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Mario Memories
Week #17

Good Memories
A good Mario memory I had recently was when I beat the Puzzle mode in Yoshi's Cookie. It took the Super Mario World map and put Mario and Yoshi on it!!!! It was so cool to see!!!

In grade primary, at elementary school we had to write little books and illustrate them all of the time. Of course I always wrote 911, and Mario stories. I remember I wrote a book about a NEW MARIO GAME ("Mario 100"). I developed my own enemies, storyline, levels, and castles (they were all lame of course). Interestingly enough I drew a picture of a certain level with these coloured panels that had screws at each corner like in SMB3 but this was in 1988 before SMB3 was invented! Throughout school I would draw pictures of the current the Mario games. One friend and I thought highly of SMW. We drew pictures of the awesome Koopa kids! We had fights with my bros. and other friends about which looked cooler: the Koopa kids in SMB3 or in SMW. I defended the SMW Koopa kids to the end! I continued to invent little mario and other games, and I'm an intermediate programmer now! Look out future... HERE I COME!

When I bought an N64 and Mario 64 I was happy but I got disoriented with the 3-d game experience. One time a friend walked in and said "Hi" to me while I was playing. I went to turn around to look at him, but instead of turning my real head, I turned Mario around in the game, and wondered why he wasn't there! After a second I snapped out of it and pointed out my laps insanity. We laughed hysterically over it! SM64 is a happy fun!!!!!!!!!!

When I was play SMW I did not just like to beat normally that game. It was too easy. Then I for fun invented my own new objectives. When you beat the game the crew revisits Yoshi house, when all the baby eggs hatch. There are one of each colour Yoshis there but it isn't explained how it was they arrived at Yoshi house. So I made the mission of getting each colour Yoshi in each Star Road level and take him to Yoshi house and leave him there, so that is how each colour Yoshi is there at the end. You try it. It is fun for happy challenge.

One time, a few months ago, I was trying to get Bowser on Mario Golf for N64. To get him, you have to beat him in a match game. I was using Mario, but decided to switch to Yoshi after the fifth try. After about ten to 15 tries, I decided to give up. My brothers and cousins told me to give it one more try. I did and i tied him to a sudden death. We tied the 1st hole. On the second hole, we both got the 1st shot on the green, but on the far side of it. My brothers and cousins were watching me. To my suprise, Bowser missed his birdie putt by a smidge. I felt relieved. Then, it was my turn. I lined the hole up in the way that the hills in front of me would carry it. When I sunk the ball in, my brothers, cousins, and I exploded in happiness. I was stress-free for the rest of the day. This happened on a Friday. The wierd part is I also got Maple, Metal Mario, and the Mario's Star Course on that same weekend.

Weird Memories
I remember in 1989, when I was 3, my older twin brothers and I were eating mushrooms and playing Mario. Alex was Mario and Nick was Luigi, and I felt left out so they told me I was Antonio (another younger Mario bro.). I wanted proof of such a character, so they got a super star in SMB1 and paused it so Mario ended up with black overalls and a yellow shirt, AND I BELIEVED IT WAS THE OTHER BOTHER ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a wierd dream about.... Mario, and yes I am a guy. Um... well, I was dreaming, you know, and I was really interested with Star Wars. I also liked Mario and Luigi because I grew up playing their games (and yes they do exist, thank you very much). Anyway, Mario was in a X-wing and he's all "Mama Mia! Look at the size of that thing!" Then he is inside and he's all meeting up with Bowser, and Bowsers all "Mario I am a Dinosaur." And Mario's all "NO!" Any-who, Mario goes to kick Bowser in the head and it's all that Matrix move and then Mario gets tapped on the shoulder my Lakitu and he's all "Use your kicking Mario" and then Mario kicks at Bowser and like a camera angle changes like from one side to another and Mario kicks Bowser and the Death Meatball or whatever blows up. And then at the awards ceremony Mario gets kissed by Peach and when that happened, I woke up all sweaty.
-G- Man Duranczyk

Bad Memories
In around 1991, I was playing SMB3. I was in Wendy O's level (3). I kept dying so much I got totally frustrated. Eventually I was soooo mad I ejected the cartridge by pounding the top of the NES.I threw the cart around the room and bounced it off the walls in a fit of rage. In tears, I declared loudly "DON'T PLAY THIS GAME! IT'S BROKEN!!!" I proceeded to hide it in my room under my bed because I didn't want one of my brothers to pick it up, play it, and do better than I did. It was hidden for hours while I calmed down.

My memorie was when I was ten years old. I was playing Luigis Mansion at the store and this kid came up and starting fiddling around ith the other controller.I said "Kid,this is a 1-player game"te mother said "No,it`s o.k.!"I thought he wolud not do anything wrong when I just got back in the mansion after entering E. Gadds lab the kid thought the "Reset" button would make him be able to play[that`s my opionion on what he thinks]either that or he is like DEEDEEE from Dexter`s Lab who likes to touch buttons.LOL.And he pushed the reset button. His mom got nervous while my mouth was wide pened staing at the computer screen seing that ittlle video when the game starts and the gamecube logo is being fomrmed and was pissed.His mom said "Noney,we should get going now."I was upset for te whole day.

This was a VERY BAD MEMORY!! I was looking for The Lost Levels, and found out... IT'S ONLY SOLD IN JAPAN!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a big waste of time!
-Mewtwo About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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