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Mario Memories
Week #23

Good Memories
A few years ago, I was playing Super Mario World. I had gotten reall far in the game(95%). I had accidentally gone to the erase file screen, and when I tried to load my precious file, I saw "New file," or some message like that. I thought that my file had been erased. I was so upset that I shut the game off and didn't play for months. Eventually, I decided I would try to get 95% again in Super Mario World. What I didn't know was that my file hadn't been erased. Apparently, to actually erase a file, you have to go to the erase game screen, deletd the file, and confirm the deletion by exiting the erase game screen. Since I had shut the game off before confirming the deletion, my file was not erased. That was one of my best Mario memories.

I still remember the good old days, when i used to play mario 1,2,and 3 on the Nes. those were the days when mario was at his best!!!!!!!!!! Unlike now where they have given mario a bloody water backpack. I would sit there from dusk til dawn button bashin like mad, so kean to complete my mario game. i even still play my Nes now jus 2 bring back my old childhood memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i grew up playin mario games, and they are superb!!

I remember when i played Mario Party 2 and i won 7 stars!i just broke the record of the whole family!!!!!!!!!!my freind gerald his highest # of stars was 5 or moms best # of stars was 7!

I remember when me and my freind beat Super Mario 3 or 2(i forgot)and we went into another world world 3(we stunk back then)we were so happy!and then when we got good we made it to world 6 7 or 8!thank you Mario!But most of all thank you Mr.Myamato who started it all!

I was 7 or 8 when i was playing paper mario.i havent played it for a long time but i took it out and played the boss i could never beat. And that day i beat it! I started yelling and banging my head on the furniture. Boy was that a good and weird memory

Weird Memories
This memory is very unsual. A few times when I played SM64, I would go into a snow course, Snowman's Land or the Cool, Cool Mountain. When the camera would get near a spindrift location, the eyesight, when a spindrift would come in view, it wouldn't be there and just be floating around to appear. Instead, the spindrift would be about in air a few inches where it appeared, so it would appear in the air, then fall shortly to the ground in one inch on camera apearance. Well, a few days later I was playing Grand Theft Auto 3 on my computer. When I went to the disused railroad tunnel that connected 8-Balls Autoyard to the Supa Sava and the Portland Docks in Portland (you know, the tunnel that a hidden of the hundred packages is located in, an easy package to get, where the four bums stand around the middle and just stand there doing nothing, and they can be attacked for some easy molotov cocktails, then they regenerate the next day, and this tunnel is a convenient route to take from Harwood to Saint Marks) I was driving an Ice Cream Van at full speed, and just like the Spindrift from SM64, the bums were in mid air and when they got in camera eyesight, they fell from an inch above and landed and standed on the ground. Or it could of been more of an inch to fall from. You could try it in either game, and the characters I just mentioned that fall from an inch above due to the camera, are some unusual things that you could observe yourself. I just noticed that similarity between SM64 and GTA3 recently. Is that wierd or just wierd or what? I mean, the resemblance is uncanny, and Mario is for mainly kids, and the GTA series aren't exactly meant for kids.

One time when I was playing Super Mario 64, I was watching the opening demos. I just was taking a rest basically. When the demo for Mario at the Big Boo's Haunt course began, I was still watching. Then after Mario ran across the falling bridge, he of course went into the room with red coins on two ledges and a little guy on one, as it is a regular demo routine for the game. Then when Mario stopped at the corner and the little guy floated over and looked at Mario, an in game function occured. The little guy disappeared and revealed the blue coin in him! Now, of course it's not a glitch, but this only happens when playing the game, and not on the demo. I watched the game demo for that course over and over again, but it never happened again. I wondered why it did it that one time, and read a few books about software applications and some various other computer topics. One paragraph of explanation said in one book, "suppose you start with a simple set of fractals (computer patterns) and repeat it and expand it. If these patterns are repeated enough times, the slightest miscalculations, or errors, or any mistakes, they can eventually, and inevitably, lead to new creations, or even chaos." Now, I did read some other explanations, but this is the best written so far. I scanned the SM64 demo data and it turns out that Mario is controlled by the computer player,(the computer is operating Mario, not a complete programmed demo, or taped demos from the gaming testers) but it turns out that the in game characters, like goombas, are as they are when the game is played, and they will have their own usual character nature of walking around. If you were to go in a course, say Bob-omb Battlefield, and watch the Bob-ombs walk around while standing still, you would see how they usually move in a circle pattern, but their pattern will change of how much distance you have on them, and your current speed is modifying the bob-omb's walking route. Back to the demos. If the computer is controlling Mario on its programmed route/track, then the other moving objects and characters will usually go on their route, because they're expected to move in a certain way. Take note of this when you play a level, because if you make the exact same movements when you enter a course many times, the enemies will too move in the exact same movements as before, so do take note of this, and you too will see what I've been seeing lately. I hope you will enjoy all this computer programming as much as I do.

I was playing smb1 level 1-2 and i jumped to get a coin and I only got 1/2 a coin. meaning 1/2 a coin was still on the screen. About this time i started seeing abunch of text all over the screen. Very odd.

One time, I had this crazy dream. It must be about my obsession for Mario and GTA3. I was walking through Portland on the Italian Gang's turf, when I picked up a rampage that said, "Kill 20 Mafia Men with an M160 in 120 seconds!" So I shoot one Mafia Man, when Mario appears and says, "its-a-me!" I decided to shoot him with 117 seconds left, my bullets go through him, and a message said, "rampage failed." Mario was grinning, knowing I didn't have my M160 infinite gun. What he didn't know was that I knew the codes for the game! So he throws a fireball at me, then I shoot my flame thrower at him, then he said, "whoa!" His fireball came back towards him, though he dodged it. We continued to Hepburn Heights, when Mario beats up a diablo gang member and takes his baseball bat! I use mine against him. Then it goes into SSBM format and we go after each other with our bats, and I used my patented "no way back thwack" on him, and defeated him! Then my beeper came up and said, "Mario gaming expansion options delivered to hideout and installed on gaming directories and computer database." Then I could change between Mario and all the Mario characters on any of my computer programs! I changed into the Manta Ray from "Dire, Dire Docks", and because Manta Rays have a resemblance to planes, being him, I could fly like a plane, with built in weapons! And in the dream, in all my other programs on my computer, I could do the same things. I then changed into Spindel, then being like the big wheel he is, he said, "Look out world, big wide US military guinea pig coming through!" Then he ran into a few sidewalk signs, like "welcome to Staunton Island. Please drive carefully." Then I saw bill dotrive, from King of the Hill, and he was driving a Rhino Heavy Tank, like in the one episode. He was singing the familiar lyrics and making the same funny faces, all the while singing, "I can change, I can change, I can, Chananege!" He drove over a yakuza stinger, destroyed it, then the Yazuka destroyed him with their rocket launchers! I won't ever forget this dream!

Okay,so 1 time,i was goofin around with SMB3 and i started the game and i was in a glitched up world with only one level! I died in that level. All i could remember... It was cool! Also,in SMW,I was messin' around the game and I started it up and I was in a very small glitched level,I think there was a blue pipe and a batch of blue blocks,no music was playing. MAN,AIN'T IT SO COOL TO GET WIERD GLITCHES LIKE THAT??? Oh yeah,in SMW,i had numerous bugs like Mario fallin' from the top of the ground!

Bad Memories
I remember when i was about 7 or 8 my freind gave me his super mario all stars! I gave him 2 games though.but when i played it and i was really far he wanted the game back!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??????
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