had gained 110 stars. I had finally got up the courage (I was afraid of utter loss)to try to defeat the last (3rd) Bowser. "I did it! I did it!" I exclamed after winning (everyone looked at me funny). I watched the credits proudly. Then, I viewed Mario's cake. "Let me save, PLEASE!" I whispered. I waited... and waited. Nothing happened, so I figured it automatically saved. I pressed the reset button to view that great number--111 stars. "What?! It didn't save!" I said to myself as I saw 110 stars.

Once in my early days of video game playing, when I wasn't too good at playing games, and didn't yet understand everything, in Wario's Woods, I went to the data clear area and erased everything!! I didn't know what data clear meant then! I wated to break the controller. Oh well, it's all back now.
-Dreemz About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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