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Mario Memories
Week #18

Good Memories
I was 2 or 3,and my sister from Texas had a Super NES(with Super Mario World), it must have been after it came out,and I watched her play it,because she wouldn't let me play it (I think she didn't,because thats what little kids act like).But anyway ,I Played it while she wasn't looking,and those were the best days of my life.

I must have been about 8 or 9 when I got my first Nintendo. I used to go to my cousins in a neighboring city and beg to spend the night so I could paly that cool new game they got. We played Mario Brothers well into the morning hours. I was green wtih envy. That Christmas my parents bought me one and when I opened it I was SOO happy that I CRIED in JOY! I'ts the only time I've ever cried because I was so happy over something. Mom and I brought in the new year playing it! She's a PRO too!
-Rodney M.

when i first got smrpg i played it all night i loved it i was so suprized when i "join'd the koopa troop" i alwaysed used bowser i never knew what to do with the locked door at monstro town when i finally used the shiny stone and whent in the door i almost had a heart attack when i saw culex from final fantasy i finnaly beat smithy after 1 year

I remember when I was younger how me, my older sister, and my older brother used to always play "super mario brothers" and it was probably one of our fav. games. but then my parents split up, and we were all somewhat separated, and we grew up and didn't play it really anymore. but i still like thinking about how we used to all play that one fun game together^_^

Last Night I had the COOLest dream, I was, guess who, MARIO!!! It wasn't crappy 3D mario, 2D I couldnt go left or right, just back & forth & the goombas were soft & mushy when I jumped on them, Every time I died, it tingled! even wirder, ya ever wonder what those super mushrooms taste like? Chicken! 1UP mushrooms taste like Candy & fire flowers give you gas, BAD gas, not much else to say 'cept the princess is a total babe!!!!! peace out!!!!!

Weird Memories
This is a strange memory. Please don't call me a deranged lunitic who belongs in a house of nutters. But whenever I think about SMB3 level 1-5, jumble sales pop into my head! I have no idea why. Don't get me wrong, next to Donkey Kong Country 2, SMB3 is one of the best games ever. Also, whenever I think of Super Mario World, I think of Bridge Zone from Sonic 1(Game gear). I have no idea why.... I could tell you about SM64 and the flying trees, but?
-Dave Kean

I remember when I was 7 I got Mario 64. The funny thing is that I could only get 8 STARS.I remember I tried and tried but I couldn't get more. And my friends practically beat the game.
-Robert Nocita

I was playing Super Mario RPG every day (until I beat smithy) and when i killed him, a fatty bolger-like smithy came up then i sleep and next day it comes and i get scared then the smithy turn evil and it maked mario die then i use pick me up and he comes back to life! I don't know if this was a dream or not but there were 3 free fleas buzzing around me and then they explode! Then i turn into mario and i see goomba and it died and then i saw some prettu flowers and teletubbies singing and barney in the moon!!!!!!!!! then mario turn into luigi and so on!!!!

It's been a while since I played sm64, but I decided to give it a go. Somehow the game got glitched. and when Mario was outside the castle, he started tiptoeing without me pressing the joystick, It was so freaky.every time I stopped moving him, he would tiptoe automaticly. his belly looked like it was connected and when he tiptoed, it would jiggle and stretch in and out. I went to the Bob-omb place, I had the camera up close to him and when he tiptoed, the camera started to spin! Weird!

Bad Memories
I was playing Warioland 2 on Gameboy Color. Well I was on the level where the bunny tries to throw you in the basketball goal. Well, I had gotten him in the goal once, and he had gotten me twice. Well he threw me in the goal and I lost. Well I pulled the game out of my Gameboy and threw it at the wall. Amazingly it didn't hurt the game. I got hold of my temper and put the game in, and EVERYTHING WAS DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I had worked sooo hard... After three months I got back where I was. And I never let my temper get that out of control again.

When I first saw the super Mario cartoons I thought they were day at wallmart I saw a kid pick up a super Mario Brothers Movie I wanted it to.I looked at the movies.that movie was gone.the super mario cartoons were allways my favorite and they still day the Mario Brothers cartoon dissapeard.I was was never on agin.I wish the mario Brothers cartton was still on.
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