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Mario Memories
Week #15

Good Memories
I remember when I finally beat The Lost Levels! I played for 5 straight hours and then I got to the very end...all of a sudden I saw an enemy up ahead. A few secounds later I thought we had colided and I got really angreay and started pounding the ground. Then, I reliased we hadn't hit. I jumped out of the way and ran towards Bowser....I ducked under Bowser, ran to the ax...and won!

Nintendo will always be in my memory. I liked a lot of games in the day, but none came close to the SMB games. 1 and 2 were beyond cool, but to me, none compared to SMB 3. When I first picked the game up, I was 16. I never stoped playing it. Bathroom and food breaks, but that was about it. I picked it up on a Saturday, and when Monday came around I was not about to go to school. My mom always left for work 1 hour before I had to walk to school. After she left, I was still playing and never made it to school. I did this for three days before my mom was informed by the school. She was mad. The next day she took the morning off to make sure I got there. But I wasn't about to leave Mario hanging. So I packed up the old NES(w/ Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom of course) and headed out. I was in the Audio Visual class, so instead of going to 1st period I just hooked up my NES and Mario to a tv in the a.v room and started playing(no one was in there 1st period.) After about a half hour, my principal walks by the door and sees me playing. Well he was going to say something about it but then informed me I was going to get eaten by "that big fish" in level 4. Then I asked him if he wanted to be Luigi since it was 2 player. He thought about it(much to my surprise) and said "sure" So we played until level 2. He told me never to tell anyone that we had played it(he was pretty good for a fisrt time Mario player. And then he sent me home to play. I was suspended for three days.

Way back in 1996, I've read about that fantastic game called "Super Mario RPG". I waited and waited and waited, until my favourite games-company announced, that it won't be released here in europe. Darn, once again I wished I was american, and finally accepted my fate. Years after that, I finally got a copy of the US-version of the game for around DM 200 (100$). Soooo excited I ran to the next gamestore to buy an import-adaptor just to find out that that stupid game had a copy-protection and wouldn't work with any of those adaptors, and nobody knew where to import a real US-SNES. Another year has passed by, and finally an emulator that actually could emulate the A-1-chip released. And SMRPG worked just fine! In the five years I dreamed about playing this game many, many things have changed in my life, my whole world is different now. The most important change: I finally know how that Smithy-guy I read about so much time ago, looked like. My life is games. Nintendo games. Call me childish, unserious or whatever you want (I'm 18 now). I just love Nintendo for these memories their game gave me. NINTENDO FOREVER! MIYAMOTO FOREVER!
-Psychic Mew

Ah. Memories. When I was 4 years old I got a nintendo for christmas, along with my very own copy of Super Mario Brothers. I played that game and stunned everyone by beating it within a week. Afterwords, I treasured SMB3, although my parents were too cheap to get me a SNES. No matter. Give me the classics anyday. =)~

Weird Memories
I was playing SMB3 and I was at the last level and I pasued and exited the room, I FORGOT AOUT THE GAME AND LEFT IT ON ALL NIGHTTTT!I woke and saw my Nintindo power was on, thinking OH ****...I was gonna turn it off but I continued playing insead! ^.^;;

I was 5 and my older cousin was 15. We got along very well for the age Difference. He was the one who tought me about Mario. (sure, when I was 2) My mother always said "Your still too young for Mario." Boy was she wrong! Im 12 now so I have been playing Mario's games 10 years! Too much. Well, me and my cousin always played Mario brothers physically. One day, We just finished watching the Super Mario Movie and I got a bad idea. I pulled my cousin up into my room, turned on the fan and threw a ball of yarn up in it. (the yarn was to act as fungus, like in the movie) Then we started to jump through it. The "fungus"got far too thick and found ourselves stuck. Once we got through the sea of yarn, the door knob was heavely covered in string . (just like everything else) But, I heard the ice cream man's truck pull to the curb. "QUICK! GET THE SCISSORS!" Once outside, people asked "Where have you two been?" false alarm, the ice cream man wasnt here yet. Then the REAL bad part came, we left the fan on in the room! not good. the string was attached to the fan and everything on the shelves. The fan pulled all the junk off the shelves and up into the fan! The fan broke because the string cought in the gears. Today, as you read this story, there is still yarn in the gears of the fan. I never thought an idea based on a movie of an Italian plumber could be so dangerous. We nearly got eaten alive by the "Fungus!!!!"

Once when I was playing Super Mario Brothers 3 whith Game Genie. There was a notice it the book saying when you beat the game with some of the codes, your game will get stuch in Bowsers time freeze.You had to hold up a the door to avoid it.I got stuck! I had to start the game over because of that stupid freeze.

My friend and I were playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. We were playing on a file that all we had to beat was Wario. Well, My friend made Mario step on the slab that activated the Hand Of Wario (The hand that comes crashing down on you. For this story to make sense, you must realize that my friend and I call the Hand of Wario "Mashie", (because it mashes you.) Well, my friend was upset because she was small Mario, and had one life left, which meant that if she died, she would get a game over, and would have to collect the six coins again before challenging Wario again. Then, another one of my friends said that he knew how to get past the Mashie (though I think he was lying), and my friend gave her Game Boy to him to borrow. Well, Mario died. My friend went crazy. She started yelling "MASHIE! MASHIE! MASHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I nearly cracked up, and my friend spent the rest of the day trying to bite my other friend's head off. I got the six coins back for my friend (no sweat), because she was so "busy" :-P If your wondering what happened to my two friends, they don't attack each other anymore, but my friend vowed to call my other friend nothing except Mashie for the rest of her life. And that's just what she's doing!

This was real weird, but cool. I have a glitchy SMB cartridge. So one day, I made it to the minus world. I was fooling around there because I knew I couldn't beat it, but in one point there, a block caught me like I had just gone down a tube, and I appeared in the coin sky place. then I fell into the pit and I died, but now I was at level -2!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool! It was kind of an underwater 3-4, with no enemies. Then I beat the level and I was back at the title screen. It was very strange indeed
-Waddly the Penguin

A little while ago.(I think it was yesterday) I was playing Donkey Kong '94 on the GBC and I was encountering DK for the second time in World 5. I made it to the very top and saw that there three ladders to climb to get to the platform that Pauline was standing on. I took the middle ladder and ended up right in the exact same spot where Pauline was, But the game glitched and Mario dissapeared right he got to Pauline but the level ended as if it didn't happen but Mario was nowhere to be seen, but I heard that sound when Mario walks/runs only it went on forever and I had to turn off the GBC. Oh well... At least the data wasn't erased.

Heh, I was at the parking lot in a store when I got out of the car and saw Waluigi! I turned my head and looked back, but it was just a guy in a purple hat!
-Silver Face

Okay, after you read this you'll all probably call the men in white coats to take me away. This is THE weirdest memory I've ever had ('cept for that BeefCapture dream) and it started when my big brother got SMRPG. That was my favorite game for months after I played it, and the thing (person, actually ^_^) that most influenced my thinking was Geno. Yeah, Geno. Call me crazy (don't worry, you will), but he was THE COOLEST video game character ever (CAPES!! Blue capes, and he also had GUNS!! YEAH!!). He still is. I used him in almost all my battles once I got him, and almost never lost, except against Culex, but I beat him lke a year later. Smithy, too. But anyway, it suddenly dawned on me that I actually had a crush on Geno. I shrugged it off and kept up with my SMRPG-obsession until I got Kirby Super Star, and then a whole slew of other cool games and a Playstation, and then Silhouette Mirage...but I went back to reading the Memories section on SMBHQ and decided to type up this little anecdote. Weird, huh?
-Rabbit Breeze

Have any of you had any dreams involving Mario or somebody else in the 'shroom Kingdom? I once had a dream where I was in SMB and I went down the coin pipe in 1-1. There were police there, and I jumped on their heads and got like 1 billion points. Then one touched me and the screen says "You go to jail forever!!!" Then I woke up.

Okay, i was surfing this site and was reading some of the memories, then I read about the tall tall mountain monkey in sm64 doing the macarena! I wanted to see if I could see if for myself. I put the SM64 game cartrige in my n64 and went to tall tall moutain and I was watching the monkey in tall tall mountain. I WATCHED IT 35 MINUTES STRAIGHT, and the monkey still did not do the macarena... I was about to turn the game off and then it did it! It did the macarena! I laugh everytime I think about it... the monkey looked so cute!

When I first got my NES (many moons ago), I played SMB non-stop. For about a week, I had a reccuring dream where I was Mario and I was fighting the Hammer Brothers.

When we were playing Mario Kart 64 with three players. My Sister, and My Two Cousins were in frappe snowland. On of my cousing fell in the big jump with the river in it. She got stuck forever!! We used Bowser Shells, Red Shells, etc... We couldn't get her out! So we had to reset the N64!! WEIRD!!!
-Koopa Koopa

I remember when I was a little kid and used to think that King Koopa and Bowser were two different people, because although I heard the names, nobody ever told me that they were the same person!It caused me a LOT of confusion, but I eventually got everything cleared up. (Whew!) I now know that Mario's main enemy is King BOWSER Koopa.(The same thing happened with Princess Peach Toadstool.)
-Jen Musgrave

Man, I was so obsessed with the Mario Bros., I would wear Mario Bros. shirts, pants, and even underwear!

In SM64, I once ran to an edge. To avoid falling down the side of Tall Tall Maountain (I was on the top) I swerved. But Mario just started shaking on the ledge and this BUDDDBUDUDUDDBDUUDBBUD sound played over and over. Then he fell, and hit the side of the mountain.... 12 times. UUURRGGH! Hilarrious (BTW, he landed on a goomba, bounced, and fell down to his doom. Talk about bad luck. I'm gonna kill that goomba.)
-Yellow Jinjo

A couple years ago, when I was playing one of the levels on star road in Super Mario World, I hit a box that should have held a Yoshi, but I got this weird hammer with a skull head thing instead. I was able to ride it and it swallowed enemies just the same, but it was no Yoshi. I've tried repeatedly to get it again since but was unsuccessful. It was the strangest glitch I've ever experienced.
-Dragon X

When I was young (and didn't know much about Mario games) I would always believe when my brother said If you jump down that pit you get unlimited lives (all lies I know!!) He would do this all the time. now years latter I finaly got him back for all the years of lies ....... when he was very far ahead in Sm64 I told him if you run of the cliff with one life a secret level opens (he was trying to bet the last bowser without saving!!!!) I know have my revenge!

One time me and my friend were playing Mario Kart (For SNES) she picked Yoshi and I picked Mario. We were in some ghost course, and yoshi started out small! Surprisingly Yoshi could not be ran over! Yikes!

Last night, I had a weird Mario dream that I was playing Super MaRPGio on two player(anything is possible in a dream). But player 2 was'nt Luigi or Mallow or something,but he was someone from "Hey Arnold" (Harold,I think). Mario was talking to someone and Harold went over to a fireplace and pulled out a strange item that looked like a Triforce from Legend of Zelda. Then all the characters were sucked into a black hole.I cant remember the rest, but I think it had something to do with blowing up the Death Star.

Ah, the good old days of Super Mario Brothers. I remember being very afraid of Mario or Luigi falling down a hole. Falling down a hole! They were getting HURT! Mario and Luigi were my imaginary freinds too, but they were not very secret. I would always set a place for them at the dinner table. Only one place. I would always take them with me on car trips. They also only sat in one seat there, because of space inconveinences.

Bad Memories
*This is a Public Service announcment*
I was playing Mario Party 2, in Mystery Land as Wario. I was having a bad time on it. All the other characters had gotten a star or two from the hidden boxes and I had nothing. But soon, my luck began to change. Someone got a Bowser Bomb and DK and Luigi lost all their 100+ coins. Then I managed to get 2 stars in a row with a Golden Mushroom. Finally, I Dueled Yoshi and DK and got all their coins as well. When it was almost over, I had 180 coins and 3 stars. We were just about to go for the minigame when...blooooooop... the power went out. And on a perfect summer day as well. Needless to say, the game (But fortunitally, not the pack) got ereased. Aieeeeeee! Kids, remember to Save!
*This has been a Public Service announcement*

A couple of years ago, I was playing Mario Kart for SNES. It was near the end of the Ice Storm, but at my house the power did still go out once in a while. I was used to winning but I've never had such a great race. I was kicking a lot of butt, and I was way ahead of everybody. Just as I was about to cross the finish and get sweet victory.............THE POWER WENT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to get the most honorable gold cup ever!!!!!!

I had been playing SMW for about a month and I had found almost every secret in the game, as a matter of fact my precent was 99%!!! Then one day, somehow all of the saved games got erased, including my 99% one! WHY ME!?!
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