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King Mario

By Ben McMaster

Chapter One

One day, Mario's castle in Mario Land started to shake around in an unorderly fashion and the result turned out to be a giant pipe with mountain imprinted on it. The Mushroom Nobles looked at each other alarmed at the terrible calamity. It had been ages since something strange had happened in Mario Land.
"Quick!", called out the head of the Mario Land council, "Somebody go and find his Majesty and bring him back to his kingdom!"

The next day, the council members had brought back Mario and Yoshi to investigate the strange phenomenon that shook every mushroom noble there.
"This is no ordinary plumbing pipe", Mario commented, "How did this get here?"
"The castle shook in a violent manner and then this thing appears, my Lord!" said Fungfuss, the council leader.
" 'My Lord'?", said Yoshi, under his breath to Mario, "Oh, let me polish your toenails, almighty Mario!"
"Cut the sarcastic comments, Yoshi! I'm-a the plumber around here, and I'm also the king!", Mario said back to Yoshi, under his breath.
"Yes, my leige!", Yoshi said.
Mario simply ignored Yoshi this time and decided to find out where it leads.
"I've got a pretty good idea where this leads-a to, but I'll need your help, Yoshi! Think that you can stomach not being a smart guy for so long?"
"I'll give it my best shot!" and with that, Yoshi bounded into the air and dove into the protruding pipe. "Arrividerci!" Mario called and jumped in.

As soon as Mario jumped in, even before he jumped in, he knew where he was going to end up. "Where on Mushroom Earth are we???????" Yoshi inquired.
"We're on Tall Tall Mountain, Yoshi", Mario told him,"This is one of the painting worlds that Bowser created a while ago to hide the power stars when I went on my power star quest."
"But I thought that all of the pipes to those words automatically created themselves after you sealed the painting entrances!" Yoshi inquired.
"Obviously, we missed something, unless this another of Bowser's plots to regain control of the power stars, Princess Toadstool or me!!!!" Mario replied.
"So, what are we gonna do now?" Yoshi asked.
"There is a Power Star protecting each painting world. Power Stars also serve as exits to the worlds.
If we find that star then we can escape, but it won't help in finding out why the pipe to this world appeared in my castle!"
"I'm guessing that we have to look for Bowser again?"
"Yes, but I doubt that he's in this world. We have to look elsewhere!"
The two friends scanned out in separate ways to search for the answer to the questions. Yoshi looked over at Mario for a moment. Six Human years of age and Yoshi was undoubtedly one of
Mario's best friends. Ever since they met on that day in Dinosaur Land when Yoshi could not understand a word of English, Mario counted on Yoshi for several things and whenever Mario was around, he could do them. Mario was his mentor and his hero and Yoshi has been taught several things by Mario, politeness, charm, fighting, and of course plumbing. Several of Yoshi's adventures have now just been on his own and he has learned the true destiny of the Yoshis and of the land they live in. But Yoshi is no more a human than Mario is a dinosaur. Yoshi is a dinosaur true and true, and he would do absolutely ANYTHING for a bite to eat.Mario, on the other hand, is true to the human image, stubborn, grouchy, sarcastic, yet heroic and understanding, something many humans have yet to understand. Mario was born to be a superhero and never passes up the chance to have a good adventure. Although, being a plumber and everything, he is the most unlikely superhero anyone could think of, but after countless adventures against Bowser Koopa, the most unpleasant leader of the slimy, disgusting clan of evil turtles, the koopas, Mario has had a good reputation, and this adventure is not unlike any other.

Yoshi decided that he should break up entirely from Mario and go his own way, he felt confident enough to go up against troopas alone. Heck, he has before!
Yoshi found a stange entrance to some sort of warped world, most likely a secret world.
Yoshi used his super hover jump to reach the top and he simply walked through the shimmering rock entrance.
"I hate disintigrating!" Yoshi said, unhappily, as his molecular structure faded away and reassembled itself in the midst of aroom covered in squares, red and black squares.
"WATCH OUT BELOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled an unfamiliar voice from a slide that was spiralling down to room Yoshi was in.
The giant figure slid down and landed chest first at Yoshi. As the figure got up, Yoshi groaned as he saw the noisy creature get up. He found himself staring at an ape, Mario had mentioned monkeys in Tall Tall Mountain, but not apes. The animal had enormous muscles, almost like King bowser, only bigger! he had a circular face and a slick hairdo, and almost looked like a video game hero.
"Sorry about that!" the ape said,"Don't know what I was doing up there!"
Yoshi then noticed that the ape was wearing a tie, for a moment, he thought the ape was wearing nothin at all! But when Yoshi saw the signature "DK" on the tie, he finally realised who had fallen into his lap.
Donkey Kong!!!

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