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Mario Memories
Week #11

Good Memories
I was 8 or 9 when I first played Super Mario Bros. My dad had rented a NES, along with Super Mario Bros. and Ernie's Magic Shapes. We had to alternate playing between myself, my Dad, my sister, and my 3 or 4 year old brother. It took a while before my dad figured out that you were supposed to get the mushrooms, not avoid them. I didn't have any idea what the B button did. But I remember that I was the best in my family, as I managed once to get all the way to the first set of elevators in world 1-2. I was so good. :) Anyway, it was fun, although I didn't get to play again for about a year.
-Matthew J.

My memory of Mario Bros, make me smile, when I was chatting I use supermario as my nickname, and everybody (especialy girl) comes down on me ......

I remember back when I never played video games and was always scared of them... well, my best friend ANT (a cruel nickname a give her, heehee) was totally into video games. I remember her playing SMB3, and when she beat the first Doomship, I remember exclaiming in surprise, "There's MORE?!" I even remember when she got to World 3, in the first level where you meet the huge Cheep-cheep. "Watch out for Momma Fish!" I remember yelling to ANT. "Watch out, Momma Fish!" ANT would say... that is one of my fondest- if not significant- Mario memories.

I never had an original NES, but my cousin did. I finally got a SNES a few years after it came out. I remember I used to compare Super Mario World to her games. I remeber I converstaion in particular. Me:"In my game there`s a map where you can go back to the levels." My Cousin:"Well, in one of my games [Mario 3,she had Mario1,2, and 3] has a map but you can`t go back to the levels." Eventually my cousin sold her NES and games to buy a SNES.
-Yo'ster B.

When I was four years old, I got a Nintendo (yes, they trusted me with this stuff.) My older sister (20 at the time) beat Super Mario Bros. I tried, but I aways died. Super Mario All-Stars came, so I had a little "re-match" with it. It won, and retained supremacy. Then, on Christmas '99, I got a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Red/Blue, and Super Mario Bros. DX! I got my re-re-match, and after 8 years, I won! Then, a month after that, I beat Super Mario Brothers Lost Levels!

When I beat Super Mario 64 completly, I felt like yelling with joy. After an extremely agrivating period of four months of dying, puzzle solvin', misses, and mortal wounds to Mario, I BEAT IT!!!


I remember when I played my first Mario game. It was Vs. Super Mario Bros. I was with my cousin. We played it in a Clubtype restaurant. I used the joystick and he used the action buttons. When I was finished I ate some french fries. To this day playing SMB reminds me of french fries. And french fries remind me of SMB.

Weird Memories
Once I was playing SMW. I jumped into a corner in level 1-1 and automaticaly died. Is this some sort of glitch, or is it supposed to be there?
-Yosh Man

This is the meaning of weird.I had a dream where I was Mario and my brother,John,was Luigi,and we were in SMB1,World 1-2.He was about to fall down the pit when I rescued him,but fell myself,and heard the Game Over music when I suddenly woke up.WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way back before I got SMB3 to have as my own,I used to rent it all the time(btw,I finally got it a few years ago from my friend)Well I thought I might play it one morning and I used the Game Genie codes-infinite lives,multijumps, and keep special powers(i didn't use the "start and stay as"codes that we always thought were the best because I read the warning note in the code book about Bowser's time trap)Anyway I got all the way to Bowser's castle and got to him about 50 times and he kept winning.I finally beat him and got to the princess and watched the closing credits and saw the levels names and they were the names of the ones in SMAllStars(Desert Hill,Pipe Maze,Castle of Koopa,etc.)every time I played it after that,it said those names(since it was rented, I had never seen the instruction manual to know it was all wrong)but one day, on the exact same cart, it said "such and such" land. I was like"huh?". and to this day it has never said those names on the closing!

I remember one summer and I just came home from some place, and my sister played SMB1, and she had just paused on level 2, underground level, and she just hit the "roof" and it "exploded" and I asked what that was.

Well one time I was playing Super Mario Bros. and when I got to world 8-4 I was so happy I screamed hallejuhah. Everybody in the whole house heard me(This was during Thanksgiving and relatives were there.) Everybody ran to see what I had screamed about,then my little sister "accidentally" and froze my game I lost everything I had gotten and never got it back.(WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) Then I kicked my sister and got in trouble.

When I was four years old, I was playing Super Mario World with my brother and I was on that lava level where those lava monsters come out and a weird thing happened, I ate the lava monster with yoshi. I try to do it again but it never works.

I was playing super mario world and I was fighting Roy Koopa. Then all of the sudden he turned into Ludwig then he came back and I was fighting both of them. Then I turned into ludwig and the computer was Luigi and Luigi killed me and Roy then I passed the level. That was sooo cool. I like Ludwig

I remember once I got to level 8 in Super Mario Bros. 3 and actully got past both the ship and the tanks. Anyway, I might have been dreaming but I thought I got to this bridge over a lake of lava where this skeletal hand would reach out and grab you and drag you into a fight with a Fire Bro. which is sorta like a fire spitting hammer Bro.

My weirdest memory was Super MarioRPG. I LOVED that game and played it for hours. One day, I lost track of time. I started in the Sunken Ship and got up to Nimbus Land. When I saved and shut off the game. Then, I figured out I had played for about 4 hours straight. Another weird memory was from Super Mario64. It took me a while to get the first star (my only other game before that for N64 was Yoshi`s Story so Mario was the first real 3-D platform I ever played). After I got it, I felt like I had conquered the world. Unluckly I had 119 more stars to get.
-Yo'ster B.

When i was playing smb for nintendo one day, me and my friend played two player and i was luigi. i then got a fire flower and....... TURNED INTO MARIO!!! and if you try to pause the game when you are luigi, it wont let you!! i now call luigi the ."greEn AlIeN"

In Yoshi's Island, I was playing in Welcome to Monkey World (World 3-1), and jumped up on the big up bubble that leads to a cloud bonus world. This time though, I didn't quite appear in the bonus world right away when I jumped so I hovered to the right a little bit. Well, the screen blanked out and so I thought, okay I'll appear in the bonus world now. But instead, I appeared in the sky somewhere, so I just kept falling and landed in World 1-1! Everything was the same except that the message boxes were blank!

OK. This is an extremely weird one. I was playing Super Mario 64, and I went to Jolly Roger Bay. I was going to lure the eel out of his cavern, and the stupid eel pops out really fast. Then the danged thing hit me with its head and... (here comes the weird part) it SWALLOWED ME!!!! I screamed and turned the game off. I have NEVER been able to look at that stupid eel without feeling sick since it happened. DUMB EEL!!! This could have been bad, but I think it's a heck of alot more weird.

My story in the good section is also weird. French fries remind me of SMB & SMB remind me of french fries. Also something weird, Eating peanuts remind me of the original Zelda. I used to eat them while watching my dad play them. It's weird when vegetables reminds you of video games.

Bad Memories
I was going to see the Mario Bros. Movie one night with my cousins (I didn't really have friends into it at the time) and when I actually saw thw movie, I thought it was horrible. I thought they would at least make Bowser a Dragon/Dinosaur/Turtle or whatever he is! They didn't even bother to make Yoshi look the slightest bit different from other dino's and the royal Mushroom King was Slime! That was one of the worst movies period that I have ever seen! But then again, you can't expect too much from a movie off of a video game. Just look at Street Fighter, and that other Star one...

I was playing SMB2 in the van.I beat the world 1-3 boss,'cause I never got through world 1.Then the van bumped and I had to start all over again!

me and my cousin were playing smb the orignal and he never beat the game before and he got to bowser and bowser hit him with a fireball and he died he was really mad so he started to jump on a bridge and the bridge broke and the bridge is still broke my brother right now is trying to beat sm64 pray the same thing doesn't happen to him this happened in 1989 what happened to my cousin he and me are teenagers now

When I was playing Super Smash Bros. I was playing on vs mode. Me aganst the COM. It was Jigglypuff, I put her on level 1. I was Mario. She killed me! I got mad. So it was a hard one.

One of my cousins, a morbidly-obese gentleman named Jake Johansen Starens, had a stuffed Mario toy that both he and I loved quite a great deal. It was a handsome toy, as well as soft and very fun with which to play. Unfortunately, trouble loomed just around the corner... well, actually, it was in the lawn of our next door neighbor. As memory serves me, my cousin and I were playing "Super Mario Bros. 3" with his Mario doll and a Bowser doll I had recently received. The two of us went into our typical playtime routine.
"Bowser, you fiend, you shant keep the princess from me!" my cousin cried in his best Italian voice.
"You have no chance of recovering your precious princess again, young lad!" I replied in a reptilian voice.
Sadly, our play was interrupted by the neighbor's dog, who jumped in between the two of us before our duel began. It growled ferociously, then set its sights upon a hapless Jake. The dog growled and bared its fangs at my young, gerth-enhanced cousin. Poor Jake began running so quickly that he forgot his Mario doll. The dog ignored him and set to destroying my cousin's doll. I could only watch as the dog tore apart a beloved childhood memory. My tears dropped unceasingly for days afterwards.
Well, it's certainly a lot better than "A dog jumped at my cousin and ate his Mario doll!"
-Donald Starens

I was playing SMB3 and was doing great in Water Land. I got to W3-9 without warping (though I skipped a few in W3 ^_^). I ras ready to start when... OH NO! A TAN PARAGOOMBA! You know, the ones with the Microgoombas... Then, I just shut off the NES. But, here was the bad part: I still had my W2 Jugem Cloud! What if I could od got past the stage and defeated Wendy or warp? Oh well. This is a mistake I'll never do again!

I was playing Mario Party 2, my brother was first and had gotton the bowser bomb. This was in western land, and then it was my turn. Baby Bowser was right behind me, so i decided to bring as many people down with me as posible. I went past the hootinany space and invided every one, then landed a space after it. The other two, Wario and Princes, managed to get in the train or use the skeleton key. Of coarse my brother had 10 or so coins, i had 158 or so coins and lost all of them. THis was the 17th or 18th turn and i lost by 20 something coins.
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