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Mario Memories
Week #21

Good Memories
This has to be one of my best memories. Well, I got my copy of Super Mario 64 in September 2000 (I know, late) for my 10th birthday. I played it constantly. Well, in mid-2001 I finally got to Bowser in the dark World. I tried many times to beat him, but always got my a** whipped by him. Well, the past X-mas I had gotten N64 Gameshark. So I decided to put on Invincibility. I killed the dino in no time. Well, 1 year later in 2002, I started replaying SM64 on a new file. It took me no time to get to Bowser that time, but I still couldn't beat him. But I was firm on my descision not to use a Gameshark, so for 2 hours, I sat in front of my TV trying to kill Bowser. I finally got to the point where you have to hit him once more, and I did!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so incredibly proud of myself. I danced around my room untill my Mom said i was making too much noise. Then I sang, "For he's a jolly good fellow."

You'll be stunned after reading this memory. I was about 5 or 6 when this happened. I was at my Dad's house. I was playing Mario 1, 2, or 3 when he came in. I let him play. He played and he lost a live. He said " I don't know how to do it.". One day when we were at our stepcousins and godmother's house. Me & my stepcousins (not all of them are boys, one's a girl) were playing SMB1.(I was really playing and they were watching) I was at Bowser (I had trouble beating Bowser back then & never beat him & got ticked) I jumped on the moving platform above me. He jumped and I got hit by the dang horn and I died. I let Dad play. He got to Bowser. (he had a fire flower) Fired fireballs at him and he (Bowser) died. He (My Dad) walked by the area Bowser was & saved the toad. We were so amazed (I told them he was bad at it) we cheered. And that is the tale of how my Dad got lucky!

Okay, We were at my Dad's house. It was night. I felt lonely. I later found out that they were all upstairs. I played SM64. I went in that room that koopa troopa was scared of going in. I never heard of SMBHQ back then. I entered the room where the big boo was. I was in the garden. Just then, I heard a noise! I thought it was a horse. Then I heard it again! I thought I was just hearing things. Then I heard it once again and found out...there were boos everywhere!!!!! I found a boo, prepared for battle, & expected the world to swirl like in Final Fantasy. I battled the evil boos and won! Then I went to this lantern and got sent to this world. It was haunted!!! I later got past the obstacles and entered a door. It was a big boo!!! I battled it, won, & earned a star. YAY!!!!! Next morning my brothers went to the zone and thought they did it before I did. But when they beat their surprise, IT WAS A BLUE STAR!!!!!!!(you know, the star you get if you already completed the level) I told them what I did & they had their mouths as WIDE opened as Oturtle after the kid pushed the reset button when he(Oturtle) was playing Luigi's Mansion at a store when he (Oturtle) should've beaten him REAL bad after pushing it. I'm good at this!!! YEAH, YOU HEARD ME!!!!!!!!!!

This was a looooong time ago before we got to Bowser in Mario 64. We were at my Dad's house. We didn't have any stars.(so near,so bad!:() We were at the bo-bomb king. Everyone (including my Dad & stepmom) was watching me. I fooled around with the bo-bomb king. I kept tossing him out of the ring. Then I came up with an idea! I decided to do something that no one else did to the bo-bomb king. I tossed him on the ring and he got hurt. Then I did it again! The final blow wasn't so easy this time. His head kept following me around. A moment later, I blew him off for the last time and finally got a star! Everyone exploded in happeniss! They were sooooo happy with me!!! Ahh..How I miss those days! (sniff!) (cry!) (sob!)

This is one of my most fondest memories. I got Wario Land 4 for my birthday along with Men In Black: The Series!!!!!!!! I worked hard to beat all the passages. I also collected Wario Karaoke discs.(I think ALL the Wario karaoke discs are dumb) I even pummeled different boss' butt off. After 3 months, I had finally made it to the Golden Pyramid after the first time I used an item Mr. Game & Watch (the dumb cat) uses. I always chose a blast cannon to blow my bosses away. After a while I made it to the final boss. She was named Golden Diva. I thought it was the scene of Golden Diva. When the boss revealed herself she was Captain Syrup.(I thought it was.) (I haven't seen Captain Syrup) It was her! GOLDEN DIVA!!!!! I battled her out! She was almost like all the bosses combind! Her last move was pounding the ground. I was sooo ticked I beat the crap out of her. She lost all her energy. I charged at the lip and set the cat free. (the cat was captured by a supersonic wave that went into her nostrill. YUCK!!!!!) The cat & Wario escaped. Then... THE CAT TRANSFORMED INTO THIS PRINCESS THAT WARIO THOUGHT WAS HOT!!!!!!!!!! His eyes popped out when he saw her. She kissed him and said "Thank you Wario!" It copied the ending of Super Mario Land 2!!!!! Then I saw the credits roll. Every picture that popped up Wario saw. After the credits Wario drove off. Then a few days later (in the video game) Wario drove his car out and out came a white cat. He ran over him/her and it saw a newspaper. It was a steak newspaper! It said "STEAK!!!!!! EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!" on it. After that a letter to me from Wario appeared. AND I BEAT THE GAME!!!! MY FIRST WARIO LAND GAME THAT WAS EVER BEATEN!!!!!! YES!

I remember One Time when I lived with my mother and we had a Super Nes. We had Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario World and the school i used to go to had posters of Mario, Luigi and the Turtles hanging on the walls (cool huh?) any way, every day after scool I would come home and play Super Mario Bros. 2 on an old black and white T.V. And then in second grade the teacher bought Mario Teaches Typing and Everyone loved though I was never any good at it but it was still fun.
-Kyle Reese

When I was about 4 years old, I used to call Mario "Miyo" and Luigi "Puigi." Ha! There so extrondinaious!
-Zachary Kehyari

Weird Memories
One time ago we were riding our bikes. We found a SMRPG guide. We took it with us even though we didn't have the game. I read it and read that Bowser was a good guy. I thought " Why would Bowser be a good guy???" (I never played that game) I read it so much that that night I had a weird dream that I was in Super Mario RPG & I was at Bowser's keep (the mountain of Bowser was missing and it was daytime) (the game I was talking about and remember, I never played the game before) I saw Mario and Peach were hanging out with each other. I don't know what Geno & Mallow were doing. I saw Bowser walking around and humming a tune. When he spotted me and grabbed me and looked at me and said something I don't remember what he said. Then he ran off with me. I don't know if anyone tried to save me or not. I don't know the rest, But when I woke up there was a moment of silence. (I don't mean Steve from Bill & Fred) Right now the guide is missing. Either we returned it to the owner or if it got lost. Weird, wouldn't you say???!!!

I remember when i was a little kid and i was playing around and somehow my yoshi turned into a football guy ( he had the head of the football guay and the body of yoshi) i was so happy and i wanted to keep it on pause for ever and ever, but sadly my mom turned it off because she said it was waisting electricity. So after that i was told that there is a place above the first ghost house that i can get my stuff i needed there, it only took me a bit to find that.... BUT just to make me more stressed they said that little place above the secret area AND i have been looking for the place to get there for like 6 YEARS!!! i hope someday i can find it, or i can find out it was made up. I MAY NAVER KNOW!!!!

This is WEIRD! I was playing Super Mario Sunshine and I was at Pianta Village and I was doing "Secret of the village underside" and I was on Yoshi and jumping but I fell! I didn't lose a life! Instead, I hit a black ground and saw Yoshi!(I jumped off him hoping to get on one of the mushrooms when I fell)I could do stuff there. It Had a starry backround. I had to select exit area to exit, though. LOL That's the First time I said LOL.I don't know what LOL means.

Okay, Readers, If you want to know why there are 2 DK '94 bad memories I'll tell you...I was on your site reading your memories. I wrote my bad memory. When I saw some errors. I thought it failed to send. So I tried again. No errors! No Problem! Months later I found another week posted up!!!! I saw all of my Mario memories we're posted up!!!! Just then, I looked in the bad memories section. ALL 2 MEMORIES WERE POSTED UP!!!!!!!!! Is that weird or is that weird???!!!

I was obsessed with SMB3 on Super Mario All-Stars and eventually go a game over. After playing until 10 PM on SMB2 I fell asleep and dreamed that I was playing SMB3. The levels were weird. It was like I had my head against the screen.

Once I was playing SMB 1 and I always died on the last level then I got SMBDX and I beat the game in 2 hours! SMBDX&SMB1 Are The Same Thing is'ant that weird!

Hello SMBHQ guys! Well here is my weird memorie. One day I was playing Super Mario Sunshine and got Yoshi,I played with him and rode him for an hour.Then a strange thing happened..... Luigi pops out of nowhere and rides Yoshi all around Delfino Plaza then goes to that closed cave behind the shine gate.He then comes out with Bowser,Baby Bowser and Peach.He kills Bowser and burns up Jr. over here. Then he said "I'll give ya my vacuum and Peach if you let me join you", I said "Yes". Then Yoshi can swim,and Luigi and Peach walk with me. I'm also allowed to go to the hotel and play original games.Weird.

Bad Memories
Okey dokey smokey. 1 bad memory fer ya. One time, "friend" they had asked to borrow sm64, for their newly purchased shiny new n64. NO. They were taking it pretty well I guess. Anyway, I had went to get some drinks while I left them there playing, and when I came in, I saw them MAKING OFF WITH MY GAME! They were just running with it, trying to steal it or something. well, apparently they knew nothing about my karate skills. I had one pinned and had the wind knocked outta him, and the other was making a break for his bike. I did a jump kick and his bike went toppling over and almost landed on him. I tripped him, grabbed my game, flipped his bike, and when in and locked the door. All that action and dropping wasn't good for the game, and the whole thing was erased. CURSE YOU WORTHLESS KIDS!!!!!! YOU SHALL ROT AND BURN!!!

I was playing Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on my GBC. I was playing Mario for super players, and I had gotten to 8-4. I had tried for hours to beat it, but didn't get anywhere. So I decided to start a new game, but not save it. Well, I was so tired from playing, that I absent mindedly saved over my file. When I turned on my Gameboy Color, I was only on level 2-1. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset. It took me a whole month to get back where I was.

My bad memory is similar to Alex Speer's. I've beaten the game on Mario Sunshine many times. I've been hearing that sad music at the ending when FLUDD dies a million times. One day (today) I beat Mario Sunshine again. I heard that sad music again. I thought about it every minute of time. (sniff!) I get really sad & get grief everytime I hear or think about that sad music. (cry!) I'm even more sad when I think about what FLUDD sees when he starts to die. It's hard to see for him. It made me real sad and I still think about it & sometimes cry. I even had tears of sadness in my eyes because I thought about it while writing this in. (cry!!!!!!) You can cry too!

In October 2000, I got a used Super Nnitendo from a pawn shop, but I only had really 3 sucky games for them. So in December I finally get Super Mario World, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I played the games constantly, but I really loved Super Mario World. It became my favorite. Well, I have a knack to leave game slaying around. Why? Because I move my SNES around the house a lot, and often forget to bring all the games. I left SMW on the couch. So I defcide to sit on the couch,and crucnh. I look at what happened and I saw my cartridge of Mario World had broken. I asked my Mom to get me a new one, but she said no. Well, now 2 years later I am strying to find a website that has a ROM of the game for my ZSNES emulator. If anyone knows knows where to get it, e-mail me.

My bad memory is similar to Melissa's. I was watching the Super Mario Bros. Super Show when Mom came in the room and said the bus was here. I wanted to finish watching the show. But Mom made me turn off the TV & go in the bus. I was often upset when I enter the bus without seeing the whole thing. The next day, the same thing happened. Next day, It happened again!!!! GRRRRRRR!!! Then the next day, I was about to have a temper tantrum when Mom came in. I thought she would sent me in the bus and make me miss the episode. But instead, she sent me to the bus and she taped over it. The next day, it also happened. BUT IT'S STILL A BAD MEMORY!!!!!!! So I'll have to end it like this....ARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a BAD MEMORY. I was on my gamecube (as always) and I turned it on without the game disk in for the first time.I then went to the memory card file (i only had super smash bros. melee then) so I saw a picture of the title SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE in a box I went on it and it said,erase,copy and other things BUT I know it said erase. I didnt know the picture of the title ment the picture had all he things I did on ssbm saved. My mom said I had to eat dinner,so I axidently the A botton while it was on erase. The next morning I went to play it (i had all the characters and almost all the stages) and went on the chose your "character" thing and I didnt have any of the secret charecters or trophies! I cryed all day thinking what happened to my memory because I didnt know I erased it.Then it clicked.I ERASED IT!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1995, three years after I'm born. It's my b-day. Yay! My bro got a Genisis so he gave me his SNES. Fastforward. 2000. My SNES is at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I told my older bro Kalon "I'm gonna go upstairs and play my SNES!" Kalon said "Don't you mean my SNES?" I said "No! You gave it to me for my 3rd b-day, remember?!" and so we got in a big fight and to this day he still claims it's his.

Sept. 24, 2002. My friends next door to my grandparents' (same ones as first memory) house come over to play. They is Bri (Briana), who is older than me and Kyle (younger than me) and they like to play SMW on the SNES package Super Mario All*Stars+Super Mario World. But Bri had a friend over so only Kyle came over. I put in SMAS+SMW and turned the SNES on. I had beaten SMB3 and SMB2 and was on 8-4 in SMB:TLL and World 8 in SMB and had 59 exits in SMW. The game didn't come on. I blew in it. It didn't come on. Kyle (still friend, not as good a friend after what happened) just HAD to jam it in. It came on. Hooray in a way, WAHHH!!! in another. when we picked SMB3....... EVERY FILE WAS ERASED!!! I cheked the others and the same fate with all the others. I almost blew my top like Mt. St. Helens. Boy, will Bri be mad when she finds out about the file she and I worked on in SMW is gone! She will kill Kyle like no tomorrow!
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