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Mario Memories
Week #10

Good Memories
My memory is a great one. My sister played through SMB3 and she couldn't get passed Bowser's Castle. She let me try and I got a little farther than her and then I died. It was really fun though even though I died. Then she beat the game after a few more tries and I got to see the ending! That was when I was really little. I still love that game and just recently I beat it all by myself!

My memory of mario was when I was young.My sister got a nintendo with the first ever mario game.I remember the last level.The last bowser(koopa)castle.I remembered when I went running........and running.........and running!it just kept going on forever.You could see Bowser's fireballs but it juust went on and on and on and on.eventully time ran out and I died (-_-).I still want to know but of course.... my old nintendo broke.I still think about it and my cousin knew but he never told me.

In the late '80's, my friend and I used to play games like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros., only the way we did it was we pretended we were the characters in the game. When we played Mario Bros., sometimes, he'd be Mario and I'd send Koopa Troopas, crabs, etc. at him and he's have to try his best to avoid them and if I yelled "Freeze!," he's have to act like the floor was frozen and sometimes, I'd be Mario and he'd send them towards me. We also did DK similarly, in which one of us was Mario and the other was DK. When he came to my place, we also used to go to a grocery store close by, where they used to have a Mario Bros. game which we'd play.

For Christmas this year I got Wario Land II. I played and finally won. Then I found out there were other ways to win. I finally would every way. I am the king of Wario

Weird Memories
I was 5 and my older cousin was 15. We got along very well for the age Difference. He was the one who tought me about Mario. (sure, when I was 2) My mother always said "Your still too young for Mario." Boy was she wrong! Im 12 now so I have been playing Marios games 10 years! Too much. Well, me and my cousin always played Mario brothers phisicly. One day, We just finished watching the Super Mario Movie and I got a bad idea. I pulled my cousin up into my room, turned on the fan and threw a ball of yarn up in it. (the yarn was to act as fungus, like in the movie) Then we started to jump through it. The "fungus"got far too thick and found ourselves stuck. Once we got through the sea of yarn, the door knob was heavely covered in string . (just like everything else) But, I herd the ice cream mans truck pull to the curb. "QUICK! GET THE SCISSORS!" Once outside, people asked "Where have you two been?" false alarm, the ice cream man wasnt here yet. Then the REAL bad part came, we left the fan on in the room! not good. the string was attached to the fan and everything on the shelves. The fan pulled all the junk off the shelves and up into the fan! The fan broke because the string cought in the gears. Today, as you read this story, there is still yarn in the gears of the fan. Never thought an idea based on a movie of an Itailian plumber could be so dangerous. We nearly got eaten alive by the "Fungus!!!!"

This is a weird glitch in SSB.
One day, my sister asked to try and use my gameshark on SSB. I said okay and walked away. The next day, I felt like playing SSB and started a one player game, chose my favorite guy (Luigi) and press start. But when it began, I was MARIO! I quickly put two and two togeter and went to show my sister how much I appreciated this. After explaining to my parents that my sister got too close to our riverbank, fell in and was eaten by rabid racoons (you think of a better story if you don't like mine!), I decide that if I can only play as Mario, then thats who I'll be. And it turns out, I was trying to finish the game on very hard mode with only three lives, without continuing. To practice I played as Mario everytime. I refused to play as liuigi, or kirby, or even Link!! Well two months later, I finally do it. At first I dont think anything happened, but when I try Luigi, it works now!! Thisa was probably the most confusing thing in my entire LIFE!!

When I was about 3, I watched an episode of the cartoon Super Mario World. I couldn't remember it untill 1998, when I was playing Super Mario World. I was fighting Bowser, and I remembered the show, and I started doing that Bowser voice whenever Mario got hit by something. I've been doing that voice when Bowser appears on a game ever since!

I remember my friend had just gotten SMB3 and I went over to his house. I then saw him having trouble with the game even though I didn't really understand it. I thought you just had to get to that ship at the end of the first level to beat the game. That night I thought of an easy way to beat the game. Skip all those levels and go right to the ship. It took me a while to figure out that you had to go through those levels and that was actually just the first ship. Well, I was stupid and I was 6.

One day I went to my cousin's house and he had smb3 and I noticed that he never turned off his game! EVEN WHEN HE WENT TO SLEEP! Then he had this one smb3 game and... His game messed up! You gotta try this glitch anyway. When he pressed select he could turn into chomp, pirhana plant, goomba, koopa and all the other characters. They even mixed up! Like paranta plant & boot. You can be a fireball or even a ball of fuzz! This glitch didn't mess up his game, instead he got that wierd thing on there. It works when the outstandin' heat heats up the memory chip and it may not work properly just like catching -M- or Missing no. on pokemon! Don't be aware you can still transform back into Mario. You can also use different attacks with that. I sometimes borrow his game to try out that cooool cooooode!

A few days ago, i was playing World 1-4 in SMB3(The All-stars version), i looked over to talk to my friend, and i dont know what i did, but when i looked back on the screen, I had the Tanooki suit!

Bad Memories
I was playing "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" on the Game Boy Color, when I finally made it to the eighth world as Fire Luigi in the Original 1985 Mode. I had gotten the flower in the first world, and I never lost it since! (Though I warped just the one time in World 1-2.) But then by World 8-3, the lightbulb I was playing under burned out, and a Hammer Brother hit me, and of course I lost my power. I was so angry, then I decided to try my best to be careful as a normal Luigi.

I was playing Mario Party with my brother. The @$$ gave away all my stars. Then I got a red spot. And to top it all off we play bash 'n bash and I have to be Bowser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lose all my coins. I was about to break the control when I got a Bowser space. I thought he'd track me down then steal my coins. Instead he gave me some. Put that down for Bowser's Forgotten Heroism!
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