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Mario Memories
Week #20

Good Memories
This might be hard to believe, but I have been playing Mario since I was 1 year old. My first game was Super Mario Land. I remeber playing it like it was yesterday. But, my love of Mario goes to my dad. If it we'ren't for him, I probably wouldn't know who Mario is! Just wanted to say that...

Not too long ago I got Yoshi's Cookie for the Game Boy. (I'm the same person that beat YC's Puzzle Mode on SNES, Week 17.) I heard the title screen music for the first time and it was very similar to the SNES version. I heard all the tunes, and they were similar to the SNES. Then, one day I was entering the level 11-99 code (set Music to OFF, Speed to Hi, Round to 10, Up+Select) and when I changed the music to A and found a special tunes found exclusively on the Game Boy in rounds 11-99. It was very interesting to hear! Just about every time I turn on YC for my Game Boy I will listen to that tune. It isn't in the SNES version!!!!

My Mario memories are mainly playing SMB3 at my great-grandmother's house when i come over there. She's been dead for over a year now, and that one of the things I remember about being at her house.

Id like to thank Myamoto for making such an excellent series.Mario is fun and extremely hard. The only mario games I have completed are Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Mario Land: Legend of The golden coins or something. I have failed in trying to beat Super Mario Bros1,3, and world. But it gives me life goals. And entertainment. Luigis Mansion was dissapointing for I beat it in one night. While Super Mario 64 took 3 years.

I remember back in my sophmore year of high school, I was adventurous and dressed up as Princess Toadstool for Halloween! (I've attached a picture of me dressed up in that costume) My friends loved it, and I even made it in the yearbook, wearing my costume!

One time at my house my father and my friend were playing nintendo smb3 they got to world 7 when the game glitched up they started again and beat it.

At the age of 1 I was playing Super Mario Bros on the snes Hey I'm only 11!! Well anyway by 1 1/2 iI could get half way through the first level. When I was five I could beat The game and many other famous Mario titles. At the age of eight I realized I was a hardcore Mario fan all my school workbooks were filled with Mario sketches and every waking moment I was playing Mario games heck I bought Donkey Kong 64 just for the small game in it featuring Mario. Well thats basicly my story well this is A loaf of Meatloaf saying bye bye.

This is a REALLY good memory. I was playing SSB on N64 after 4 hours of playing different games(man that thing felt HOT!) I chose Mario, and when I was facing Link, I did an A button punch, and Link FLEW off the screen! And this kept happening for EVERYONE(even Master Hand)! I won the game in about 7 minutes, so I got Captain Falcon, and everyone else after playing!

From what I read from a memory submiter, this person said that he/she had beaten the entire game of Super Mario Brothers 3 without using a warp whistle! Well, I was quite impressed so I decided to try to beat it myself on my NES and SMB3 game pak. About 3-4 hours had past and I was geting kind of tired and my eyes were a little sour from looking at the television screen for so long, but I had finally made it to Dark Land where Bowser was.

Today I beat SSBM on adventure mode on normal mode, got to Giga Bowser with all my 5 lives, and beat him without getting a KO. And I did that using the mascot of all, Mario!

I was at my dad's house playing Super Mario 64. I was at the tick tock clock. I didn't have my hat and when Mario doesn't have a hat he's not right. When I was in the desert that bird took my hat and I couldn't get it back! Later I was at tick tock clock trying to get the star. I almost got it when Justin distracted me and I fell! Just kidding! hehehe! I got the star! Then I went back to the desert and...I beat that bird's butt off and got my hat back back! YEAH!!! I was soooo happy! I never forgot about what happened that day!

My memory's GREAT!!! I was playing SSBM and I let my mean brother play while I go online. Suddenly I heard that Justin (my mean brother) was at Giga Bowser with Link! I ran to the sun room (where the gamecube is) quickly! I watched as Justin battled Giga Bowser but unfortunately he lost and we had an argument! Then I tried with 1 live and lost! Then that great monday I was Falco with 4 lives and was at Giga Bowser! I lost a live but I grabbed a bunny hood and beat him up bad and... I used my super duper smash combo and sent Giga Bowser over the edge singing "gone" from N'sync! I got the Giga Bowser trophy!!! When my brother saw what happened he had his mouth WIDE opened! HAHAHA!!! IN YOUR FACE GIGA BOWSER!!!!!!!!!!

One day, my grandpa came over and gave me a NES, Dr. Mario, and super Mario bros. This was in 1994, after the NESís rein of power was ending. I was happy as can be! Seven years later I still havenít beaten SMB. My grandpa then gave me his smb2 and 3 games. I never made it past world 8. Then I received a game genie from my Dad. And I finally beat them! I was so happy! I hope to someday get a gamecube. I hope someday to get a system past 8-bit. Thatís all

I was playing Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube on File A.(my file) I couldn't find anything interesting so I jumped from building to building to building. When on one of the buildings I saw a mustachioed man wearing a detective hat. I went to talk to him and he asked me if I could give him a coin, I don't the rest that he said but I thought it was about throwing a coin to make a wish. I said yes and...HE THREW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up in this prison cell with a shine sprite in it!!!!! I got the shine sprite and was very, very, very, very happy. Talk about luck! LOL! (It's the first time I said LOL!:))

Okay, We were at my dad's house playing SM64. We got all the stars we needed to get to the first Bowser. My brother, Stephen fought Bowser and won. I was half happy, half depressed when this happened. I was happy because Stephen beat Bowser. I was depressed because I didn't beat him before he did.Then one day later we got enough stars to get to the 2nd Bowser. My 2 brothers (Stephen & Justin) all got defeated and whooped a bunch of times that they let me try. I tried to beat Bowser and got into a very long battle. A few minutes later Bowser got hit by a bomb and died!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy I yelled "I got him!!!". My brothers rushed down to see what happened. They were excited to see the unconcious monster on the ground, and dead as a doorknob!!! I have won the battle!!!!! Another good memory is when we we're playing SM64 we we're at the catapiller. Stephen died fighting it and he let me play. I tried and... THE CATAPILLER DIED! I KILLED IT! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I'm the Boss warrior after that.

Weird Memories
I was sitting in my house playin Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. I was on world 8-4, right at the second Bowser when I heard the Ice-Cream Man. I rushed to get my money, and ran out, without even pausing the game. When I came back, the screen said "Game Over!" I felt really dumb!

I was a Mario freak for a long time. One time, when I was around 2 years old, I was in my back yard pretending to be Mario. I was jumping all around. I started walking toward some brick steps. I jumped, tripped, landed on my face, right on those steps! I cut my lip wide open! I even got a scar. But even when my mom drove me to the doctor, I was playing Super Mario Land on my GameBoy!

This was werid man i mean it. I was playing super mario brothers deluxe. and I went down a warp pipe when the piranah plant was just up and I didn't die.

Ok, this may be so stupid but please post this because nothing happens where I live...I was playing Super Mario Kart and every time someone (me or my cousins) bumped the game off slightly, it would freeze, these coloured boxes would appear on the bottom, and the music would go on. It was SCARY!!! ':|

I was playing the first Super mario Bros. when I got to level 7-4 I was so close but I ended up in a maze. They were same pllatforms all over again. Eventually my lives ran out and i died by losing my last precious life. What Happened?

I remember when I was 4 years old, I got 100 lives on super Mario bros. 3 and where the number of lives you have are displayed, it was replaced by a picture of Mario.
-Yoshi Fan

Once upon a time, on my Super NES, I was playing the BEST game ever Super Mario Bros three. I beat it about a billion but I just continued to play because Mario rule above all (Except for mabey Luigi, or Final Fantasy) I wasn' t sure what I was doing but I lost 200 coins all at once.

I was playing SM64 and had just gotten my last star (100 coins for Bomb-Omb Battlefield) I blasted onto the castle and got the cap, I flew around a while then decided to land. I pressed the Z button and pounded, except when I hit the ground, I went through and somehow drowned in and underground pool of water, it was funny as hell, but I couldn't do it again. Another weird memory, when I just got my N64 I was playing Mario, I was going after the first star which was kill the bomb-omb king, so I tried getting to the top of the big hill, but couldn't, I finally did, then tried to get the bomb-omb king. I got him and decided to carry him to the beginning. I got there and threw him down and watched him fly away.

Okay, I beat my Super Mario Advance 2 with Luigi. A few days later I was on your site and I read a bad memory about someone's Super Mario World about Bowser getting mad and shooting him/her with a handgun and killing him/her when he/she had a cape and getting very, very, angry. When I read it I thought "That didn't happen in my game!". WEIRD!!!!!

It was about 1 or 2 years ago. I was playing SMB3 and I was small Mario. I found a corner with a koopa troopa and a "?" block above it. I jumped for it, but the video game did this slow motion glitch when I hit the koopa troopa but instead of dying I went through him and hit the block and it had a fire flower in it! But when I got it I was Super Mario! That was SUPER weird!

This is a weird memorie one time I played mario 64 and had 120 stars then my cousin called he said I can get luigi on mario64 he told me how to get him he said have 120 stars and talk to yoshi then he hung up.So I did what he said I went inside the castle and then I heard Luigi's voice then mario talk to him and he said he join mario.Then I reset the game and I open the that has 120 stars and then a screen came up to select ethier mario or luigi I select luigi and he was a high jumper and he was skinny I use him and he was better the mario.Then I reset the game again and it says I can choose mario and luigi at the same time and I choose them and I controld both of them this was the weirdest memorie ever.

This one's WICKED weird and is similar to Silver Face's weird memory.My brother and I were playing Bomberman Generation for Gamecube and we were on the very first level..(My brother was really playing and I watched him) My brother went to a path with a dead end, and I saw A GIANT RED KOOPA TROOPA!!!!! My brother went back from the dead end and I ordered him to go back. At last he went back to see this big Mario menace. But it was just a spinning log on a water spout.

Bad Memories
This is my worst Mario memory ever. It was five months after I got my GBA. I had already lost my "Super Mario Advanced" Game. But I was at a grocery store one day with my GBA, when we got back in the car to go home, I realized that I was missing my GBA! I went back inside the store and remembered I was at the magazine rack last time I saw my GBA. But I never found it. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Ever since then I've been looking for it in the same spot every time I go there.

I was about five, and my brother had made a friend in preschool. The kid finally came to our house. He liked video games, especially Mario. Before he left that day, I let him borrow 3 games: Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, and Super Mario Kart. All of the games (including the four on SMAll-Stars) were totally complete. I told him specificly, "DO NOT ERASE ANY FILE!" About 2 months after I had asked for them back, he finally returned them. And, as you can guess, every single file on every single game was erased! I don't even let him LOOK at one of my Mario games now. But that didn't end it. In 1998, a new neighbor moved in. I thought he was a dork (and am still convinced that) but my brother didn't. One day, he invited himself over and started playing Mario games. My brother let him borrow some, even though they were MINE! He returned them quickly, once again, the files erased! We now have a fence up to keep him away from our house.

My brother has a friend (now an ex-friend). He likes video games and is actually pretty good at them. I never let hime play any of mine, because I was afraid he'd erase the memory. He never bugged me for it though. I had gotten 120 stars on Mario 64, and that was a game my brother's friend always wanted. But he never bugged me for it. Soon, after getting our own TV's, my brother and I aggreed that he could keep the N64 and its games, and I would keep the SNES, and the NES was to share. So, my brother let his friend borrow SM64 (how foolish). The dang kid kept the game for 10 MONTHS! DO YOU HEAR ME!? Of course, my brother wanted it back, only after 2 weeks. But the kid kept coming up with excuses not to give it back. Soon, my brother gave the kid a nasty phone call, asking for the game back. We drove to his house the next day. I was so scared he might have erased the game, but as it turns out, he actually didn't. I was so relieved! But we don't ever let him borrow games!

I was playing SSBM on Adventure mode.I was Ness.I set it on normal mode.When I got to the final level(Bowser)(But black and had a deep voice)I defeated him with my smash attack.But when I was watching the intro my mom came in and told me to shut the gamecube off.She said to go outside and play and never play gamecube again.(Until about night) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

This is the worst thing ever to happen to me in a video game. I had worked day & night to catch all however many (I have a bad memory...) Boos in Luigi's Mansion (Jay Resop shold be proud). [I am.-jay] Finally, I sucked up the last one!!! I was so happy because the diamond appeared that is worth all that money (which makes it easy to win the huge house at the and of the game). Professor E. Gadd appeared on the Game Boy Horror to congratulate me (as he does whenever you get a Boo), and I looked down at the players guide to see what to do next. (I FORGOT TO PAUSE THE GAME!!!!!!) I looked up at the screen to go wherever I would next and like the money does when you forget to grab it, the diamond was flashing, and the next second, it disappeared!!!! Believe it or not, I was actually stupid enough to save the game afterwards (Laugh and you die). I screamed bloody murder and reset my game so I could do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I never got around to it. The end!

Well, most of you may think I'm really weird for doing this, but I collected the Super Mario World cookie jars, and as a punishment, my mom took the two I had, Princess and Yoshi, away from me. So about 6 months later, Mom says I can have them back, and much to my astonishment, my little sister was carrying Princess under her arm like a football. And lo and behold, she dropped her. I screamed, literally, (my sister laughed and told me i was a dork) when she broke into itty bitty pieces, then I ran for the super glue. I glued her back together, and now she sits on the filing cabinet, out of reach of my sister!


GRRRRRR!!! My mean brother Justin always gets to beat Bowser in every Mario Game. A long time ago (1991-1999) Justin was playing SMB3, beat Bowser, and beat the game!!! Then, another long time ago we were at my stepsister's house and I was at the first Bowser but he killed me with a fireball!!!!!!!! Then Justin tried and he beat the first Bowser!!! AUGH!!! Then I downloaded a rom called Mario & Luigi and I heard that he was at Bowser! I hurried to the office as quick as I could. BUT IT WAS TOO LATE!!! Bowser was dead! Justin killed him!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!! Then I had a game called Luigi's Mansion. Justin was closer to beating the game. But I was determined to beat the game before he does but HE DEFEATED BOWSER AND BEAT THE GAME!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'll always beat Bowser in every Mario game!!! (But some games I beat Bowser) But he never let's me beat him. Another bad memory is that I was playing Sonic Adventure 2 for the gamecube. I was at meteor hard and found all the emeralds as Knuckles. ( I was supposed to be Knuckles) I was at Chao World but justin took my turn and the level was a boss named Rouge the Bat. He lost the first time, then beat her the second time!!! ::imitating Superman:: GREAT SCOTT I'LL NEVER BEAT BOWSER OR ANY OTHER BOSS BECAUSE OF MY MEAN BROTHER JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was playing DK for the Game Boy (I was really playing it on Game Boy Color). I was so far, so good on my game, I was at the Rocky Valley until... that day... that very bad day. One day it was noon and I went to play DK. But I saw all the files on New! I figured out that my friend Cameron accidently erased my game. And I lost my friend Cameron. Why? Me. I hated him so bad after that horrible sight that Cameron erased my game. I just told him I didn't like him anymore and ran away. THEN I HAD TO START THE WHOLE GAME OVER AGAIN!!!!! AFTER HOW FAR I WAS TOO!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

This is a bad memory. Well, my Dad has a disease called MS, in which his nerves are destroyed and he can't walk. In 1998 he moved to a nursing home. Well, when I went out there, I would take my N64 along with Mario Party 2, Pokemon Stadium, Mission Impossible, and Super Mario 64. The only game I actually played was SM64, and my God did I play it A LOT. Well, one day I woke up before anyone else. I started to play SM64 when the phone rang. My Grandmother who was there at the time answered it. Well, later she came down and told me that my Dad had a seizure and was in the hospital. As she said that, the music that plays in the Bob-omb field was playing. I remebered that moment forever. So now, even though my father is ok, whenever I hear that music I get sad and sometimes start to cry.
-Alex Speer

One bad memory i had was when I went to my cousins house. My stupid little brother would not let me(or any one else) play super mario 64, even though it was not even his. My aunt said that in a half-an-hour I could play. About a half-an-hour later, my little brother Deven was still playing.When my aunt tried to get him off the n64,he cried like a big fat stupid idiotic loser who just ate his foot! MY LITTLE BROTHER DEVEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was playing Donkey Kong '94 on my GBC. I was at the rocky valley and that level was before the final level.Later, I went to go have lunch when my friend, Cameron came over.After lunch I went back excitedly to play my game. But all of the files said 'NEW'! My game got erased!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I went to find out what happened angrily. Cameron erased my game! I was sooooo mad at him!!!(I was 9 and he was 5) He didn't know what the clear button did, But I blamed him anyway! I blew off at him, made him cry,yell really loudly at him, and others. Man, was I rude to him! After Cameron went home, I sobbed almost all day! My family tried to cheer me up. But I just continued to sob! It was a really big tragedy because of my mentally retarded friend! After all that work that stupid piece of nothing erased my stupid game! STUPID DUMMY! NOW I HAVE TO START ALL STINKING OVER AGAIN!!!!!!! AARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES, when my dorky sister stepped on the game and I had to start all over again! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!
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