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Mario Memories
Week #19

Good Memories
I remember the first time I played Super Mario Bros. I was a my best friends next door neighbors house and I watched him and his sister play. I kept on watching them play the NES and I loved it so much and I always wanted to play I was only 3 at the time and I loved that game so much. Then they moved there NES downstairs and I used to play Super Mario Bros. 2 when I was 4 and I remember watching and fighting Birdo. Then on my 6th birthday my parents bought me an SNES. I was so happy I remember the same night I kept on telling my mom to stay up because she couldn't beat the third level on Yoshi's island in Super Mario World. A few years later somebody I knew beat it for us. I've beat all three of those games since November and I just beat Super Mario World on my game boy advanced in less then one day. Before I gave away my SNES I couldn't beat Bowser so I bought the game and I finally finished after three years my unfinished business with that game and its been my best and greatest victory ever!!!

I remember when I was first introduced to mario.It was at my aunts house and I was playing the original smb on NES.Yes sir, thems were the good days.After that, I was introduced to smb2.Then, I played smw on SNES.The rest is history...Anyway, I was intro'd at the age of 2.This is why I am such a big mario fan!

On SMW:SMA2 I erased File C on SMW and I finnaly unlocked all the star roads and all the levels in Donut Plains,Vanilla Dome and,the bridge areas and I conquered over the Red and Green switch palaces without getting very far.I finnaly got to the Star Road witch led to Front Door(Bowser's Castle).After a couple of trips back and forth between Top Secret Area and Front Door,I finnaly beat Bowser about one day ago.The ending was more better and I liked the ending music.Besides,the music at the alternate beginning cutscene sounds better and looked better.That was the another one of the happiest days in my life as a gamer.

Well, I used to be real young when I played SMB1. I remember having to wash my hands just so I could play the game (I didn't want to get the controllers dirty, thus not being able to play Mario). Also, I remember when I would play level x-4 in SMB1, I would never be able to jump over some of the lava pits, so I would have my mom do it for me. She said that my hands used to be soooo sweaty. I guess I got real nervous. And one time when I got the chicken pox, I didn't play any Mario game the whole two weeks I had the pox...I think my excuse was that I didn't want Mario to get them. Wow, such good times those were....

When I was 6, I used to watch the Mario Bros. show all the time, but that dreadful day, it stopped showing. I moped all day long..... But I also liked the movie Super Mario Bros., that made me happy, but again it started to stop showing the movie, I moped again.... But then came Super Smash Bros., I liked it a lot. The years were great, and then came Super Smash Bros. Melee..(now I'm 12) Now I'm the happiest person in the world, because video games never stop selling or showing......

Weird Memories
I have a story similar to Melissa's story.I never played Yoshi Island board and substituted it with Mystery Land (2) Magma Mt or Deep Bloober(3) sea. It cheats the most out of all 3 Mario Party games and there boards.

I was playing mario64,i went to leathal lava land,i got stuck under a platform got burned by lava,AND MARIO SCREAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

A few years ago, when I was about 7, me and my family took our annual near-Christmas trip to Florida to see my grandma-in-law. Well, this time, there was this fundraiser thing at the church, where you give them a certain amount of money and they give you these tickets that you can use for the stuff there, and in one room, there was an N64 (it had just come out around then) with several games. (I'm not even start on how the kid who owned the N64 ripped me off) First, (or maybe second, my memory's not that great) I played MK64. I played as Peach, (the first time I ever saw her called that) and the 3-D stuff was really hard for me to figure out, especially in this cave. Then I played SM64. The kid said, "Well, you can't really die in this game, so tell ya what: I hafta go to the bathroom now, and when I get back, you stop. 'K?" First of all, I'm almost 99% sure it didn't have the 'play with Mario's face' screen. Second, It started out in first-person view. Third, the castle was totally gray, (looked more like Bowser's castle, only without the neon sign) the moat was empty, and the bridge looked like it was made out of wood. Fourth, when I went in, it switched to third-person view. Fifth, I couldn't find the door to get back out. Sixth, it looked NOTHING like it's supposed to. Seventh, Toad said what he's supposed to say next to the Hazy Maze Cave entrance. Eighth, when I found my way to a world, (I forgot how I got there) the painting looked kind of like a snow level, (but not the snow level paintings in the real SM64) and when I went in, it was just a strip of ice, with a wall on the right and a bottomless pit on the left. Ninth, when I jumped down the bottomless pit, I got thrown out of the painting and lost some health points. Tenth, when I died, (contrary to what the kid said) I saw Mario's head spin around for awhile, and then he said, "Whooohooohooo...., game over!" in a Barneyish voice, and there were three buttons underneath his head. Weird, huh? (Since then I have gotten SM64 for myself.)
-~A kid who sits in his room all day

This is a weird memory, one time I was playing super mario brothers deluxe and I had just filled up my challenge status bar all the way up and I had almost all of the pictures in the scrapbook. When I took it out i accidentally dropped it and I was so freaked out I put it back in to see if it was okay, well, everything was COMPLETED! I had all the pictures the game was beaten EVERYTHING!!! I turned it off and back on again to see if it was saved,and,EVERYTHING was DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to this day I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened on that day....

Bad Memories
This is a baaaaaad memory. Just like a week ago, I lost Super Mario Advance. I am still trying to find it. WAAAAAAAH! I WANNA PLAY SUPER MARIO BROS. 2!!!

Back when I was 3 or 4 years old,this Super Mario show used to come on on USA.It was based off Super Mario World for SNES(which me and my dad beat many times)and it was funny and cool.After a few months later before we moved out of my house,I started to watch USA but that Super Mario show didn't come on anymore!!!!!!!I was so ticked off that I started to whine and cry shouting out,"That Super Mario show won't come any more!!!!",and I still can't get that memory out of mind!

This, one's kinda pathetic... My and my sister were on you web site, reading about SMB RPG, and SMW2 Yoshi's island, and all of a sudden, my sister starts crying! (literally) She was crying because she's missed the days (about 3 years ago) when all we used to do was play SMW2 constantly, and pretend I was yoshi, and she was Baby Mario, (I was 12 back then, she was 8) and we used to act out the intro... Wen she told me, I almost cried too, but I held back the tears, and started laughing about how silly she was. truthfuly, I STILL kinda miss the Old-school mario, not the smash bros bullsh*t...

yah.... I remember when I first got the original Mario Party game. Man, that game is probably the hardest of them all. I remember beating the Mini-game Island for the first time, and when i beat it i beat all of the mini games. I went back to the Game house, and i tried to open up the Bumper ball mazes 1 @ 2.I kept looking under 4 player games, and after a few years i realized it was a 1 player game. I played it , and it was the dumbest mini game there was. Man, was I dissapointed.
-Crazy Hand

My Bad Mario Memory is horrible. It has happened recently.... I was playing Super Smash Bros Melee and got ALL stages, ALL trophies, ALL characters and ALL events cleared. I was on a roll! My girlfriend Irene came over and played it, and by accident erased the WHOLE THING!!! I was so upset, but I didnt wanna blow off at her, but like the ideot I am, I did. She was upset because I erased her Zelda Oot after that. We stayed apart for 2 days but we apologized. BUT MY SSBM IS GONE! WAAA!!! I HAVE TO DO IT AAAAAAAALLL OVER! WAAA! Thats my memory. Bad Memorie.
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