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Mario Memories
Week #13

Good Memories
I was playing the original Mario Kart on 150cc and I was on my final lap of Rainbow Road I was in second place and needed to get into first to win. On the last sequence of blocks I got a lighting bolt. and zap squished Luigi and won the race.

One day when I was about 5 or 6 I saw one of my first gaming magazines. In the very front was the most beautiful piece of fan art i have ever seen. It read. "IN BUSINESS NEWS, NINTENDO CATCHES SEGA OFF GAURD" Below those letters it had a picture of Mario pushing a plunger (the TNT kind) with Sonic at the other end tied to a barrel. The next frame had sonic being blown to bits. Hooray for MARIO!!!
-Snake 231

I remember when I first got my Nintendo I was so excited, so I started playing it with my dad, he lost all of his lives in less than 5 minutes and i played all day. Back in the day when NES was still really big and SNES was not even heard of I remember the only games I had were operation wolf SMB and SMB3 and I thought that there were only about 10 other games out besides those. Man was I wrong when Funcoland came out I seen just how wrong I was I found out that there were 700+ games out there (more or less) so I started collecting and now I have more than 200 NES games.
-David Hurd

I was about two years old and my neighbor was in her house playing Super Mario Bros. on her NES. She couldn't beat one of the levels so I told her I bet I could beat it,but I had never played before so she just laughed and handed the controller to me. To her surprise(and mine) I beat it with time to spare! Ever since then Super Mario Bros. has been my favorite game.
-Wario the 2nd

Well, what attracted me most to the Mario games were the music and the storyline. I guess each sequel just got better with each sequel getting nicer backgrounds. The best part ever was starting up Super Mario 3. I'll never forget the gaming greatness that i saw!
-Alvin L

I remember playing mario64 and getting stuck in that glitch room in the castle. It was fun, so I did it again and again and again...until bedtime.

When I was 5, my parents got me Super Mario 3. I tried it out and I got to this place with upside-down pipes. I had no idea how to enter them so I told my parents that I didn't like the game. Actually I did but just couldn't get past that part. My parents returned the game and got me Kirby's Adventure instead. I got to experience Kirby for the first time. YAY! But I still would like to have Super Mario 3 back especially since I know how to enter the upside-down pipes.

A couple of years back when i was five my dad beated super Mario 3 with out using warp whistles that year my dad beaned bowser in SMB that year

My memory starts out as a sad one but turns out good. Well anyway, I beat every mario game that was released in the good old US of A. But the only game that I didn't beat was Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Now I have been playing Nintendo games since I was 5 and still couldn't beat Super Mario Bros. Do you know how embarassing it was being 16 beaten every mario game there was except for the first one! My friends used to make fun of me. So one day they were over my house and we played mario games and they thought it would be funny to see me die in SMB so they made me play. However to their dismay I beat it that very day. I was ecstatic and rubbed their noses in it. cause now I had beaten every mario game. some of them still didnt beat smb3 or smw. so to all of those unfortunate souls who haven't beaten Super Mario Bros. your time to shine will come!
-John M.

It was one of my greatest moments when I beat Culex on Super Mario RPG. I never thought I would beat his ass, since Mario and Bowser were always dying with Toadstool always wasting pick me ups, dammit, it pissed me off when he and his crystals were always killing my strong characters. But I beat him. The music after I beat him was one of the most soothing themes I've ever listened to- That Final Fantasy Prelude. I couldn't get it out of my head.
-Mad Dawg

Weird Memories
One Time I was Playing SM3 and I was Luigi I got a fire flower and Shot it but then all of a sudden the game just froze I tried reseting but it wouldn't work finally i just turned it off and turned it on later and it finally worked...weird

Once, I was playing Mario 64 and I was playing around with the Wing Cap that you find on top of the castle. I flew under the wood bridge and over the fish pond.Then, the music started getting glitchy and Mario wasn't flying anymore, he was just kinda floating there. Weird...

I remember when I was looking around in a video game shop at the mall, I was flipping through some Nintendo magazine, and it was a codes section for Super Mario Bros. 2. One of the codes caught my eye. I don't remember the exact words of it, but it said something like in world 1-1 where the 1st waterfall is, if you jump a certain way into it, you'll end up behind it and you can warp to World 7! I've tried this numerous times but I haven't been able to get it! I wonder if anyone has???

Not to long about I was playing SMW. While riding Yoshi in Outragous, the game glitched up and I died riding Yellow Yoshi. When I played that stage again I was Mario up to the neck and the rest was Yellow Yoshi's head. It reminded me of Mars Attacks so much, I never played the level again.

Not too long ago, I was playing Mario 64 on Tall Tall Mountain. I was watching the monkey do stuff, and he started... doing the Macarena!!!?? It was weird.

Once I was playing SM allstars: SMB when after I beat the last castle, i got the cheep ending: and got a few secret levels that were even harder.

One weird thing that happened to me once was when i tried hitting a messsge box with a jumbo egg (al la SMW2) and I vanished!! I couldn't get anywhere! Fortunately I finished it before so I went out as soon as I could. I never knew glitches can be so hard! Not to mention I actually finsihed a Mario Game *GASP!* I never could do that! Then it said thank you with ugly people ! yuck!

This is one of my weirdest Mario memories.I had just gotten into Super Mario 3 on Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World and it was brand new. When I went in to file 1 (Remember it was brand new) but it was already in World 8!

Bad Memories
It was the first time I beat Mario. I know that should be a good memory, but not for me. I beat it late one night and then went to bed. The next morning before I got up, my dad beat the game. He came into the kitchen with this triumphant look on his face, thinking he had beaten it first. When he told me, I just shrugged and said "I beat it last night." I immediately regretted those words, and still do to this day. What a stupid and selfish thing to do, but then again I was just a kid.

One night I had a dream about mario. Yeah it sounds like a good memory but not when Mario is mad at you. My terrible dream was about Mario kicking the living crap out of me for at least half an hour. While this was happening I got a weird sensatio, I looked at my hands and feet for the first time in my dream. Mario was killing me because I was Bowser. Then I woke up, and played SM64. There I beat Bowser for the first time.
-Sname 231

I remember a long time ago when I had gotten SMW, I had gotten everything, and gotten that weird thing once you beat special world. Then one night my sister came and said she had made the game clean. I had no idea what she meant but I new it was bad. I turned on the snes and every thing was erased, it took me another 8 years to find out what she meant, now the koopa's didn't have masks. Since my game has been erased numerous times by being kicked, shaken, or any other movements.

I was just about to beat bowser in super mario world then bowser got a big hand gun out of the air and shot like mad!! I set off in the other side but it was to late bowser shot me and and i had a cape!!!!! I was so mad i could rip it out of the wall!!!! i cant forget it. now i've never went to that corse any more and i never beat bowser!!!!!
-Yosh Master

Me & my friend were trying to beat SMB2 on Mario Allstars without skipping any levels. We made it to Wart and I was going to get 'em with Toad and suddenly my friend got up to get some icecream and tripped over the cords and messed up the game. We had to start back over at level 1-3.
-Cosmo Man

I was working on the last power star on Mario 64. It was the 100 coins in the Rainbow Course. I'd read it was easy, but I was having some problems with it. I needed 1 more coin. I saw it and started toward it when I just somehow got knocked off the rug. I swear I was yelling like heck for half a minute. My throat ached for the rest of the day. I ended up beating it though.

I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3. I had gotten to world 3 or 4 with straight play, no WHISTLE! Tragedy occurred. My TV just switched off. NOOOO! And I was planning to save right then...
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