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Mario Memories
Week #2

Good Memories
The First time I ever met Mario was when I was living In Oahu, Hawaii, It was spring of 1989. Any way, My Dad's best friends had invited us to a Bar B Q over at his house. At first things were a little bit dull until my Dad's Friend's wife informed me that her sons were playing Nintendo upstairs, My mother insisted I go upstairs and so I did. when I got there, the two boys, (who were older than I was) were playing a Game Called Super Mario Bros. I was curious at first but when I FINALLY got a chance to play Super Mario Bros. I didn't quite understand the game until 10 minutes later. But from that moment on, I did not want to let go of that Nintendo Controller! The boys litteraly hat to pull it off of my hands, because My parents, younger brother and I had to go home. Isn't that something or what!?

I remember the golden days of long ago when you could watch any of the three Mario cartoons on at one time or another during the week. I and my sister watched religiously, even mastering the dance known as "The Mario." My favorite Mario cartoons were the rare,(for me anyway), Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World cartoons. How I miss those days,(snff, snff, sob!). I wish they would show those cartoons on normal cable. Doing "The Mario" was so cool! Much better than the Macarena! I also remember seeing the Super Mario Bros. movie in the theater with my Mom. She hardly ever goes to see movies with us kids, but she did that time and she loved almost as much as us kids!
-Razzek M

Ahhhh... I can still remember NES SMB3, where you couldn't save the game, hard times. Well, I was in world 7( for the first time ), but it was late in the night so my father ordered me to go to bed. I turned the TV off and went to bed. On the next morning I woke up and went to my TV, and... SURPRISE: my NES was ON, I forgot to turn it off. I got so happy that day. I didn't get to finish the game, but hey, I was very lucky...
-Larry Koopa

Once, I was playing Lost Levels and I decided "Hey, I'm going to try to beat the game without using a warp zone!", So I did. I got close to a warp zone once, but I'm glad they had a hole you could fall through. So anyway, I was expecting the harder quest once I beat it, but all of a sudden, I got a secret world called World 9. I bet not many people knew about it. Anyway, I couldn't wait to see what it was. Then I found out all the levels except level 3 took place under the sea. Unfortunately, you couldn't get the question marks. There were also the land enemies but you couldn't hit them unless you have a fireflower since it's under the sea. Also, you fought Bowser on level 3 instead of the last level of the world. It didn't even have any enemies except Bowser! And the only thing there was a vine, and it wasn't even in a castle! Even though World 9 was short, I was proud of getting there. I feel it's an accomplishment for me.

My Mario memory was when I actually beat Mario64. I thought I was gonna die, so I just spun Bowser around so he would fall off the platform. Then a surprising thing happened, I wasn't even aiming, and Bowser fell right on a bomb. Talk about luck. LOL.

I remember playing super mario world, and i found that, unlike the other star worlds, you didnt need a key to get a passage to the next level by it in star world 5. it took a lot of work, but i made it up to the key, put it in its hole, and got to the special zone. i was proud, because i found it all by myself, and less then a year since i'd got it (December 25, 1998, for christmas).

Bad Memories
I was playing Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. My brother beat the game, I got to world 8-2, we had all of the levels accessed in Challenge Mode, we had a lot of pictures in the album and we had everything erased when we put the Game Shark in it. Now we have to beat it all over again.
-Avi Lapidus

Grrrr... I had just bought Super Mario Bros. DX for my Color Game Boy. I played it... one of the best games in the world. I played it none-stop for a week, getting all the levels, all the Yoshi eggs and Red Coins, half the High Scores and had got to World 8 in the Lost Levels (something I had never done before). One fine day I took the Game Boy to the doctors with me to play while sitting in the extremely dull waiting room. Shortly after flicking the switch on the purple machine, my screams could be heard for miles as I clawed away at the little monochrome screen... everything had been erased somehow... I threw it into my piles of other Game Boy games that I never play (such as Boxxle and Garfield) and it has remained there since.
-Mark Kelly

August 3, '97.
I'd had Mario 3 since I was real little (I think I was about 7 when I got it). I had seen the ending over 50 times using game genie. I had seen the ending using the warp whistles. I had never beaten the game without cheating. But, that day was going to be different. After hours of playing, and a score of over 1 million, I had made it to Bowser's Castle without using any kind of cheating at all. I didn't use game genie, and I didn't use warp whistles. I got a camcorder out and recorded the screen on tape. I showed how I still had all three warp whistles unused and how there was no game genie attached to the game. I showed my amazing score. There was solid proof that I made it to Bowser's Castle without cheating.
I didn't get to beat it, though. The NES had been turned off. Who turned it off? I did. On purpose. Why? Because I'm the world's biggest idiot. But, luckily, through the magic of the web, no one has to know who I am, so I can confess without anyone knowing who I am. By the way, I still have the tape. (The tape does not show me turning off the NES, it only shows how far I made it).

One night I was playing Mario Party and trying to get as many stars as I could (I was going to try out that cheat where you switch the computer players to humans so you could get all their coins and stars). I had over 10 stars collected and counting. By the way, this was on the Donky Kong Jungle board. I was coming to my last few turns (maybe last 5 or so) and didn't have anything that I had to do afterwards, so I had no plans on saving it since I knew I was going to finish it. Then, the next thing I know, the lights went out, T.V. turned off, everything turned off! Sure enough, the power went out! Not even for that long either, only about 1 or 2 seconds. But that was long enough to wipe out all those stars I had spent about 2 hours collecting. I tried to remain calm, but did not succeed.

One day I was was playing Super Mario 3 on Super Mario All-Stars,and I was playing against Bowser and I had 25 lives and I almost won until my dog came in my room and hit the snes and the screen went black then when I restarted it,I had to do everything(And I mean EVERYTHING)all over, including the super mario 1,2 and lost levels.
-Lady T.

I had just completed the Special area in SMW. One week later and I was still finding out what was changed. I took the game to a friend's house but forgot it there. When he gave me the game back it was erased... BUHUHUUUU!!
Larry Koopa

My friend had Mario Party, and we were trying to get 100 stars, but when we were up to 82, his little brother erased it! We tried again, and got 100 stars, and we were trying to beat Minigame Island, when he erased it again! ARRRRRGH!

Now some people can have good and bad memories, so even though I had a good Mario memory, there's also a bad memory somewhere, and I'll tell you what it is.
Ok, me and my brother were playing Super Mario World and we got everything there! So we decided to start a new file so we could enjoy it again. Well anyway, after we saved from my new file, which had the number 10 next to it, I said to my brother, "Let's do the other file again!". So we did. But unfortunately, my foot slipped on the Super Nintendo causing a little kick, and the game was glitched, so I decided to turn it off. Then when I turned it back on, the file that had everything said "EMPTY" next to it! My file was deleted! That's right, the file me and my brother were working very hard on got deleted! We were both mad, but thank god the other file wasn't deleted. We decided to play from that file to get everything. We would eventually get everything in the game later, but I couldn't stop thinking about my favorite file that was deleted. So that is my good/bad Mario memory.

I remember getting a smb cartoon show tape for my birthday. i had good hopes for it, but when i watched, i thought it was really dumb. especially the two parts with real people dressed up as the mario bros. argh!
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