Mario Jr.

By Dave Moldanado

    On January 1, 1996, Princess Peach gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Mario named him Mario Giovanni Mario, II after himself. Mario's son was his present for his 44th New Year's birthday. Peach and Mario loved their newborn son. Mario kissed his wife in the cheek for giving birth to the boy.

     Nine years later, Mario Jr. had made lots of friends in Super Mario City, moved up to the twelth grade in Knothole Village High. He had also gotten into fights with Knothole Villagers, such as Sonic and Tails, and won. His Super Mario City friends, his father, and his other friend, Knuckles the Echidna were also involved in the fights. Mario Jr. loved playing Nintendo, sports, fishing, biking, skateboarding, inventing new stuff, heavy metal music, Satan, and hanging out with his friends, and father. Mario Jr. had abilities like his 30,000 I.Q., his MASSIVE strength, speed, and agility.

     He hated the Freedom Fighters, Warios, Koopas, and his cousin, Luigi Jr. His catch phrase is "Quit being stupid!"

     He beats up bullies, but once, he killed a school bully by breaking his nose. Mario Jr. gets REALLY GOOD grades in school, but he likes to get detention, or even suspended from school.

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