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Mario Memories
Week #1

Good Memories
I remember one of the first times i ever played Mario. I was slepping over at my friends house when i was 4 or 5 years old and we played Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World (boy did I stink at it back then) and on my tenth birthday i got a Super NES (I liked it as much as my N64), so i got Mario Allstars and Mario World. I beat Mario World but I'm still working on Mario Bros. 3 then i got up to the 8th world! My friend never got this far! (although he said he did sometimes he has a tendancy to lie.) I couldn't wait to show him!

I was about 3 or 4, and I was watching my cousin play the old NES. He was playing a game called Super Mario Bros. He seemed to have great fun playing it, and I wanted to try, too. So, when he finally put down the controller, I picked it (upside down), and attempted to play the game. I died many times. In a while, I had finally figured out most of the controls, and after about an hour and a lot of frustration, I finally made it to World 1-4, Bowser's first castle! After much aggrevation, I got my first glimpse of King Koopa! And before I knew it, I was running into an axe, and shortly after, freeing a guy with a mushroom on his head. As far as I'm concerned, this is the greatest victory I have ever had in a video game!!!

My Grandma had a NES in her house. I have a large family, so when my cousins/syblings got together, it was pretty crowded. We each had 1 live as our turn (playing SMB) and we would revolve around from one person's turn to the next as people died. As you can suspect, my older cousins realized that the sooner I died, the quicker it was their turn. When it was my turn or the turn of one of the younger of us, my older cousins would take advantage of our gullibility and tell us "Jump into that hole! It's a secret passage!" I fell for it at least 7 times, and I had to wait for my 15+ cousins to finish their turns all over. Who hasn't had that trick pulled on them?

After 2 days of hard playing between me and my dad, I was 6 at the time, I FINALLY beat Super Mario Bros. 3, 1 and a half years after I got it. I jumped over Bowser's Fireballs, and went right under Bowser, and when he landed, he broke the floor, and went to his doom. The door opened, and I saw the Princess. I sat back, and when she said: "Thank you Mario, but our Princess is in another Castle" I nearly died of a heart attack. Then she said: "Just Kidding" then whatever else she said. I had dreams that night of the Princess coming out of the TV screen, and laughing. It was really werid...

June 7, 1999 is a date that will live in, uh... will be remembered! That's the day I first beat the original Super Mario Bros. I first got it back in 1989, for Christmas. I was 5. I had also gotten a NES, so this was my first Nintendo game. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get past 8-2. Fast forward 10 years. It's 1999. I have moved my NES to my grandmother's house, where I was visiting that day. I decided to play SMB again. First, I beat 8-2. I was thrilled. I beat 8-3. I was gleeful. I got to Bowser after just 2 tries. I was ecstatic. I beat him on my 2nd try. I started cheering. And then, the famous line, "Push B Button To Select A World..." And 10 years of gaming had finally paid off.

The story of how I first met Mario is not a pretty one. It happened when I was eight or nine, when I was at my babysitter's house. And let me tell you, she was definitley the Babysitter from Hell; she had hit me at least three times: twice for standing on the furniture (first and second offenses, mind you) and once for "asking" a crying baby to "shut up". Seriously, there wasn't a single kid in that house that didn't get hit, so there were screaming babies 24 hours a day. It was a nightmare! Anyway, the babysitter's son had this new thing called a "Nintendo", and he was always playing a game called "Super Mario Bros." I loved that game. I would sit and watch him play for hours. Sometimes, I would even beg him to play the "game with the little man" just so I could watch! (The babysitter wouldn't let me play it. She said that if I touched it I would break it.) Eventually, I managed to get my dad to buy the Nintendo for me. I was in heaven! I played that Mario game 24/7. (Until that fateful day Dad brought me MegaMan 2...but that's another story.) Nintendo and Mario helped me escape the pain of an abusive babysitter, even if I was just watching another player. That's why Nintendo is my favorite system/company to this day. Thank you, Mario. Thank you Shigaru Myamoto. Thank you both so much.

Bad Memories
I was playing SMRPG & using that cheat that you can have a high level of exp. points by not saving the game after Mario's Pad & keeping the game on. I've been doing this for about a week.I was in Nimbus Land & I was just about to finish it when i came home from school when i discovered that the SNES wasn't in the front room. I put it there because the picture was better in there. I go in my room & discover that my lil' sis put it in there! She said that "The Super Nintendo didn't belong in the front room." So I had to start all over from Mario's Pad!!! After she did that, I didn't play SMRPG for a while. (Imitating Charlie Brown) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!
-Curtis Bonds

I was playing Mario Party by myself. I was playing the "Wario's Battle Canyon" board, and I only had one turn left. At the time, I didn't know a thing about the saving features, so when my Mom called me up, I kept telling her "hold on", but she made me turn it off. The next night, the same thing happened! Grrrrrr!!!! Parents... I haven't played Wario's board since.

Once while playing the Lost Levels of SMB, I stumbled upon Bowser's final fortress for the first time. For hours, I struggled to reach Bowser. When I finally made it out of the pipe that placed me seconds from Bowser(s), I jumped down the pipe right ahead of me, thinking that I was supposed to take it. Invisible blocks were covering it, I was forced to go down, and ended up back near the beginning! Of course, it would be hours before I reached Bowser(s) once again.
-Jamien Watson

I still can't believe how I felt after I beat SMB on the NES. I already beat SMB2, and then SMB3, but I couldn't beat SMB1, the first game I ever got for NES! Well, after playing for 3 straight hours, a got past the last bowser, and i was ready to see the fair princess peach, but instead I saw this UGLY PIECE OF *$(#& THAT LOOKED LIKE A MELTED WAX STATUE OF THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!! SHE WAS DRAWN WORSE THAN MARIO! UGH!

I was on the 6th world of Yoshi's Island, and at the stage 6-6. I was about to beat Baby (but huge!) Bowser when my cousin, Diana, came over and kicked my Super NES! The game got erased and I had to start all over! Ugh!
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