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Mario Memories
Week #5

Good Memories
I was playing SSB and i was pikachu! So i was playing and BEAT THE MASTER HAND THE FIRST DAY I GOT IT! COOL HUH?! But I thought,sience then I got Jigglypuff after Pikachu, I had to use Mario to get Luigi and I had no idea how to get Captain Falcon or Ness. I ended up beating the game as every character. (BTW, i have every secret!)

One morning, when I was 6 or sumthing, I woke up to find that my TV wuz on. On it wuz sumthin' kool. On it was the SMBSS. I watched it; I fell in love with It; I loved Mario frum then on. A few years later, I find that this plumber and his friends had had many VIDEO GAMES, how fortunate! I loved them too. THAT is how I became a Mario Maniac.

My fondest memories are: Beating Super Mario World, Beating Super Mario Bros 2, Beating Super Mario 64 AND.... SUPER MARIO BROS! Yeah! Yahoo!

I remember when I first got my NES on Christmas Day. I was 4. It came with a game called Super Mario Bros. It took me a while to get past the first goomba and to jump over the first few pipes but when I did I got all excited and yelled to my mom "I did it! I did it!" Another good memory is getting Mario 3. I have a picture of myself, probably 5 years old, holding it above my head with my mouth wide open with a HUGE smile. I never got a SNES but I got a N64 last Christmas. I had ordered it but my parents got it early for me because they knew I wanted it before Christmas vacation was done. I was soooooooooo happy. I got Mario Party last March and I LOVE the game. But it was that Christmas Day that started it all.
-Ryan Mcnamara

This happened during my summer vaction. I'm 12 years old, you know. I was playing Super Mario Bros. on Mario All-Stars with SMW and my friends John and Andrew were at my house to share the moment with me. On world 8-4, something remarkable happened: after years of trying, I did something my father, who taught me how to play nintendo, never did: I beat Super Mario Bros.! It was the happiest moment of my life. That same night, at John and Andrew's house, I also won at Mario Party with Mario. Here is the ironic thing about it: this was on Yoshi's board, and John, who was Yoshi, finished in fourth place. -Ryan Mcnamara

Weird Memories
When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my dad was playing Donkey Kong Jr.(which we got after Super Mario). Anyway, he beat it, then the most horrible thing happened: Mario died!!! I was so upset, I ran to my room crying. It was like losing a best friend (god, I was wierd!)

Captain Lou Albano is the guy who did Mario's voice in the Super Mario Bros. Super show, right? Just the other day I was watching tv and I saw he was going to be in a wrestling match or free-for-all or something! Is that weird or what?!

When i was little, i enjoyed watching the Super Mario Bros. Super show. I didn't watch it all the time,(off and on) but for a few weeks it was my favorite show. Basically because all of them were new to me. I was watching one day when I had a call from Nature. It was the commercial, so i ran into the bathroom, let loose, and made the quickest poopie of my entire life. Ive never gone that fast, nor will i ever. I have no idea why, but that memory has stayed in my mind very clearly.

Bad Memories
Once I let a friend of mine borrow SMW and slot a had ALL the goals! I get it back and HE ERASED IT!!!! IT WAS MY MOMS SLOT TOO!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (btw, I have it all back now.)

In Mario Party,I once lost 200 coins in Crane Game!!!! Also, I once lost 40 coins to Bowser when everyone won in Face Lift!!!!!
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