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Super Mario 101

    Welcome, friends to SM101, the only course on the internet devoted entirely to Mario-related education in existence. Each unit of the course will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about a specific area of Mario knowledge. Be sure to pay attention to each unit, there will be a test at the end =). New units will be posted every so often. Supporting material for some units can be found throuhgout SMBHQ. The units found within this course will help you become a better thinker, a better player, and a better person in general (well, maybe not the last one... but it couldn't hurt). Good luck, and I'll see you at graduation.
    Note: This section is largely based on Kyle's experiences in Maryland's mandatory, 30 hour Driver's Education course.
    Additional Note: This is not that serious of a section... many of the lessons are totally useless for one trying to learn about Mario, and are just meant to be funny. If you really want to start learning about Mario, look at Mario Who?

Current Lessons
    Game Identification
    Mario's Moves
    Where Mario ends...
    Know Your Items
    Know Your Enemies
    Know Your Friends
    Behind the Mushroom: Part 1
    Behind the Mushroom: Part 2
    How to Lose
    Know Your Mascots
Upcoming Lessons (Coming Soon!)
    Risk Management
    Backstory 101
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