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Mario Memories
Week #16

Good Memories
I remember when I first played Super Mario. I was 13 and I had never even touched a Nintendo until my sister got it one day and the first game I played of course was SMB the original and I was hooked. After that, I started watching the cartoons and got hooked to that too. Now, here I am 22 years old and I still like playing them, and I still wish they showed the cartoons too.
-Judi Randolph

It all started when I moved to Texas in 1998 what I call a very frustrating year when I was in the Fifth grade (a frustrating grade when you move to another state.). Anyways, I was 10 and I was very curious about Mario so I asked my Dad if we could get one and he said sure and he bought me an N64 with Super Mario 64! I was amazed when I got it! So the next day, I HAD to go to school and had to do something about this! I went to the nurse's office and said my stomach hurted badly (Boy, I was bad this time and I was faking too. ^_^). Well my mom or dad picked me up and took me home! Sweet! It was on a September too. Fastfoward 3 months from now... December. That's the month where I quickly learned about Yoshi and the gang and got a SNES! When I gone to Blockbuster, I wanted to rent a unique game so I rented Yoshi's Story. At this era, I loved those little yoshies very much. Then, something had affected me like a spark! I lost my "grip" on Mario and started to go to more Yoshi sites like The Cutest Little Yoshi Page on The Web and Luna Yoshi's Sanctuary. Fast foward one month from now... January. That's the month that the first Mario Party came out! We had allready bought it so I did the same thing I did for Super Mario 64. I said my was going to puke but they wouldn't let me go home! Damn!

One saturday morning when I was about 5 I turned on the t.v. and to my surprise Super Mario Bros. Super Show was on. I really enjoyed it and started watching it every saturday. Then I found out that the good old 8-bit nintendo came out. So me and my dad went out and bought one and I loved it to pieces. I had played every game that involved mario in any way.
-Michael Van De Meulengraaf

Here's my second memory regarding SMB...I remember that when I was little and got to the castle levels at the end of each world, I would let my dad guide us (we played together) through the Fire Bars and Podoboos, and then I would take over and beat Bowser. That's because I had problems with the stage, and he had problems with the King of the Koopas. Anyway, one time we decided to see if he could do any better against Bowser if he was Fiery Mario. Dad came up with the idea of trying fireballs against him. Five or so fireballs later, he died (as a Goomba). This was stunning to my six-year old mind. I ran into the kitchen, yelling, "Mom! Mom! Dad beat Bowser with fireballs!"

I had hardly ever played Mario as a kid. We owned a Nintendo and had SMB 1, 2, and 3. That was it, but that was enough. I always just watched my sister play. I could sit there and just watch her play for hours on end and I wouldn't care. That was fun for me. When I did play, I was always Luigi, of course. I sucked at it. *Horribly.* My game playing abilities were not the greatest thing. I'd play occasionally with my sister, or if she was gone, I'd take up the control. Then I finally got a Playstation. I went straight for Nintendo to a Playstation. It was weird, but cool. After a few years of game playing... I still sucked. I could only play RPGs and Spyro games. Sad but true. Well, anyway, the Mario part comes back into the story. A few months back, sometime during... ::thinks:: Must have been November, 2000, I went to a party with my best friend. It was one of her 'family' parties, were her relatives all get together, sing on the karaoke machine and get dead drunk. I'm 16 now and hadn't touched Mario games in at least three years. While searching in my friend's aunt's basement, we found a working Nintendo and SMB 1 and 2! I was overjoyed and popped them in immediately. After just a few minutes of playing, I realized... I still sucked. I died on the very first board. Then died again. But I finally made it to 1-2! Oh joy, oh rapture! Then I died. I finally died all together and hadn't made it past 1-2. With drunk people trying to sing in the next room over and annoying little five year olds running in front of the screen constantly, I wasn't a very happy camper. But finally, around four o'clock in the morning, practically everyone had passed out or gone to sleep. No one was watching me, and I decided to try playing SMB 2 one more time. And I did it perfectly. No hits, no nothing. I got all the secert things, warped this way and that... But I fell asleep on the couch and didn't finish the game. Poor me! And no matter how hard I try, I can't do that anymore. I have gone back to sucking so horribly you woun't beleive until you saw me.

The first day I bought SMW I was so excited. I threw it in and started playing it. I got it at the thrift store so of course there were saved games already in it. when I turned it on I saw one game had 100% progress. I went to that game imediately. When I got in the game, THERE he was, bowser, the king of koopas. I tried to beat him but I died. It then said game over, the end, no more continues!!! NOOOOOO!

Once when I was playing Super Mario World, I died, and I hit my Super NES! And it showed Luigi chomping. And then I died again. But then something happened. Instead of the background, there were lines. And the text was all glitchy. But I still could play the game. It was so cool!
-DipDog Dolson

I recall that when I was about four years old, I had to go a babysitter who didn't live far from the pre-school I attended. The babysitter's son, who by the way is a year younger than me, watched a ton of cartoons, including "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show". Every single time that show came on, he would shout "Wisbee!". Why? He was attempting to pronouce "Luigi". I even remember trying to tell him that "Luigi" was pronouced as "Lou-ee-gee", but even I had a hard time pronouncing the name myself. I kept pronoucing the green-clad plumber's name as "Lu-ee-ee".

I was playing SMW once, and I had been dying on Star World 5 for a looooooong time. I had gotten to where the Baby Yoshi was. I was ecstatic! I hadn't thrown the Blue '!' Switch yet, but I was Cape Mario. I used the area under the pipes as a runway, and after a few tries, I saw a key and keyhole! I got the key and FWOOOSHH! I was sucked into the keyhole!! YES!!!! That has to be my best Mario experience. Or maybe when I finally beat Tubular....

OK, my mother and I loved and adored SM3 and SMW. (I think we liked SMW more.) We used to play it a lot. We were stuck on the first ghost house in SMW until we had to pull my big sister (who liked the game too) to help us. We FINALLY figured it out after we tried forever. I even found my mom saying she was trying to beat Wendy Koopa on SMB3 (hey, she was REALLY hard.) while I was at school,and it was I who beat her!

I remember one time I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3, and after I beat a level, the Hammer Bros. turned into a ship full of coins! It was cool!!!

I remember when I couldn't get past bowswer back on Mario. It really pissed me off, an 8 year old shouldn't have so much stress at that age. So I devised a plan. I got to Bowser as Super Mario and I just ran right through him. It worked and I now live a happy life.

My mom and I were playing Mario Kart 64 on Rainbow Road. I was almost at the end of the race, when my mom pulled out the controller cord! I put it back in, knowing that my controller would not work. To our surprise, I BARELY passed the finish line and beat my mom!

I remember how cool I felt when I finally got the 120th star in Mario 64, after days and months of dying, getting angry, and frustration, I finally got all the STARS!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a cute one. My Dad who was like my best friend at the time decided to get me an SNES. I was 5 and oh boy was I excited! I thought...oh man, how can they fit all this into such a small cartridge. I played for about 7 hours straight. No bathroom brakes. I was hooked. And for about 2 months straight I would wake up and play from 5:00A.M. till 8:00A.M. I hid this from my Dad until recently. He said he would have killed me. Just Kidding. Hahah. I still would rather have my SNES (the best system ever) over a Playstation 2 or any other new thing any day of the week! (hahah In your face Nintendo! Someday 2-D will rule again!!)
-Greg Hedgehog

About a week ago, I began a crusade to finally kick the snot out of all four games on Super Mario All-Stars. Well, I beat SMB all the way up through World 8, beat SMB2, beat SMB3 after a couple tries on World 8 (I used the Magic Flutes...hee hee hee). But when I finally beat SMB: The Lost Levels after about three nights of constant torture and mayhem, I found out that there was a special extra-hard version! After I beat that one in a day, I went back to SMB, beat World 8, and then the extra-hard version (which only adds a couple baddies). Yes...I have conquered it all...I just beat SMW and got 88 levels so far...Mario has vanquished his foes...
-Bob Grocer

I really love this. I was against my brother in Mario Tennis on the Bowser Stage. I was losing on the first game(tennis game like 40-15 then they get one more point.(Curse the camera angle.))Then, my luck changed! The items helped me win! TAKE THAT!!!!

I remember,on my 8th birthday, I opened SM64 as a present. Well, I didn't have an N64. Guess what my next present was? You're right! I loved playing that game. Oh the joy!

I remember playing SMB with my father in 1986 (My father looks a whole lot like Mario, at least I think so). Then SMB2 came out in '88. My dad proclaimed he had to pay the man at the store three times what it was worth (appearently the SMB2 game was an extremely anticipated game). We were both heavily addicted to Nintendo games. And it was somewhat hard to get games living out in the sticks (Lummi island,a San Jaun island in the puget sound of Washington state). When we all moved to Bellingham, in 1990, we had just about 300 games (Nintendo and Atari combined) having just recieved SMB3 and an SNES for Christmas. I think it was the first time I went without sleep for 48 hours. And my father and I were still playing the Super Mario Games, which were our favorite (although Legend of Zelda was a close second). More years passed until Christmas '96 when a friend gave me an even 100 bucks. Already having recieved the highly anticipated N64, I went to buy the last copy of Super Mario 64 being sold at Target. When I got home we found my father had a fatal stroke (having had a double heart bypass two years earler in whih he was crippled and unable to walk much) he later died at the hospital. I seriously couldn't eat for about 3 days from grief. I couldn't even look at all the games (especially the Mario games) because it reminded me too much of my father. After a while a snapped out of the grief and began gaming again, but since then I almost break down when I hear SMB theme. I will always play Mario games in memory of my father.

When I was younger, I saw these cool Mario beanies! I wanted to get some, but my mom wouldn't let me. Well, guess what?! I got them for my B-day... except for Bowser. I bought him the next day. I also remember getting the MK64 action figs for Christmas (except Bowser, who I got earlier) I then got Yoshi a bit later.
-Christmas Sneasel

Weird Memories
One time I was playing Super Mario 64 in Snowman's Land. I jumped onto a patch of ice and the game froze. Then I heard the game make a cracking sound. Maybe it was every bone in Mario's body breaking at the same time.

Once, when I was playing SMW, somthing odd happened. I was in Star World 3, and didn't have a cape (this is important). I moved towards the goalpost to get out of the level, and the bar between the goalposts was gone!
-Aurora the Yoshi

One night I was playing SM64 at my friends house and had just beaten the "Big Boo's Balcony" star at Big Boo's Haunt. Well, I was done playing for the morning (it was 2:00 am by the time I got done), and decided to turn the game off and go to bed. But before I could get into bed, I turned my head and saw the game was still on! On the screen Mario was running around Big Boo's Haunt and screaming "The bob-ombs are coming! The bob-ombs are coming!"! Either the cartridge wasn't a very good copy or I'm going crazy.
-Professor Y.

I was playing Super Mario 64, in the level with the giant snoman when I got the shell there for the first time! Happily I was cruising around the level on the shell. I went under the ice bully's platform and raced around under it. I hit the section of land that holds it. I got trapped under a ridge under it. My shell vanished and since I was under the ridge I couldn't fly in the air and shout"HA! HA! HA! HA!" (He's also grabbing his butt while doing this.) Instead he sat wiggling and clutching his butt and skreaming "HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!" Over and over again! He was doing this while being in the water. Sorta looked like a toddler who hates the water! The next week my friend came over. We both died laughing when I did it for him!

I was playing SMW for SNES. I was in the Vanilla Ghost House. I was near the end and I died. When I went back to the menu I had a Yoshi. I went back several levels to use him but when I started playing he was a blue Yoshi with a black shell.

I remember one morning and got up and Mario was on my TV. Then Wario came and beat him up. I guess thats why I started playing Sonic games.

One time when I was playing Super Mario 3 there were a whole bunch of ememies on the screen. The animation got slowed down. Then I luckly kicked a koopa shell. It killed all the enemies. Then it was normal. It was funny

This is REALLY DUMB! On Mario Land 2 for GBC, I named some of the songs! Such as the "Maringo" and "Teen Mario". I must be psycho!
-Luigi Fan

It's just not fair!! Nobody remembers me! Why aren't there any sites about me? I'm cool! Oh, by the way, I'm Shy Guy... and the majority of people reading this memory probably havn't even heard of me! Oh well... at least Bowser still respects me...I think...
-Shy Guy

Once I was playing one of the Mario games (I think it was the 1st one) but I fell down a pit, but the dying music didn't come on and I was still alive!!! You could hear Mario jump when you hit the "A" button, but didn't see him! This has happened several times, it's just weird!

I remember on Super Mario Bros. I was using the Game Genie code to jump extremely high, anyway on level 8-3, I jumped up off the top the screen, feeling good because I thought I would get passed all the Hammer Bros., but suddenly I died! And Mario came all the way from the top of the screen to the bottom, where he died.

Check this out... I was 5 year old kid in 1st grade and I would come home everyday and turn on the Super Mario Super Show... sit down in my Mario chair along with Mario tray and eat my Mario mac and cheese and bask in the show. I would literally eat, sleep and breathe MARIO! Then one day it changed and I still played the games but the rest faded away. Now I'm almost 18 and I find myself in the same predicament and I am loving every moment because I am doing everything I couldn't do as a kid! It crazy how things work out!
-Mike is Mario

The first time I ever beat the Super Mario Bros. was on my Gameboy a while back. I got the new color game (SMBDX), and the first time I sat down to play I beat it. I was so amazed. I was 14, and I was bragging to my friends how I beat it. Now I'm wondering why no one will talk to me...

I remember the first time that I saw Mario and Company in the right window in the Hyrule Castle inner courtyard of Zelda: Ocarina of Time...that was just a very confusing appearance, considering that Link has absolutely no ties to Mario except for the SSB appearances. The question is how the King of Hyrule acquired such pictures...also, one will notice that the Keaton Mask resembles Pikachu...who also appeared in SSB...very interesting indeed...
-Bob Grocer

This is a really weird memory! One day ago, some kind of glitch happened to me when I was playing Super Mario Bros. DX in the game boy color. when I played world 8-1 (the harder one) in the original mode, everything started to slow down!! The enemies and me were moving in slow motion! Even the music started to play in slow motion!!!!!!!! Not knowing what to do, I quickly turned it off. When I turned it back on,nothing was erased (phewww!!). I wanted to do it again, but it never happened again.
-Metal Mario

Okay, so this is a really weird memory. One year ago, I brought my Mario doll to a restaurant. When we were waiting for our table to be called, I heard a voice that said "Mario, party of 8". I said to myself " WHAT!? I can't believe my doll would do that!" Oh well,it looks like Mario brung his friends over (You know! Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad, Wario, and Bowser.) WEIRD!
-Metal Mario

Anyway, I was watching my mom play SMB when she came to those trampolines and she jumped on it and Mario got stuck!! What's even wierder is she now calls it "koopa traps".

When I was young, maybe 6 or 7, I was watching PAX TV and saw Mario! I taped The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 too. I taped all of the episodes SMW, and most of TAOSMB3. of My favorite episode was Mama Luigi from Super Mario World. I loved it!! The best part was when baby Yoshi said "Mama, mama Luigi". I watched every time I was home sick from school. A year or two later, my mom accidently taped over those tapes. I went CRAZY!!! Believe it or not, I memorized every word of that Mama Luigi episode!
-Lazer Eyes

Ok, it was like when I was 4 or something, my cousin was playing Super Mario Kart and he came in first place with Luigi. I said, I thought he was a plumber, not a car driver!! (Boy is that weird?!) And the I saw a fish blimp, it was so huge. HE BUSTED IT. About 4 years later, he gave it to me. I did the same thing!^_^
-Clawdia Koopa

I remember once when I had the flu. I beat every N64 and NES Mario game I had. FROM SCRATCH! It seems that my gaming skill goes up when my health goes down. Another memory is when I was just about to beat bowser in the original mario. Coincidentally, we had a black-out. Can the King Koopa control the world WE live in?

Once, I let someone I knew borrow my copy of Mario 64. When I got it back, everything was erased. I played some to try and resore it to its former glory. I had to leave, though. When I got home, all of the data was back! Weird, eh?
-Silver Face

One day I was playing Super Mario 64 when a bomb ran over to me on fire. I kept trying to pick it up and throw it, then when it was about to explode... I picked it up! And guess what? It was HUGE and walking while I was holding it!!! I thought "SWEET!" and tried to see what would happen if I pressed Z. Too bad....It dissapeared in thin air like nothing. It hasn't happened since.
-Axem Ranger

Once I was playing SMW for SNES, in one of those levels where you hit a p balloon and Mario turns fat and you start flying for a brief time. I was flying, and all of a sudden, Mario turns into the weirdest thing I ever seen! Mario turned into something that looked like a gas tank pouring out gas!! I'm like, "What the hell is that?!". And I start laughing my head off!! Freaky and Weird...
-Green Yoshi

Bad Memories
About three years ago I had got a SNES for Christmas and with it I got Mario All Stars with Mario World. This was my third encounter with the big red plumber but this was my first time with him on a console. Anyway, to the point. One day I was playing Mario World (my fave game on the cart) when my next door neighbor came round and we started the whole game to get to 54% then he came round the next day and we got to around 94% I think, I dont remember. My other friend came round and he brought about five other people with him so they started up my SNES to play Mario World. I went downstairs to get some water and I came back up to find them all pressing the top button on the save game screen to delete the files!!!!!!!!! I was really annoyed and I told them to get out in a very rude way.
-Tanooki Mario

Master Hand .......

One day on a Sat. Morning I was going to watch The Mario Show when I found out it was replaced with an arobics show.Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
-Ash K Rich

Once I was racing Koopa the Quick in Super Mario 64 .We were running by the Chain Chomp and it killed me.

My worst SMB memory is that i've never beaten SMB1! My father has and that has always irritated me! I didn't beat it until I played it at the SNES in SM All-stars, and then I had to save. Another thing is that my dad beat the game without any continues (a+b when you die, I think), because we didn't know about the "cheat".

I was...oh I'd say about 6 or 7, and my parents went to a party at night and left me with a babysitter. She was about 18, so I figured she was cool enough to play my Wario game on my Game Boy. (I only let certain people play that game for a long period of years for some reason.) She was having fun and I was having fun watching her. Sad thing is... she accidently erased my files. And I was pissed. Steaming mad! I wanted to put a picture of her in the middle of my dart board. But In a few months, I had got up to where I was and even farther. I had done everything. And have almost every piece of treasure. But I still can't remember how to get back to the Sherbert Area.
-Greg Hedgehog

It was Dec. 31,1999. My sister and I were playing Super Smash Bros. (Our first N64 game ever!) With our new N64 (Atomic Purple Set, my favorite controller!) And my sister brought in my mom's new Christmas present (Hint: It goes WOOF!) And... IT ATE OUR NEW CONTROLLER CORDS!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I nearly beat our dog's butt off! Luckily mom was able to fix it with some duct tape, And later we went to somewhere to buy a gold and a silver controllers, But still every once in a while the controllers act strange...

I remember when I first played a video game. It felt so good. It was SMB. Eight years later I got out my old NES and dusted it off. I got to thinking "Justin, go play your game." So I hooked up my NES. When I put in my first game, SMB, guess what happened? My system blew up everything. My nes games, system, the whole thing. I started to cry... a 12 year old boy crying over my system!

I am a pretty good Nintendo gamer. I've seen them all. I liked Mario but for some very strange reason I also loved Yoshi. I played and beat Super Mario World 2 (Yoshi's Island) and I was excited about getting Yoshi's Story. I rented it from Blockbuster and I beat it in 2 days in a three day rental time. I was really disappointed by the way they made the Yoshi game. I was hoping for a challenging game.

I was playing my SMB, and (here comes the bad part) ...I fell down a hole in World 8-4! I was soooooooo mad, I erased everything! I wanted to break the controller. (BTW, I have it all back now.)

When I got my hands on an SNES, I got a Mario Kart cartridge too. I was playing it one day when my little sister came and kicked it (She didn't know a thing about video games back then) I was in Choco Mountain 1 and was ahead of everyone else, too! I tried to remain calm, but did not succeed.
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