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Mario Memories
Week #14

Good Memories
Oh the things my big brother Nate would do to get my attention. I was about 8, I'd be on the last level of the last bord of Super Mario World he take the controller from me and turn off the game. My face got RED!! I'd tackle him and we get in a really big fight...Uh oh, here comes my older brother Chris, he'd bean nate into the wall and let me punch em!....Ahh those were the good old days. And it still happnes today!

I was playing SMB3,when I got to world 8.I made it to Bowser's Castle,and when I got to him,I started to beat his @$$! When I finally beat him, it felt pretty damm good,too! (and I still do it, too!)
-Kim Barlow

When Mario falls asleep in Super Mario 64.

After nine long years of playing Super Mario Brothers, I had finally defeated the evil Bowser. It was a long battle with only 7 lives, and no mushroom to help me. However, after coming to this website, I learned which route I had to take to find Bowser. I looked at Bowser square in the eye, and I ran right under him, and grabbed the axe. I had defeated him, and found the princess!

I was about 5 when my dad brought home the NES.. it was totally neat because the only other system I had ever seen was the slow-yet-simple Atari.. anyways, he let me play SMB all night, and the next night I fell asleep watching him play.. he eventually beat it. Now I'm 18 and i still play that very same NES and that very same game with the same controllers... and dammit i cannot beat 8-3!!! LOL peace

Okay, this one's kinda stupid, but when I was about 3, I'd watch my dad play Super Mario Bros. I'd sit there and be facinated, and would sometimes yell "Get the coins, daddy!"
Finally, when I was around 4 or 5, he let me play. He showed me what buttons did what, and things like that. I pressed start, jumped up, ran towards the Goomba and died!! Its kinda funny when you think about it, but, oh well....

I was playing around with the wing cap out side Peach's castle. I wanted to reach the top of the castle and catch a good view. After many failed attempts, I almost got to it. I was standing on the last red shingled part before the very top. When I landed there I Fell straight through the roof! I was stuck behind the castle doors but I wasnt in the castle! When I tried to walk out of the doors it took me into the castle but I was still on the wrong end of the door! I managed to escape by walking AROUND the door.

Weird Memories
I was playing Mario 64 with G/S, and everything was erased. Not much differences were after that. Another code made some characters look 2-d. Weird, huh? I tried to continue the code, but it won't work with G/S Pro.

My sister and me were playing MarioKart64 about 4 years ago and it was like 12:00 at night when we went to bed i had a weird and slightly funny dream that my sister was the Princess and i was Toad and were racing at Royal Raceaway and i was about to win when out of no where millions of koopa red shells attacked me!!! as we were flying off that ramp i fell down the mountain painfully(screaming like Toad does in the game and fell to the water) (and then i swam out my kart and climbed up the mountain) (as i got to the top i saw pikachu with glowing red eyes! it tried to to kill me i tripped it and it fell down the mountain screaming but had caught my leg and we both fell down a black hole screaming) (and then i woke up actually laughing,ya i know im scary)
-Koopa Troopa

This is the weirdest glitch I've ever gotten. I was playing SMB2(USA) All-Star version, and I was at the end of world one. When I came down to the bosses place, I expected the normal very easy to beat Mouser. To my complete surprise, there were TWO blasted Mousers, tossing a bazzilion bombs and killing me before I could say "Heads Up!" I played it again, and I never ever got two Mousers again! And this is true, even though I was only building up lives for world 7!
-Green Shyguy

I remember that whenever I played SMB2 as the princess and jumped on one of those bugs that crawls on the vines, that when it climbed up the vine it was looking up the princess' skirt!

Well,my mom and I were playing SMB using the Game Genie. Anyway, she put in the code that made you stay big, and when we got a fire flower were mini-Mario with fireballs! LOL!
-Steven Dudley

One time I was playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES and I think it was World 2-1 or 3-1 when it started: little Mario was big Mario and vice versa! I started as big Mario (or maybe little Mario with big Mario's head) but then when I hit a "?" block a mushroom came out... I got the mushroom and Mario became little! I got a fire flower and little Mario became fiery but remained little. When he got hit he turned back into big Mario. Little Mario could break bricks but big Mario couldn't. It must have been the dirty game cartridge; other weird things have happened that I can't remember. This specific effect never happened again, though.

One time when I turned on SMW for SNES instead of the regular intro. where Mario is in that special land level It showed Mario swimming under water. The background was black and the then Yoshi swam up to him? All of a sudden it was the same intro as normall exept it was all under whater and Mario was swimming? Then bullit Bill's started to fly by. It was wierd? It never happened again though. I wish it would.
-Lord X

My Super Mario RPG game had been through alot of banging. it's been dropped, dropped in puddles, etc. Well once, i was getting the frog coin from the begging when jump off toads head...well, hit the box, and a box monster fought me. i killed him, and her gave 3 frog coins and flower box, then i died, and the game was erased. tripy huh?

I was playing Super Mario 3 on the all stars pack, and I was on the first level of the first world, and I got to the part at the end where there is tons of blocks together, and I was small at the time. I walked into a block and i think I clicked down, and a second later, he was in a red frog suit.
-Big Mogg

Once I had a really weird Mario dream. I was in the Pyramid in SM64's Shifting Sand Land, on top of that brick builaing in the center, and a Power Star was half buried in quicksand. I jumped down to get the Star, slipped through the quicksand, and landed in front of Bowser. He stomped me and I woke up.
-Professor Yoshi

Bad Memories
I was playing Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World one day, and I was proud how i got so far in Super Mario World and all the other games. But I accidentally kicked it and it glitched!!! I redid and completed Super Mario World, but I never got as far as I did last time in all the other games!!!!!!! Stupid Flimsy SNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this is just part of the game but the first time I saw it it REALLY scared me! It was the last level of Super Mario Bros. 2, right before Wart, and there was the glass orb that opens the bird's mouth in the wall, but no Egger/Eggman/Ovoid/Ostro or whatever he's called (I called him Egger at the time; Eggman's really Dr. Robotnik...) anyway I grabbed the crystal, the little fanfare played, the bird's mouth moaned... AND THEN THE FREAKING THING FLEW AT ME!!! Really, it really scared me that time!

Once, when I was really young (nine or ten), I had convinced one of my friends that If he digged long enough, he would find the land of SMB3 underneath a pile of dirt in his front yard. I told him that if he digged down deep enough he would appear in the level with Kuribo's Shoe in it. Later I had convinced him so much that I had somehow convinced myself and dug with him. We had dug a small hole about three feet down and wide enough to fit a person, when it started to rain. The dirt turned to mud, immediately poured and filled in the hole, and we never achieved our conquest. We were very disappointed. We were just starting to hit water pipes anyway.

When I was like, six, I had this "friend". He always used to play games on his NES. I was hynotized whenever he played. The thing is, he'd never let me play, he was nine, and he thought I was "too little". Even when I started crying(give me a break, I was six) he was mean! I can remember a few times when he'd let me play this weird game where there were dinosaurs and cave men in a maze. And something about eating this wheel thing that looked like it was made out of rock. BUT, that was one of the stupidest games I've even seen (yes, even compared to Mario's TIme Machine)So, I'd never played a decent game until a few years later, but I'm a video game maniac now!
-Kiwi Kenobi

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