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October 1, 2006

Today's mailbag features our first guest responder in our mailbag responder search - Crazyswordsman. Let's get started shall we?

You guys update once every blue moon. I've got other things to do in my time, so I don't mind much, but what's the deal? It's it all the mail you guys get or something?

Also, about Super Smash Stadium, I've sent several character and item ideas to them. What are the odds that they will be used in future battles?


Sean Kelly You just answered your own question. I personally am currently a Film major at University at that takes up most of my time for the time being. Plus, it's hard to stuff to update with. As for the SSS question.....I think I should have saved that for the edition GameGuru is guest responder. You should talk to him about your issues.

Kyle Orland Uh, we've got other things to do with our time too.

Someone else can better answer the Smash Stadium question.

Jay Resop What's the deal? What's the deal you ask??? Well, I think it's time that we play...


Now, Smashmatt, I have an important question for YOU.

Do you want to open up Case #21?


Do you want to accept a deal for 45 BAZILLION dollars instead?


(Points to Case #21)

Open the case.-jay

PenguinMan I'd like to see YOU try solving problems that have plauged mankind for centuries AND send in goofy answers to a Mario fansite's mail.

EAM I can't speak for anyone else, but during the summer I have my job and a dozen other projects, and during the school year I have 10 hours of homework a night plus my job (thatís not a joke BTW :-(). I run the game ideas section, so getting new ideas up isn't really as vital as other sections like news (which I used to run several years ago but resigned from).

Crazyswordsman Well, most of the SMBHQ staff members have real lives outside of maintaining a website, (ie with school and work) and that has gotten the best of them. Except for Jay. He was kidnapped by Nintendo for all his complaining about where Luigi was. -CSM

PeachFan Why don't people harass me about the Comics and Books section? Everyone else gets bugged for updates for their sections. Maybe if people urged me to update, I would more often...

dear jay

What ever happend to the nc chronicals?I miss it!

bob runner

Sean Kelly So Jay, what's your answer?

Kyle Orland Jay?

PenguinMan Too easy. NEXT!

EAM *Picks up the envelope labeled To Jay...* *Carefully steams it open until a letter falls out...*


*Carefully reseals the letter and replaces it to the mailbox.*

Crazyswordsman Well, Bobstar Runner, you see, there never was an NC Chronicals. There WAS, however, an NC Chronicles. As for what happened to them, well Jay probably forgot about them. Why don't you ask him more details? -CSM

PeachFan Dear Bob,

I am not Jay. Last I checked, I'm Peachfan. Therefore, I can't answer your question. Sorry.

Jay Resop Oh, hey, a question directed at me. I guess I should answer it. The answer is...I donno what happened to it. It got lost somewhere. Oh where, oh where has my little NC Chronicles gone... I where, oh where could it beeeee??? Anyway...I guess the answer is that I ran out of time and ran out of ideas. I had plans for one more episode, which I guess I should make soon. It involved the story of Dr. Donez and Fred and their adventures in Law School, when they first met. Maybe I'll make that this year...-jay

I read the full storyline of Mario (thought it was pretty interesting) and I couldn't help but notice that one/two of my favorite games, Paper Mario 1 & 2, isn't mentioned. Mario Kart was mentioned though, which seems irrelevant, where are those games that I spent endless hours playing. Now that I think about it though, I suppose paper Mario is a completely different person. I don't know; I suppose the upcoming game, Super Paper Mario might explain some of these things since it includes side-scrolling and 3-D game play. I just thought that it should be at least mentioned even if it can't be explained.


Jake Barber

Sean Kelly If you're talking about the storyline on the site.....that's a little out of date.

Kyle Orland Yeah, our unofficial story section is a little out of date now, not including any Mario games from the new millenium. Updating it is on our long list of things to do with the site.

Jay Resop You're right. Paper Mario IS a completely different person. His real name is Xeeero. He comes from the planet Jooonu, and he has plans for world domination. Jake! It is up to YOU to stop him! The world depends on your Kung-fu Powers!!!!!-jay

PenguinMan Paper Mario 1/2 forgot to send in their bribe money, that's why they were neglected.

EAM I'm sure it just hasn't been updated since Paper Mario was released or the person who wrote it didn't play. But if you insist on over analyzing the reason why Paper Mario wasn't included, one could argue that they were just books. I guess. (No, I haven't played more than 30 minutes of either one)

Crazyswordsman Well, Charlie the Barber, Paper Mario was really a spinnoff, and you should probably know that none of this is to be taken seriously, especially when you figure that the Mushroom World changed between SMB3, SMRPG, and Paper Mario. Also, I don't know why Mario Kart was included in the storyline. This will forever remain a mystery as much as the many Zeldas and Links from the Zelda series and in what order they came and how they are connected. -CSM

PeachFan Maybe the storyline hasn't been updated since before Paper Mario... that may explain the absence of those games. Hm. Wonder if we could remedy that.

Is Princess Peach a human or just a mushroom with person without a cap? If she is human, how did she end up in Mushroom Kingdom?

-Daisy Fan

Sean Kelly See looks human to me.

Kyle Orland Good question. My understanding, based on numerous conflicting sources, is that she is Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, but not a mushroom herself. Of course, there is no canonical source for this information, as far as I know.

Jay Resop That's a very good question. And I'm sure it has a very good answer. Either way, she sure sounds like one messed up individual. I'm sure there will be a lot of therapy in her future.-jay

PenguinMan Princess Peach is a figment of Shigeru Miyamoto's imagination. Ever consider THAT option?

EAM I believe we see her grandmother, a Mushroom Person, in SMRPG. The chancellor isn't implicitly described as her father, if I recall correctly, so that means at least one side of her family must be Mushroom People. Perhaps the gene that causes the Mushroom head is recessive. (I hate the cap idea and refuse to accept it)

Crazyswordsman Unfortunately, I can't think up a witty nickname for a generic "Daisy Fan." Anyway, to answer your question, nobody knows this. Remember, however, that before SM64, Peach was called Princess Toadstool, and in Super Mario RPG we met her grandmother, who wea a regular mushroom person. It's never really understood why the Princess is human. We DID, however, meet her father in the Mario Comic series. He is portrayed as sort of a half-Mushroom of sorts, or maybe his hat is just a crown. Maybe a group of humans took over the Mushroom Kingdom at some point? It is also hinted that Toadsworth from the newer games may be her father as well. Also, remember that in SMB3, the kings of the Mushroom World are human as well. -CSM

PeachFan I do believe Princess Peach is a human. I'm not entirely sure how she ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom... although I'm led to believe her father may be human, so maybe her father staged a hostile takeover of the kingdom ages before Peach was born, and that's how she ended up there. (Oh, and Daisy sucks. :P )

Hi everyone, Was just wondering, we have the Nintendo GameCube and the DS is there any way we can play the ds games on the game cube??? Like you can with the gameboy advance games, as we just got the new SUPER mario bros game for the ds and we were wondering if you can play it on the game cube??? If not will they be making this game for the game cube as we are really enjoying it

leigh edwards

Sean Kelly I don't know about Gamecube, but I think there might be some sort of connectivity with the Wii.

Kyle Orland Nope, doubtful it will happen, either, since Gamecube support is all but gone down the drain. It might happen with the Wii though...

Jay Resop Yes! You can! Simply follow these instructions. 1) Open up the top of the Gamecube. 2) Place inside your DS game cartridge. 3) Microwave the whole system on low for 3 seconds. 4) Add milk. 5) Enjoy your DS game! Yay!-jay

PenguinMan I don't know??? I think the Wii will have some kind of functionality with the DS, but I'm not entirely certain.

EAM No. How would you control the stylus with a GCN controller? A Wii, maybe, but even that might be awkward. I don't think the DS experience would be the same with any other control scheme.

Crazyswordsman Well, Lehigh Edwards (you spoony bard! :)), unfortunately you can't play DS games on the GameCube unless you jam a cartridge into the system with a hammer, similar to how you play NES games on the Playstation 2 (Read an older mailbag for a great Jay tutorial on how to do this :)). However, fear not, my friend! The new Nintendo Wii will let you play any game from any Nintendo system on the Wii! They just have to release it first, and I'm sure they'll eventually release DS games there, too! -CSM

PeachFan As far as I know, there's probably not going to be a decent way to play DS games on the Gamecube... unless someone can get their hands on one of those nifty touch-sensitive monitors...

Hey all, I've got a question for you. Actually, two.

1. What's your theory regarding the Koopalings and Bowser Jr.?
2. Who do you prefer, Koopalings, or Bowser Jr.?

-The Shamed One

Sean Kelly 1. Unless Nintedo proves otherwise, I believe the Koopalings were retconned by Nintendo (i.e. they pretended that they never existed) and replaced with the all-purpose Bowser Jr.
2. I prefer the Koopalings.

Kyle Orland 1) The Koopalings were Bowser's nephews, who he gathered together, family reunion style, for a game or two before sending them back home. Then he had Bowser Jr. through asexual reproduction and the rest is infamy.
2) Kooplaings 4-EVAH!

Jay Resop The current, official theory is that Bowser Jr. was created when all of the seven original Koopa Kids took a field trip to the Mushroom Kingdom Nuclear Plant, accidentally fell into the reactor, and mutated into one entity. This was confirmed by Nintendo Power #142.-jay

PenguinMan Nintendo needed more enemies for Mario to fight. Personally I like the Koopalings better, but Bowser Jr. made Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time a little more interesting, although I can't say why without spoiling the game.

EAM 1. It seems that they must be products of different mates given their vastly different characteristics. Besides that, I've got nothing.

2. The Koopalings are a lot cooler.

Crazyswordsman Aww, don't feel shamed, buddy! Anyway, my theory (which is highly unpopular) is that Bowser Jr. is actually Morton Koopa Jr. The two have the same physical build although different designs. Also, theories have been explored that Bowser's full name is King Morton Bowser Koopa (or was it Bowser Morton Koopa?). Therefore, Bowser Jr.'s full name can be interpreted as Prince Bowser Morton Koopa Jr., or Bowser Jr. or Morton Koopa Jr. for short.

And do I prefer the Koopalings or Bowser Jr, anyone my age will probably tell you how much the Koopalings rule, how Bowser Jr. is a sham, and how we want the Koopalings back. Lemmy and Iggy in particular, as they are my favorites. Good ol' classic King DAD! -CSM

PeachFan 1. Bowser Jr.? Am I missing something? Isn't Morton Koopa Jr. technically Bowser Jr.?
2. Bowser Jr., or also known as Morton Koopa Jr., is a Koopaling. So, there's not really a choice to make.

(And no wonder Bowser picked a new name for himself- who'd want to be named Morton? That may explain his horrid temper and other character traits- he's probably miserable from being made fun of for being named Morton Koopa. I know I'd retaliate if I was named Morton.)

Will you post the winners for the Golden Toad Awards?
Peter Schiller

Sean Kelly The Golden Toad's were an experiment gone awry. Don't want to think of them anymore.

Kyle Orland Yes?

Jay Resop Ok. They're up. (Ok, I don't really know. But I wanted to give you a positive answer).-jay

PenguinMan Yoshi ate them. Or was it Mario? I can't remember???


Crazyswordsman We'll get around to it as soon as we can, Pete. But first we have to finish the era pages, update some other sections, look for more ways to get revenue for the site, GoogleBomb the site, bribe the Google officials, put up the Silver and Bronze Toad Awards, race around the world, buy a tour bus, sign with an agent, go to Mars and back, receive the congressional medal of honor, and a lot of other things. -CSM

Editor's Note: No need to GoogleBomb, we are already high on the search results by just having "Super Mario" in our title.

PeachFan I'm not the one to ask! I just answer the mail.

I know I am a dumb 57 year old but totally hooked on New Super Mario Brothers for the DS Lite.

Have finished levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, (all but the castle on 8) but cannot get 4 and 7 to open. Have I missed something or is it just something an old brain cannot cope with.

Please help !



Sean Kelly Let me ask you this: At the end of Worlds 2 and 5 do you notice this path that Mario can go through if he was say....smaller?

Kyle Orland This is a bit tricky. The key is to beat the boss of the worlds before (3 and 6) while you are mini-Mario. When you walk out of the boss room, you will fall through a tiny hole and go to the other world.

Jay Resop Did you activate the Power Switch in level 3-2? Did you??? Ok, I actually have never played the game. So I have no clue.-jay

PenguinMan While I might normally provide a snide comment, I respect my elders, particularly ones like you. In any case, I'm sure someone else will have answered the question. However, just in case everyone else thinks the same thing and doesn't answer the question, you have to beat the final castle in Worlds 2 and 5 while Mini.

EAM To get to worlds 4 and 7 you must fight the bosses of Worlds 2 and 5 as Mini Mario to get through the little opening in the next room.

Crazyswordsman You need to talk to Captain Lou Albino in Booyaville in order to find out the secret. But I'm a nice guy, so I'll tell you what Captain Lou Albino said. He said you need to choose the upper, middle, or lower path several times in order to get somewhere. -CSM

PeachFan I'll answer this question in a week or so, once I get my own DS and a copy of New SMB.

My son is 9 years old and a new fan of Mario Bros. He's trying to collect all the gameboy games out, and thought of the idea to make a 1-up mushroom. I thought you guys might like to see the pics.

Tiffany Carritt

Sean Kelly That's an interesting way to get kids to eat their veggies.

Kyle Orland I love it! How'd you do it, just paint a regular mushroom?

Jay Resop (Obvious and lame joke I'm sure someone else will use). If you eat it, do you gain an extra life?-jay

PenguinMan *1-Up sound*

EAM That's pretty awesome.

Crazyswordsman Well, a 1-Up Mushroom is a hard dish to make. Let me give you the recipe for 1-Up Mushroom. First, you need a ripe, fresh mushroom. We at SMBHQ prefer Potobella mushrooms since they are the biggest and juciest. Then you add balsamic vinegar and a shot of protein to give you a boost. Then you steam it for exactly 23 minutes and 9 seconds. Too much, and you get hyper. Too little, and you don't get that extra life taste. Then, you bake it for an hour and leave it in an unsuspecting spot for a week so it gains its regeneration power for INFINITE LIVES!!! Or, you could just buy 1-Up Mushroom flavored energy drink for all your extra life needs. -CSM

PeachFan That 1up Mushroom is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Even better than my poor Princess Toadstool costume I made in 10th grade.

I was just wondering acouple things:

1: when will you get the clothes toys and accessories page in the store open?

2: I've learned that mario had 3 tv shows, the only one I've heard of is the super show one, what are the other two and where can I see some old episodes?

I don't mean to sound demanding if I did.

from, super waluigi

Sean Kelly 1. The store was recently re-launched using Amazon's "aStore" service. And yes, there are toys.

2. After Supershow, there were shows made for SMB3 and SMW, which, in my opinion, stuck closer to the games than Supershow ever did.

Kyle Orland 1) When we find a good online vendor for Mario clothes, toys and accessories.

2) The other two are the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. There is also compilation show Super Mario All-stars and the Saturday Supercade show Donkey Kong, which featured Mario. Information on all these is on our cartoons page, I believe.

You're not demanding... just curious.

Jay Resop June 15th, 2056. I would answer your second question, but I'm too lazy. I'm sure someone else will answer it. And I can't think up a good joke to answer with instead. So instead, I'll leave you with this haiku:

Lots of Mario info
But none from the Jay


PenguinMan That was the most demanding letter I've EVER read in my ENTIRE life. Why don't you hire me as a butler or something so you can boss me around all the time. At least then I'd be getting paid for it.

EAM 1. I don't have anything to do with this, but from my experience setting up something similar for another site I can tell you it takes forever.

2. The other two are The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. To see some episodes you could look around for old tapes or look on sites like YouTube where episodes pop up everyone now and then.

Crazyswordsman 1. We'll get them open as soon as we get contracts with Hasbro to make toys and T-Shirts featuring your favorite cast members of NC and the Super Smash Stadium.

2. There is a show based on SMB3 and one based on SMW. There are several collections on DVD out right now (and you should know where to buy them). Or you could always try Google Video or YouTube to see if there are any of them. -CSM

PeachFan 1. Uh.... we have a Toys page, and it does work... as for the other two sections, as far as I noticed, we don't have them. Hm.

2. The other two shows were based on Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. I don't know where you can find old episodes of those, though.


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