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Mario Memories
Week #24

Good Memories
When I was about 4-5 my dad and I would go to a store and I would ALWAYS go play Super Mario 64 on the N64 they had there. Fast forward to my 6th b-day I get an N64, Mario Kart and Super Mario 64. The next morning I got up at 5 AM just to play Mario Kart and Super Mario 64. I was sooooo happy.

My greatest Mario memory was a long time ago. I was only five years old, it was my birthday. I began to open my presents. I got in trouble a week before, and my mother told me that I would not be getting Super Mario 3 for my birthday. I had played that game a couple of weeks before the party, and I put that on the top of my list. I also asked for the game Snakes Revenge that year. I came across one of my presents that looked like a Nintendo game. I thought it was Snakes Revenge, but when I opened that small box shape present. I felt nothing but pure joy and happiness. It was Super Mario Brothers 3.

I remember turning my N.E.S. on about 2 years later to play Super Mario Brothers 3. It didn't work. I've been having some trouble with it because it was getting old. About a week later my father told me to throw my N.E.S. in the garbage. The second I saw my Nintendo put in the garbage. I thought that I'd never play my favorite game, Supre Mario Brothers 3, again.

About a week ago i was on a Mario site wondering what the new Super Mario Advanced game would be like. When I saw the word Super Mario Brothers 3, I felt the same feeling I felt so many years earlyer. I can't wait for the realese of Super Mario Advanced 4.

I don't remember the exact day or year, but the time was at night. My mom had just finished giving me a bath, and during the course of said bath, I kept hearing strange noises coming from my parents' room.

When I asked what was going on in there, my mom told me that my Dad was playing Nintendo, and my sister was watching him. She asked if I wanted to come watch, and I said yes.

I was totally unprepared for what I saw (I was about four or five at the time) I watched, mesmerized, as Dad led Mario through wave after wave of Goombas, Koopas, and the occasional brush with Bowser.

At first I didn't understand the story, for I thought 'the person' was lost in a parallel world and was trying to find his way home. After seeing Toad's famous 'Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle' speech, I had a very basic idea of the story.

We spent many an hour in front of that NES, and I still cherish that time we spent together.

Okay, here's my memory. It starts out as a terrible memory but then turns out good. It's similar to Pisces' memory. I was playing Mario Party at my Uncle David's house. I was at Peach's Birthday Cake. Well, the thing that made me mourn was that I lost. Luigi, the stupid green plumber, beat me. I was Mario. To make things worse, I came in last place and had to watch a dumb piranha plant bite me. When I tried again the next time I came, Peach, who I hate more, beat me. This also happened in her board. I was so upset that I shut the game off. The next time I tried, Peach beat me again at my Rainbow Castle. GRR!!! Also, in the past, I've played Mario Party at my Dad's house and he was gonna bring it to my house when he forgot it and it was trash. When I played Mario Party 2, I won in Bowser Land. But that was the only time I won. The next time I tried, the pink broad won again. Then I had almost a year without Mario Party. Well, on Christmas, I got Mario Party 4! I was sooooo happy because in order to play Mario Party, I needed my dolls, a board, and a dice. Now I don't have to do that anymore. YAY!!!! My first mini-game was "Domination". I won! I had lots of fun with it. But that fun soon turned into unpopularity. I played it with my brother and in Team Mini-Games, he ALWAYS makes us lose. Well, before that, on Christmas night, I was playing Party Mode with him in Mario(me) and Waluigi (my brother, Justin (the brother I'm talking about) Vs. Peach and Daisy. Well, we always lost Team Mini-Games and I got so upset that Tom (my dad) kicked me off the Gamecube for a while and when I played again, I never played Mario Party 4 ever again. I played Evolution Worlds, another game that I got for Christmas. It's an RPG about a boy named Mag Launcher who works for the society, a job where you kill monsters in dungeons. He has a butler named Gre Nade. He often goes on adventures with his friend, Linear. One day, I decided to play Mario Party 4 again. So I did and lost to Wario in Story Mode. I got all frustrated and took another dive at it. And I won for the first time! (The previous times were where I ALWAYS lose to Daisy) Then I got to battle Toad in Bowser Bop! I beat him by 5 points! I got my first present! Mario's Sofa! The second one I did was Goomba's Greedy Gala. (The last one was Toad's Midway Madness) I won and beat Goomba in Goomba's Chip Flip! I think I got Mario's TV. I kept battling my way through those boards. The only time I lost was in Boo's Haunted Bash. I lost to that yellow broad named Daisy! But I tried again and beat her. And beat Boo in Mystic Match 'Em! I got all the presents! Then Toad came out of the curtains and told me that I got all the presents. Suddenly, he said there was one more. Then a shadow was on him. And someone familiar smushed him. Bowser! That Bowstard! (Get it? B@$tard! Bowstard!) Bowser laughed and said that he stole my presents. He told me to come to his party and I went to Bowser's Gnarly Party! I won easily with 3 stars and 100 something coins. Then I battled Bowser! After dodging those obstacles and solving those slide puzzles. I pounded a switch and it glowed. I pounded another switch and a laser connected it. I pounded another switch and it formed a triangle. Bowser stepped in it and he got electrocuted! I lost. One morning, on the very first day of 2003, I killed Bowser! After the last blow, Bowser closed his eyes and fell dead at my feet! Bowser seethed over his loss and he walked away. And he dropped a present. The koopa kid said that it was a present from Bowser. He wondered that maybe Bowser IS a good guy after all. Maybe he's right. Maybe he just sometimes becomes a little mean. He was nice in SMRPG. He's sometimes on your team in Mario Tennis and Smash Brothers Melee. Then he left. I opened it and it revealed a Bowser Vase! I saved and I saw Bowser walking in the darkness saying stuff. Then Toad came and told me that I got all the presents. Then he said there was one more. I almost got a heart attack. He said it was from someone else who wants to congratulate me. Was it Drew Carey? Was it Ozzy Osbourne? Was it Adam Sandler? The lights went out and it showed a cinema of a star in the sky. It blew up and revealed a constellation of Mario! I could tell that Mario had tears in his eyes. Then a sign showed up and it said "Happy Birthday! Mario!!" I saw the credits and it showed pictures of how the whole thing started. After that, I saved and returned to the menu. I then beat the game with everyone and recieved all the presents! I also got a Party Star trophy! To this day, I'm still good at that game. And that crap from the past never came back again. But maybe one day it'll come back. Who knows? Maybe it'll remain the same. Or maybe I'll continue to suck at it. No one will ever know...

I first got my Nintendo 64 when I was 9. My first game was Pokemon Stadium, but I really wanted Mario Party 2. Well one day my Mom told me she had a surprise for me. She told me her boyfriend had found a copy of a Nintendo 64 game. So she gave it to me, AND IT WAS MARIO PARTY 2!!! That was the best Mario memory in me WHOLE LIFE!!! I did not stop playing that game untill I beat it.

When Super Mario 64 came out, I started playing and eventually gave up after reaching 74 stars. 6 years later, I played again and got all 120 stars!

At Burger King, the day they stop making Nintendo toys, I came anyway. I asked for one and a worker gave me two. I opened it up and I got...LUIGI AND MARIO! WHOOHOO!

I remember back when I was 5, there used to be a lot of Mario Cartoons (Actually, there were 3) and I get emotional a lot. Like in Koopenstien, when King Koopa was about to take Mario and Luigi's brains, I was really scared that he might succeed, but they were saved by Toad, and in King Scoopa Koopa, after Luigi and Yoshi were turned into Chickadactyls (They were hilarious!) I was worried because King Koopa said he was going to fry them and turn them into fried chicken. But in the end, everything worked out okay.

I shall never forget about my favorite game, Wario World. I got it on my birthday party and I was REALLY happy about it. I was so happy that I said what Wario sometimes tells enemies whenever he kills them. I said "Have a rotten day!" out loud. I started playing and went to the first level. I started freeing Spritelings and reading their quotes. I even pummeled many bosses, no matter how tough they were. They were really tough. Especially Red Brief J, who was a little tougher than that Clown-A-Round boss. (Because of when he throws his ball at you.) I even pummeled monsters in battle rings. (Which was REALLY fun.) Well, I finally got to the final level in the game. Pecan Sands. It took a while to beat, but I got past it and killed the Ironsider! (The last level boss) Then I saw Captain Skull! I always wondered what he looks like. Wario was looking at a short guy. Suddenly, the short guy revealed himself at the one and only, Captain Skull! I battled the evil Captain. I smashed him, picked him up, and threw him overboard. Well, the captain was like Captain Hook because he has a hook for a hand. But that was no ordinary hook. This hook was a grappling hook! (No, Zelda fans. It isn't Link's grappling hook) He grappled over to the crow's nest and the battle continued. After a while, he was invincible! I had to read a FAQ to get past this. After the FAQ part, I picked up a barrel and threw it at him like Donkey Kong. He was KO'd. After that, I hurt him 2 more times and defeated him! The showdown with the black jewel began. Anyway, I beat him in one try. I saw all the Spritelings trapped in crystals! I freed them all and they zoomed at the evil black jewel. I picked up the black beast and threw him out! He came back! I repeated the process and killed him! That'll teach him to listen to authori-TAH! (That's from South Park) After that, the Spritelings thanked me and told me they were gonna rebuild the castle for me.They did this strange dance like natives and then, after a while, they were in their finishing form and a bright light shined in Wario's eyes and it was all white. Then the credits rolled. After that I saw Wario sitting in his throne, complimenting about his rebuilt castle. After that, I beat it again after rescuing the last spriteling and got the true ending! Thank you, Nintendo, for such a great game!

The best memorie I had was when I first got my Super Nintendo which I think might have been in december of 1992. I remmember I was whith my mom, my Gandma, and my Sister that day I think we were Christmas Shoping and my mom chose to buy us a Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo came with Super Mario World and two Controllers. I had played whith it all night long. One day I had a Cousin visiting me and he was sitting down playing Super Mario World for hours and he had asked me if he shold go to yoshi`s home and then I started to jump up and down saying go to Marios home over and over agin. I was five years old at the time and diddint know that only Yoshi had a home. I remmember when we also had the origrigenal Nintendo and when my sister was playing Super Mario Brothers and then I started to jump up and down saying ride Yoshi ride Yoshi over and over agin. When I got older I later learnd that only Yoshi had a home in Super Mario World and there was no way Yoshi could be in The Origrigenal Super Mario Brothers game. Those where the realy good times I had. I whish That they could still come out with games as good as the old Mario games.

Weird Memories
I was playing SM64 really late one night. I had all 120 stars and so I decided to launch myself to the top of the castle. Up there I saw Yoshi and tried to talk to him to get my lives. Instead, he ignored me and kept walking,walking right off the edge of the castle! I looked over the edge and he was gone. I turned around and he was back! Then the game froze.

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO weird! Me and my best friend, Kyle were playing Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 and I let him play. (I let him wear my headphones which were plugged into the GBA) Well, when we got to the main title screen, I heard the music at a higher pitch! I borrowed my headphones to see if it was really true. It was the normal music! I figured out that when I'm listening to from far away, it's at a higher pitch! But if I listen closely it's normal! I'll never forget this!!!!

Here's my other weird memory. I tried to get this put on week 21 but I'm trying again! This is another one of my double memories. I once had a dream about this black and white Mario cartoon and Mario was fighting either Bowser or Mouser. I think it was Mouser. Anyway, Mouser punched Mario and he crashed into a wall. Then Peach came and kissed Mario. Then Mario got back up and did the same thing to Mouser twice as hard! Another memory is when I was playing Mario Party 2 and we were running-racing each other. I was about to win when this big blue block with a weird looking smile dropped down and won the race and I came second. When the "FINISH!" sign appeared, Mario ran back to some casino with only slot machines! He rolled one of them and he got three teddy bears and the teddy bear was Tom Nook! I then woke up, thinking "OOOOOOOOOOO....KAY!" Strange...

This is just WEIRD!!!! I had this weird dream one Thursday night about Ash Ketchum climbing up a tree and these two guys (they are NOT team rocket who are often in my dreams) follow him. Later, they pull out their Super Scopes and shoot one of the branches and the blasts bounced off and hit Ash square in the chest! And it was like a laser and it kept shooting Ash! Ash clenched his teeth, moaning "UNNNNHHHHH...Unnnh..." Why? He was getting shot, DUH, and then he fell off the tree unconscious and then the scene goes to the other side of the branch and I saw one of those platforms in "Bianco Hills" in Super Mario Sunshine. Then this "mini-saucer" sucks up Ash and he's in a crystal ball. Then it brought it to a large group of people who are sitting on a long, thick bench. They had to see what the object is. I guessed that it was Ash and I planned to talk with him after he pops out. Then he popped out! Unluckily, he turned into an action figure. I became very disappointed. I then decided that he wasn't real anyway. Well, all I know is that there were lots of other things that involved Mario in that dream. Didn't you think this was weird?

I remember a few times I played "Super Mario World", on the SNES, and when I battled Bowser at the end to watch the credits, I noticed that the fireballs temporarily coming down had faces. For some reason, these little fireballs reminded me of cheetos, and other snacks. I was getting hungry then. So I just tried not thinking about it, when during the credits, I got a hankering for some barbecue chicken, and some other meats when I saw the fishbone guys and the dry bones turtles on the screen. I was definitely hungry then, although dinner was just an hour away. One or two times I also held the up key for the ending with mario flapping his hands on the walk to Yoshi's house. That sure was wacky! Now it's 5 years later, and I played SM64 recently, when I go to Lethal Lava Land. I can't help but stare at the painting, it was a fireball with a face from SMW! What is this about? I play in the course, and I do see some jumping fireballs on preset jumps and timings, but none of them have a face, and not even the blue fire, or ice, that Bowser shoots on the last battle, has a face. Well, I just assume that the fire face was only available on 2-D sprites, and the SM64 programmers didn't have enough time or memory space to put them in the game fully, like their idea they had to abort with Luigi in SM64. In SMW, there was the one course in the special world with the jumping fireballs that shot fire, although no face was on them. I wonder what these fireballs with faces on them are called, or the jumping fireballs. I assume just "fireballs" is their name. Well, if you can come up with a logical explanation for them, then you can tell me in an E-mail. Boy, this fireball memory is making me hungry. There are many explanations that the Mario Bros. games should have. Like that moon in SM64, course 5. Doesn't that look like Mario, or Luigi? And it doesn't stop with the Mario Bros. This makes me think of other games, like GTA3. Doesn't the moon in GTA3's nighttime background resemble a face too? And there is the Ghost town, where the introduction took place, at the Bank, which they could of easily put on Staunton Island for game space, or not of put the game in the playable section either. Now honestly, what good are those things if you arn't supposed to get them, like the Observatory in Shoreside Vale? This goes for many other games too. Or in Halo for Xbox, when in the multiplayer matches there is a glitchy region at the top of the map, where with a vehicle can get to the top of the board, and jump down to anywhere easily. I'm telling you, those gaming programmers should explain all there is in each game when it comes out, in the instruction manual, or somewhere in the game pack like the Consumer Information and Precautions booklet so that we all don't accidentally erase our games that we put much time and hard work into.

I remember when me and my brother talked about some of the things that SM64 should have. Like a hammerhead shark in Dire, dire docks. He said it would be interesting if there was some videos in the game to watch with the Hammerhead and Manta Ray. The Manta could be a plane for some airport,(not so intersesting) and the Hammerhead could be the host on a Mario Bros. show for kids, about tools and all the work in building. It would be like the "Tool Time" show on "Home Improvement". The hammerhead could get all his gadgets to go haywire, like "Tim, the Toolman Taylor". That show of Tim Allen's sure was interesting. Me and Ryan then talked about all of the crazy things he did. Like when he fell through the roof of a house. Or when he shot Al's turtle into cement, and Al yells, "Scooter!" and the slow motion dive into the cement. Or when he shot two nails into a cameraman, then us viewer's view pointed at the ceiling. Or when Tim glued himself to a table. Or when he said to Al, "if you say 'tomata, with potata,' I say you're stupid!" then got electrocuted with the potato in the broken light bulb. I won't forget all the good clips of him going haywire with gadgets, nor the series finale. One thing's for sure, Al Borland(Richard Karn, now the host of "Family Feud") looked alot like Mario.

I got a glitch in SSB before. So i was playing Yoshi's Story and then got bored with it. I inserted a SSB cartridge and got a crazy glitch. Mario was Metal Mario! Seriously! it was only on the link stage. Mario was all silver. Weird, huh?

Bad Memories
Fast foward to the year 1999. It is nearly four o'clock in the afternoon on an extremely hot summer day. Mom and Dad are out getting the car tuned up for our vacation travel, my sister is watching TV in the living room, and I'm playing the orginal SMB on our old NES, (which is still working beautifully after all this time) and having a wonderful time! But I was somewhat rusty since I hadn't played it in a long time, and even with a Game Genie's help, it still had taken me four hours to get to World 6-4. Two tries, died both times (thank you, infinite life code!)

On my third try, my sister comes in and informs me our favorite TV show is about to start. I put down the controls and requested that she turn my TV off but leave the game running, which she did.

Thirty minutes later, I come back mad because we saw a cliffhanger, and we weren't going to be there to see the next episode (we were leaving on vacation the next day) So, I decide to take out my frustration on Bowser, and resumed World 6-4.

Little did i know, a major thunderstorm was about to come through our area. The first lightning bolt caused the NES to glitch, and four hours of brilliant progress went down the drain! (thankfully, the NES survived, and it still works!)

I've caught myself wondering recently when Nintendo is going to get off its butt and finally come out with a Mario Kart game for the Gamecube. Whenever I find the opportunity to play on a 64 nowadays, I'm heading straight for the Mario Kart cartridge because of its awesome replay-ability. You would think that Nintendo would have already said something about it considering it was one of their finest games for the 64. I'm not even that impressed with their hold-over game, Super Mario Sunshine. Indeed the graphics are ballistic, and the story semi-interesting, but the idea of Mario with short-sleeves and a water tank is a little unsettling. Sure, he had the racoon suit, and the feathered cap, and the cape... but nothing like a water pack. At least with all the other items Mario was still doing his own thing, and not relying on modern technology. Therefore I am still dissatisfied with Nintendo, as it drags its feet towards what I am sure will be their crowning game until they finally make a 2 player Super Mario Bros. game again. And until either of these days come, I'm sure I won't be seeing any Sunshine anytime soon.
-The Mariomaniac

So, there was a Mario cartoon on PAX. I never seen one before and I wanted to watch it. But then came my sister who HAD to watch that bloody Teletubbies video. She kept on doing it every Sunday until...NO MORE MARIO CARTOONS! GAH!

I Remember when I borrowed SMRPG from my friend. He told me not to erase his good file and I said ok. So I got really far and I went to reset it but I triped right on top of the SNES.I fixed it up but when I got to the select file screen I found that all of the files were deleted.So I gave it back and I told him what happend and he never let me borrow that game again.

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