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Mario Memories
Some Weird Ones

Weird Memories
I rememer when I was about 6 and I taped the Super Mario Bros. Super Show because it was on at about 5:00 AM.But about 2 years later I wanted to watch them and bask in the nogalistia when....DEAR GOD NOOOOOO!My dad had taped over them.Now I find your site and read the cartoon section and then there's an ultra-weird Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon called Sonic Rockstar or something.I think this site put a curse on me.

Once in Mario Paint, I had beaten the fly-swatting game 3 times in a row and I went to make some music and I saw 3 glitchy boxes on one bar and I thought "What in the world are those???"

In Mario Party,I once lost 200 coins in Crane Game!!!! Also, I once lost 40 coins to Bowser when everyone won in Face Lift!!!!!

You know what? This memory is weird. I could never beat Super Mario Bros 1, but I always get to 8-1, sometimes even 8-2 and 8-3. If I finally beat it, I'll post it soon. The problem with world 8 was because it was long, and I could get into the seconds easily, but I'll beat it. But a good memory to add, Seeing Luigi in SSB really made me happy. It's about time someone reconized him.

Ok, I was playing super mario land when I was on level 8, with about 2 lives, no continues, and all wild, I died. BUT!, instead of subtractin' one live It gave me one! It did quite a few errors like that, that were worse, like killin' me when I jumped on a baddie you where suposed to jump on. 'Splains it when you find out I got the gbc for acheap 50 bucks.

I was playing SMW when i find a secret area.(not Top Secret Area,nor Big Blue Boo's showdown)I start fighting Calvin & Hobbes type monsters.Koopa Troopas fall from the sky,I think to hit the monsters with.I was even riding Yoshi.So i spit one at a make the noise when you jump on a koopaling.I run into a Koopa Troopa,& i didn't get i jump to the highest platform.I eat the Koopa Troopas,then spit them out on the lowest platform,they keep hitting the monsters,so,i won!

Ok, I played the one-player mode in Super Smash Bros. the first day I got it. My first loss was at the Giant DK stage, but I came back and beat him! Then I had problems along the way with the Kirbys and Samus Aran, but I got by! and I lost to the Master Hand 5 times and then, WHAMMO! He's gone! I beat that stupid hand! another Memory was beating super mario 64 after struggling dozens of times. I feel I'm the King of gaming after that!

I always wanted to know everything. I was able to destroy Master Glove without being knocked out. To do that, I used the craziest monkey of them all... Donkey Kong.
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