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Mario Memories
Week #12

Good Memories
Last year, I had a memorial day party and invited three of my best friends. We spent the entire first half of the party eating as much sugar as we could. Then, we all went in my room and played with my mario doll that I got when I was six or seven. We played hot potato with him and stuff. To this day, my memorial day party is regarded as the best party we ever had, its closest competitor being my best friend's birthday party, when we got chased by a car and had to run in a ditch to escape being squashed. But we all know it takes a little bit (or a lot) of Mario to make a really great party, right? Right.

I remember when I only owned 2 games for the old NES. I had just borrowed(for 2 1/2 years) one from my brother who is 10 years older than me. I had Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and Silver Surfer. I played all of them all the time. It was just the best thing in the world. My friend got Super Mario Bros. 3 when it came out in 1990 and it became my favorite game, even though we would only get to about world 4 before he would have to go home. Then one day my brother finaly took it back and I was Nintendoless for a few years untill 1996 when I bought a Virtual Boy for so cheap and got Mario's Tennis and Mario Clash. I played them for hours (and still do). And now, nearly 10 years later, I bought a NES, a SNES, and a Gameboy Color to play Mario games on and now have over 50 Nintendo games. Thanks Mr. Myamoto. Thanks Gunpei Yokoi. Thanks Koji Kondo. Thanks everyone that worked on these great games.

Once I was playing Yoshi Story 4-3 on my N64 when i got something really neat it was RAINBOW YOSHI!!! Is this real or is it just me or a really cool glitch? I was so happy I thought it only lasted for one level. sigh if i was a rainbow yoshi it would so much fun. Anyway I played it the next day to find the rainbow yoshi! I was so surprised!!!! And i also found...purple yoshi!!! if YOU find a better glitch than this you gotta be kiding! And when i got to Baby Bowser he just gave me the Super Happy Tree and I got to play a glitch level! Named Rainbow Valley and only Rainbow Yoshi could get in it!! So I'm now the Yoshi master!!!!
-Rainbow Yoshi

Heh. I did also read some wishes during my visit on Star Mountain in Mario RPG. You gotta believe it, I found some damn heart poundin' wishes, like Luigi who wants to be a great plumber like Mazza (Mario), Mallows parents who want their son to find his way home, or Mallow himself who wishes that he wasn't such a crybaby. A very fun wish was that Frogfucius wanted some cricket jam. Heh, I laughed like crazy!
-RPG Lover

My only Mario memory is when I beat SM64. I had hacked away at it for weeks, then finally got the Strategy Guide and picked up the dozen or so stars I was missing. The last one I needed was "Stomp on the Thwomp" in Tick Tock Clock, where you have to get to the very top of the clock with the gears running. After many a life lost plummeting to my doom, I finally got the 120th star around 2:00 AM. Then what? Nothing. No message, no bonus, nothing saying "You have won." I was bitterly disappointed until I found the open cannon outside the castle, which shot me up to Yoshi! After the 100 lives, the sparkly triple jump, and the Wing Cap, I felt the biggest rush since completing my 5,000 piece Millenium Falcon 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Weird Memories
I remember when I was very little, I saw my brother and his friends playing SMB3 and the 5th world. He was in the tower of winds which leads to the sky and he was in the room with the four big lamps and he told me that if you touch those you die. A few years later, I was playing in the same place, and I touched them and didn't die. Then I was playing a SMB3 Rom and I touched them and I died. My first reply was "WHAT IN THE WORLD???!!!!!!!!"

I, for some strange reason, I would make lyrics for the music soundtrack for Super Mario Bros. 3. I used to sing about Buzzy Beetles in the underground cave...weird......
-Mr. Know it All

I was playing SMB3, and i got a mouse suit.I used my mouse suit the next morning and seen it was green. I thought "Who the heck put a mouse suit green???!!!".I moved him. HE HOPPED!!!I found out he was a frog.I turned to SMB2.I seenwart was a frog.

Well, I was in Hazy Maze Cave in Super Mario 64, and the Spice Girls song "stop" came on the radio while I was playing. Now whenever I play Hazy Maze Cave, I am reminded of the Spice Girls. NOOOOO!

Once I was playing Mario 64, again, I came out of Whomp's Fortress and I was saved and continued and suddenly I heard the laugh of the Boo Buddies or Boos (the little ghosts) and I freaked out and frose up and turned the game off, from then on I was always uneasy of going into Whomp's Fortress or the room it self, so I got angry at the Boos and killed them all. But all the ones in the garden. But still don't like going inside the room.
-Koopa Troopa

When I found Link in Mario RPG. He was sleeping though but when I talked to him, I heared that signal which always is heared when you find a secret in Zelda. Bwa ha ha ha. It was kinda fun!
-RPG Lover

Bad Memories
I was playing SMW and i accidently knocked over the TV.Iplayed SMW again and it didn't erase!!!I played YI, and it all erased!!!!I had e'm all to world 6-6!!!I wanted to hurt my sister bad for making me knock down.GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even remember how old I was (maybe 3, 4?) when my mom got addicted to Super Mario Bros. 3. The T.V. (and NES) was never free because she would play forever. One of the only things I still remember from my mom's time addicted to SMB 3 was that she would stay up all night and play it. You would almost be asleep when she would yell: "I got the Tanooki Suit!!!"

Me & my friend was playing Mario Party (Spinning the controler on shy guy) & we were trying to beat his REALY high record. When I was about my 10th go I felt a pain in my palm & when I looked the top skin on my palm had ripped open & was VERY red (trust me the directional sick is not exactly hand friendly.)
-Chris Kennedy

I had made it to the tick tock clock in Mario 64, You know how there is these long platforms you have to cross? I was about to reach the star and my stupid sister stepped on the nintendo cartrige and I lost my consentration and I fell!!! And I had to get the star all over again!!!
-Joe Dilanni

A few days after I got Mario 64, I got to the first Bowser and died a few times. I finally did manage to toss him onto one of the bombs, but when he did his backflip, he landed right on top of me! I have since whooped him many times.
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