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Mario Memories
Week #25

Good Memories
My favorite memory from mario was beating super mario world for the first time. I was 6 and I had been playing all night it was 3 in the morning when I finnally hit bowser with the last koopa thing. When he died at the end I ran through the house screaming I finnally beat it.

This is a good mario memory. After 1 year I finally beat paper mario. I got sooooo happy when I beat bowser. I was happy for the rest of the day. Thank you ninetendo for such a great game.

Dear smbhq, this is a half cool memorie and a half wierd one but you must put this on week 24!!! Ok, anyway one day i was playing super mario land no, not bros. LAND the game berfore smb for gameboy. Well, when i was playing this game i was beating levels like crazy!! i made it 2 the spaceshio dude!! you kinow after the cloud? But then i had to shut it off cause my brother had to go 2 the high school and i had 2 go with him. but on the way there and in the lobby i listened to the song paradise city by gund and roses (u got 2 no them they rock and there basically noise.)When i got home i went 2 bed and had the craziest dream! i dremt i was playing smbl and i was in world 6-7?! (no such thing) and the smb music was on instead of smbl music! then the music got slower and then broke out into this awesome mario electric guitar mario music! it was sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sit tight; these are kinda long...

Ahh, Mario! This is mostly an "I miss..." memory. Let's see...where to start? (I'm almost 15, by the way.) I'll start back around 1995-1997. Around there I first met Mario on a trip to South Carolina to visit family. This was what I call "Welcome to Mario!" I first played Super Mario World for the SNES. It was so fun and I loved it. I remember beating Yoshi's Island and a few Donut Plains levels. I also remember one of the older teens that was just joking and told me "Nintendo's broke till Tuesday." But still, it was a great memory. I can still recall the house, as well. Anyway, a few years later, I played Super Mario Bros. on a friend's NES (watched mostly)--my first level was 5-1 (I hated Bullet Bills)! Yet again, more SMW, which was theirs. On July 4th of 1998 or 1999, I started a new game on it and I can STILL remember myself in #1 Iggy's Castle climbing on the fences, knocking Koopas off the opposite side. Somewhere around that time, I remember a matress store that had a SNES in a back room and I can still remember Yoshi's Island 2 when you pick up the shell and toss it into the Koopas toward the beginning.

Let's move on to December 25, 2000. I can still remember (well, I recently watched the video, LOL) how excited I was about the first system! I also got Super Mario 64 and Pokémon Puzzle League (which was returned the next day for Pokémon Stadium). I can remember the "Wall Kicks Will Work" Star in Cool, Cool Mountain; I did the third wall kick WAY wrong. The next day (my birthday) was more SM64 and a Pikachu pińata and a Pokémon cake. Around the next summer, I remember the time was 8:00 AM and I was just finishing playing Tick Tock Clock at the Whomp near the top, when I left the system on and had Pokémon cereal...that area still reminds me of it; too bad it's no longer manufactured! One last time was the day before taking the white rental car to Northern California and the Redwood trees, I got both stars in the volcano of Lethal Lava Land.

Next, let's go to December 25, 2001. GBA time, with Super Mario Advance, and yet, I oddly remember the one day I was telling my older sister, who was watching Star Wars Episode I, about how I'd let her play it a lot. She didn't care. I was more excited when, around March of '02, I got SMW for it. I can remember all the games I used to play (and still do). I remember going on a trip the day after getting SMW, in which Dad and I went camping. On the last night I met a family that like the games just as I do, and was relieved. Two weeks later (at 94 exits), I find myself in Arizona talking with my sister and one of her friends about the game and, while on that same visit, getting the exits (Valley Ghost House and Valley Fortress) and beating Bowser (at a gas station, while parked, sitting in the back seat, at around 6:30 PM, and Dad put in 20 gallons of Regular at 1.95/gal).

Now I'll tell of deleted games. Super Mario All Stars + SMW has a tendency to wiggle in the SNES and tends not to work well. A few times, I blow on it, wiggle it, power it on and it not work. Twice have files been deleted, though I only lost SMB3 both times. Now I have SMB: The Lost Levels 100%, with 1-9 and A-D completed (no warps, whew!). I also lost a Paper Mario save file (don't know why, but now I don't use file 4, though it was probably me--this was nothing, though). Otherwise, I've only lost a couple of Game Boy Pokémon files (stupid GameShark!).

Finally, the miscellaneous pile. Super Mario Kart 64 and Spiderman 64 remind me of friend who used to play games with me in my closet. I remember a sick week where I stayed home and taped myself playing Paper Mario (man, I love that game!); I watch them for entertainment. I had a glitch file where I had a file with 41 levels completed. It would start up on Vanilla Dome, but there was no Mario. Only X, Y, A, and B would work (not L&R), which would take you to the bonus game for 100 goal stars, but you can't hit the blocks and when time runs out (even game over), it would just do the same thing. A weird part is the fact that much of Vanilla done was completed, except for the path leading to the first level (it was still gray). Thankfully, a friend deleted the file! Also, in the year 2003, I hacked Super Mario World on an editor with a ROM and downloaded others' hacks too, which was very fun for me...

THE END...If you are still here!

I remember when i was about 4-5, my parents had bought me a NES with the Zelda game, and the SMB1 with the duck hunter game and gun. My dad was playing SMB1 one day, and he couldn't get past this jump..he died at least 4 times. I was laughing at him, and he was getting kind mad. After his 5th death or so, he said, "Lets see you do it". My first try, i made it first try, and he left the room. Hilarious to a 5 year old.

I remember when I was about 4 years old and my brother was playing Super Mario 3, and I wanted to play. So I died like eight times and I still wanted to play. So after lots of practice me and my brother were beating the game on a daily basis. And the rest is history...
-Son Gokou14

So it started off when I was 5 and my dad came home from work in a simba suit, and in his hand he had a rare Luigi plush!!!(then the bad part) I loved that toy and the next week I lost it OMG!!! But when I was 6, my mom had a big box on the counter and it had a set of plushies of Mario,bowser,dk and yoshi! I was so happy, I wanted to collect all of them as a goal in my life. Then I remembered the day I lost luigi, I asked my mom if there was anymore luigi plush toys left and there was 1luigi left in Canada! and I got it. A couple of years later I got a whole lot of new plush Mario toys for x-mas. I got toad,a bunch of possible yoshis (green,red,yellow,white,black and blue), a possible Mario and yoshi (green), and banjo kazooie. Then I noticed something missing in the set, princess peach. I asked mom about that last plush I need to complete my collection and she said that those ones were sold out. 4 years later I found a whole bunch of plush toys on ebay and I lost the bid! That was my only chance. in February I found another peach plush and I won the bid. my collection was done and also I got Diddy Kong and now I just need warrior.

My favorite memory from mario was beating super mario world for the first time. I was 6 and i had been playing all night it was 3 in the morning when i finnally hit bowser with the last koopa thing. When he died at the end i ran through the house screaming i finnally beat it.

My aunt works for Burger King and I got every single nintendo toy they had before they came out!!!!!

Weird Memories
Put this in your site for Weird memories (Don't reply back) When I was Playing yoshi's island (for the gba) I didin't play it for awihle put when I played it again somebody played up to world 6-4! I was only on world 4-4 Very weird.

This is an EXTERMELY WEIRD MEMORYso listwn up. Me and my friend jared steeves love retro games. So one friday of the seventh grade i had jared come over and spend the night, he brought his super nintendo and we had a blast!!! but, when we played smballstars on the original super mario bros. i wanted to change the game and he didnt so i jiggled the cartridge with my foot and the screen went black and the castle music started playing when we were on WORLD 1-1!!!!!!!!

Alright this is a very very weird memory! Just yesterday I beat smb64!!!!!!!!!!! But when i faced the last bowser the muic really got to me. That organ music made me feel like mario was facing his last battle of his life and when ever bowser blasted fire breath near mario I would suddenly start sweating really hard it was freaky!!

Oh when I was in leatle lava land you know when mario dies and he wables around for a bit and faints? when I was inside the volcano and got smashed by that trick wall that falls instead of mario poping up after he got squished and fainting he stayed squished and disappered into thin air, weird!

I was playing super mario world on the snes when i was at the star road and star world 1.Then Mario fell down threw the blocks when i was breaking them and fell down threw the bottom and i was in a new level i never seen before.The background was a rainbow color and the enemies where upside down and the game froze.But when I reset the game it just like it was before pheww.

The first Mario Game I ever got was Super Mario Land, for the Game Boy. I was 5, and I thought that almost everything was an enemy, until I learned better. I eventually got to a spider level, and that was the farthest I got, until about a year ago, when I beat the game. My baby sitter always was able to beat it, and I could never understand how she could just pick up the Game Boy and beat it, until a few years ago, when I learned that she "trained" herself in the art of playing Mario while I took naps.

When I was playing super mario bros. I paused the game so I can get some pizza abuot thirty min. later I went upstars to my room and unpaused it then I was in a castle on 5-4 and I saw a goomba the I jumed on it and the goomba turned to a thing that looked like smithy from super mario rpg then mario turned to a star then the game froze so I reset it the the strange glitch never happen again I thout this was so weird.

This is a weird memory! I was watching the Simpsons episode where Homer goes to clown college. Stuff happens in that episode, but in the end there is this guy who has an Italian accent. I enjoyed listening to it. Then it hit me, Mario speaks with an Italian accent too! So I started up a Mario collection. With more than 230 items it's the largest Mario collection I know of. Mario trays, books, store displays, Mario movie action figures, dolls, food packages, cards, McDonald happy meal signs, candy, Pez dispensers, sheets, Japanese Mario Kart toys, French mustard glasses, video tapes of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and much, much more are seen covering more than half of my room. My friend wants me to start liking Star Wars like he does, but Mario is here to stay, and no one can stop that.
-Kaptain Koopa

I read, TWICE, in the memories sections that the monkey in Super Mario 64 in Tall Tall Mountain would do the Macarena if you watched it for about 35 minutes. So I got my brother to watch it with me. When we got to about 20 minutes my sister and my nephew walked in and couldn't believe what we were doing, but she joined us. Soon, my other sister and my Mom entered the room and then joined the viewing too. Before I knew it, 35 minutes passed, then 40, but nothing happened. "what if that's the wrong monkey?" my sister said. Both my bother and I looked at each other and remembered the monkey at the very top of the mountain. we weren't sure which monkey we needed to look at so we went to the top of the mountain, grabbed the monkey, and dropped him in the water. That's the end of that monkey.
-Kaptain Koopa

Bad Memories
On September 7th 2005 I was playing Super Smash stadium Melee.I was at vs mode Giant melee and turned every item of but the Super mushroom and I choose Bowser as my character and DK as my aponite.And choose Game and watches arena.And every time DK got the super Mushroom and became ultra DK he grabs me and walks of they edge and we both lose a life.I wonder way he does this but it gets annoying.
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