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August 14, 2006

It's time for the, really delayed, summer mailbag. Jay is MIA today, so his responces will take the form of famous movie quotes. Oh yeah, click here to see why I gave the mailbag it's weird title (it would have been funnier if I got the darn thing up earlier).


Have you seen the Peach cosplay in Volume 204 of Nintendo Power? What I want to know is if that is Peachfan or not.

BTW, Have you ever played a fan game called "Yoshi vs. Windows"?


Have you patched your Windows today?

Sean Kelly Sorry, I don't have volume 204. I have 203 though.

Kyle Orland I don't know PeachFan so I'm jsut gonna say... yes!

Jay Resop I'm the king of the world!

PenguinMan I don't know either, but if she is she's MINE! And since when did Yoshi like Lunix? I don't think a dinosaur's brain would be able to comprehend how to use it. I should patch my windows; the angry mailbag readers keep throwing angry notes attached to bricks through them.

EAM No, I missed it.

MetalMan Well, let's see. First, my Nintendo Power subscription expired years ago. Second, I don't even know what Peachfan looks like. Third, I have never played a fan game called "Yoshi vs. Windows." Fourth, I don't even use Windows, and no, I haven't patched the Windows computers I have; they patch themselves. I use Ubuntu Linux instead. Your email is neat, though, I didn't expect anyone that knew commands from DOS to actually have an email like that.

PeachFan I haven't seen the cosplay in that issue (I need to get a subscription again), but I'm quite sure that's not me cosplaying as Peach. The only time I managed to make a Peach costume it didn't turn out terribly well... as you can see by the picture which I'm almost ashamed to show. Go ahead and laugh, everyone.

Why does Jay always completely ignore me? I've sent him some things, and even though I was stupid enough to send things for discontinued sections, he's ignoring the stuff that I send into sections that are still being continued!

-Luigi III

Sean Kelly Did you ever try sending to

Kyle Orland I don't like to speak for Jay, but I know for a fact that he thinks you're a jerk.

Just kidding... I've never heard him mention you. Which probably goes along with the ignoring thing. Jay?

Jay Resop Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. 'Twas Beauty killed the Beast.

PenguinMan It's not really his fault. Jay's collegiate experience has left him a poor shell of a man who only responds to the aroma of instant ramen noodles and project deadline extension announcements.

EAM Maybe you're annoying.

MetalMan Jay gets so many emails that he can't process them all, and that includes yours. If you're 'stupid' enough to care about discontinued sections, though, why don't you offer to man them yourself? Also... he may find your email repulsive. XD

PeachFan I don't know why Jay ignores you. But then again, asking me would be somewhat useless, because I'm not Jay, I'm Peachfan.

What do you think about the Nintendo Revolution's new name, Wii? Do you think it sounds weird, cool, creative, etc?


Sean Kelly I don't mind it.

Kyle Orland It's a Wii bit odd, but at least it stands out. I think they were smart to reveal it weeks before E3, to get it out of the way before the show. I also think people will just get used to it eventually, although the jokes will never be completely gone.

Jay Resop Hasta la vista, baby.

PenguinMan Anyone can make a joke with that name. Even Newsweek had to make a bad pun. The only thing I will say is that the name of the console is the sound I will make after I purchase Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

EAM At first I hated the name, but I've gotten used to it now and I think at this point it fits better than Revolution did.

MetalMan I think it's a horrible name, designed to make people complain about it, thusly giving it more press than the other names, and, ironically, causing the Wii to have more popularity. Myself, I prefer Revolution.

PeachFan Well... it's definetly interesting, I can say that. Totally unexpected.


Why don't you have MP3's. Your web site would be perfect if you had them (and more downloads).

One of you biggest fans

Sean Kelly I don't know, I think it has to do with things like copyright and other stuff that people want to pretend does not exist.

Kyle Orland MP3's? Great idea! Do you prefer Green Day or Blink 182?

Jay Resop Say 'hello' to my little friend!

PenguinMan I don't think the RIAA would appreciate that. However, if you'd like I could make a wonderful a capella version of the Underwater Theme from SMB. Guaranteed to scare the squirrels away from the bird feeder!

EAM We may not have MP3s to download, but we do have a hideous Winamp theme you can use while you listen to MP3s from other sites.

Editor's Note: HEY! Do you know how long it look me to make that theme?

MetalMan But we do have Mario Party 3! The only other MP3 I know of is Metroid Prime 3, and that isn't out yet. However, I think all of us Staff members deserve extra copies of Mario Party Three. Sean! Order us some copies of Mario Party 3, on the double!

PeachFan Hosting a site full of MP3s to download is rather illegal, if I remember correctly. And downloads suck up a lot of bandwidth, and somebody's got to pay for it.

1. For the Revolution's next Super Smash Bros., what new characters would you like to see in it?
2. Also what features/levels/etc.?
3. What other games would you like to see on the REV that is Mario related?

Dustin Parlier

Sean Kelly I have no special preferences that aren't already in the game.

Kyle Orland Well, at the time of this writing we know Wario will be in, which I think is great! Farting attacks seem an odd addition though... I thought Wario was known for greed, not flatulence.

Other addition like Meta Knight, Pit (!) and Snake are pretty awesome. Zero Suit Samus I could do without, but what can you do.

I would love to see really obscure Mario characters like Wart, or small enemies like goombas and shy guys as items.

Jay Resop Houston, we have a problem.

PenguinMan If they don't have Waluigi in the next Smash Bros... then I will just have to use Jigglypuff again. Maybe Pit. Even though I never played his game, his weapon is pretty awesome.

EAM 1. Toad!
2. More classic levels.
3. I'd like to see more 2D platformers, but with the Wii controller even Mario Party might actually be fun.

MetalMan 1. Well, since I run a section rather well-connected to SSB, I happen to have a lot of characters I want to see. In no particular order: Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Poo, Simon Belmont, Deoxys, Ridley, Knuckle Joe, Mega Man, Zero, Dr. Robotnik, Sephiroth, Kuja, Zio, Alys, Team Rocket, Banjo-Kazooie, and Fred.

2. An actual plot, complete with a whole adventure mode of sorts which isn't just areas ripped off from the games. Also, the ability to have up to eight people in one fight.

3. Ehhh, only Super Mario Galaxy catches my eye. I'm not the biggest of Mario gamers, but I am saving up enough money to buy a ton of Revolution stuff.

PeachFan 1. Peach had better be in it.
2. Anything involving Peach.
3. Wii needs more Peach-related games.

Dear smbhq

I am doing a project on the development of the graphics for the super Mario bros for all the Nintendo consoles, I am showing how they have developed and improved over the years. Please could you take some time to awnser my questions as it would be very helpful for my project?

What do you think of the new graphics for the game cube and the Ninteno DS? And how do you think they have improved since the very first game that super Mario was featured in, Donkey Kong?

Is there any new super Mario games in production For the PS3 or any other home console?

What is used in the newer consoles to make the graphics and the speed of the game so fast and the graphics so smooth?

And is there any thing else you could tell me about the graphics of the super Mario?

Thankyou very much for your time.


Sean Kelly Yeah, renders are much better looking than sprites. Also, if they make a Mario for the PS3, I will jump in front of a train.

Kyle Orland Gee, it's pretty obvious how they've improved. Bigger, more colors, 3D, more animated and lifelike. There are new Mario games being developed for the GameCube, Nintendo DS and Wii, but not for the PS3. New systems tend to use microchips to make good graphics. Anything else I could tell you... um... they're good? What odd questions.

Jay Resop Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

PenguinMan I think they're horrible. They need to go back to the good ol' days, where Mario was a handful of pixels instead of a huge cluster of them new-fangled polygons. Why when I was YOUR age... *rant*

EAM 1. They're good enough. I'd gladly go back to the simple graphics of past generations.
2. Of course not.
3. Magic.
4. In SMB Mario and Luigi look the same after getting a fire flower. Amazing!

MetalMan Gamecube graphics are pretty much as good as Mario graphics need to ever be, while Ds ones are sorta weak, probably due to the fact it's portable. The graphics, from the first game onward, basically became better and better sprites up until SMB 3. After that, the sprites became increasingly weird and blurry; Super Mario World graphics being a hideous version of the nice and sharp previous graphics. Then the polygons came on, and they've probably hit their limit with those as well.

Mario games are only for Nintendo consoles, silly head.

Well, in the newer consoles, they use more powerful CPUs and RAM and motherboards, as well as better storage mechanisms and improved technology. Basically, the hardware packs more and more into a smaller space, making it more powerful.

Not much else to say; you seem sorta greedy, taking up so much effort to answer compared to the other questions.

PeachFan Well, I think better processors and better hardware, as well as new advancements in programming is what has made video game graphics get progressively better. And as far as I know, Super Mario Galaxies is coming out for the Wii (Mario games don't come out for other consoles). And as I said earlier, better hardware and better programming capabilities are what makes the new games look better.

Naturally many of our 80s Nintendo boxes don't work anymore, but I really miss Super Mario Bros. 3! Are there any modern machines with which I could play the exact game (no modern twists) as I did as a kid fifteen years ago? Thanks, Willow Quinn
Sean Kelly What are you talking about? My NES works fine. It just takes half an hour of cart tweaking to play it that's all.

Kyle Orland Haven't we gotten this question before? Anyway, you can buy Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Game Boy Advance or the Gamecube's Game Boy Player. Soon you'll be able to download the game for the Wii virtual console. You can track down an old system and cart on eBay for pretty cheap. Or, if you feel like being a scofflaw, search for NES emulation and enjoy!

Jay Resop Show me the money!

PenguinMan If no one else know this, then I will BUY you a GBA and Mario 3. (PS: Not really. But I wouldn't mind if I didn't have bills and ransom notes to pay.)

EAM The best way would be to just get your NES repaired (usually a new connector does it). Other than that the only way I know to play the game completely unmodified would be to use an emulator and rom. To get the full experience you'll also need to buy an NES controller for your computer and video output to a TV.

MetalMan The Nintendo Wii will be able to do that exactly, if you buy that. Otherwise, you'd be reduced to breaking the law or trying to find an elusive top-loading NES.

PeachFan Hm. I know they released the original Super Mario Brothers as part of the Classic NES Series on the GBA, but I think that's all they rereleased. Although if I remember correctly, you may be able to download older games onto the Wii, and I bet that may be one of the games available for download, since all the Mario games are rather popular.

Hi! My name Is Alec. I'm 10 years old and I enjoy watching "The Super Mario Bros. Super show" online at But there is just one problem. Every time I try to watch it, I only watch 1 or 2 parts of a episode ( or sometimes, no parts at all) and it freezes on me. If enough people sign the petition, there will be another Super Mario Bros. TO.I. show, Right? I keeping my fingers crossed, and I hope enough people keep signing the petition, so there will be a new Super Mario Bros. TO.I. show on the air more than 4 months of the same year. - Alec
Sean Kelly Why don't you just buy the cartoons on DVD? The SMBHQ store has many selections including the box set.

Kyle Orland TO.I show? Anyway, I think the time for a Mario cartoon has passed. The focus now seems to be on the frentic action of anime rather than the corny fantasy of Mario cartoons. He had his day in the sun... enjoy the repeats.

As for yahooligans, you'll have to contact them.

Jay Resop May the Force be with you.

PenguinMan Well, maybe if you ask real nice, you can get your parents to buy you the DVD set they just released. Then you don't have to mess with glitchy media players.

EAM You can buy the DVDs or, I suppose, beg your parents to buy them for you.

MetalMan We are not Yahooligan's tech support division. However, it sounds like you either have a slow connection or some bad video codecs. That means you need a better connection or to reinstall stuff like realplayer and Windows Media Player. As for the petition, even if it is signed by billions of people, there may never be a new Super Mario Brothers show. It might be for the best, seeing how Sonic X butchered the Sonic series.

PeachFan Uh, I don't think there's going to be any more Super Mario Bros. cartoons, since they're not quite as popular as they were when I was your age, Alec. I'm sorry to have to break that to you. I'm hoping they do what they did to the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and release the other shows on DVD, too. (There were lots of Super Mario cartoons when I was younger- the SMB Super Show, the SMB3 cartoon, and the Super Mario World cartoons, too.) I'm sure if you ask your parents, they might be able to get the Super Mario Brothers Super Show DVDs, if you ask nicely, so that way you can at least watch the cartoons that are actually out. :)

In Super Mario Bros 3, what do you do to make the coin ship appear? It has appeared 3 or 4 times but I do not know how it happens.

Pam H

Sean Kelly If I am correct, the number of coins you have at the end of a level has to be 11 times the last digit on the counter.

Kyle Orland I believe this is in our guide.

Jay Resop All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

PenguinMan You have to ask it really nicely through the DS's microphone. Try offering it some tiramasu. No treasure ship can resist.

EAM You need to have your number of coins as a multiple of 11, then get your score's ten digit to equal the ten digit in your number of coins, and finally end the level with the timer on an even number. This works in worlds one, three, five, and six.

MetalMan Well, I'm not sure either, despite seeing it once or twice. The more experienced Mario people here could tell you, or you could go to GameFaqs to find out yourself.

PeachFan I think it has something to do with the amount of coins you have at the end of a level, or how much time you end with, or something... I can't remember. Curse my old brain! All I know is that I only managed to get that coin ship once.

Before reading this, read the letter from Kaptain Koopa in the April 29, 2006 mailbag.
I really want to know about all the new Mario collectibles coming out, but without you guys updating your merchandise page, I have to learn about it all by myself. I believe that on the main page, you guys should have a "Newest Mario Collectible" Section that tells about the newest Mario stuff out there. Here's my response to all of your responses from the letter I sent you all earlier.
>Sean Kelly - Get working on that to-do-list!
>Kyle Orland - There's more than just plush dolls and shirts!
>Jay Resop - I'm trying to make you guys update it!
>PenguinMan - I never said that there isn't a lot of Mario collectibles for sale, there's plenty out, you people just won't record any of it on you merchandise page. And even if Jay, Kyle, and Sean have it for their shrines, then why aren't they putting it on the merchandise page?
>EAM - I'm a collector, not Santa Claus. I'm not sending you Mario stuff!
>MetalMan - If I write about the collectibles, then I gain no new information about the Mario Stuff out there!
>PeachFan - I can't go on Ebay, because of the (stupid) Parental Controls.

Here, at the SMBHQ, you all treat the mailbag as if it were a joke. Many people reach out to you all as a source of intelligence. People wait weeks for your replies, hoping that you will have the answer they seek. But in the end, you'll reply with answers like, "Make us, punk! That's right, you heard me! Bring it!". When I first discovered this website, I thought that there were people like me out there, but I was wrong! You people don't care what your fans have to say.

-(a disappointed) Kaptain Koopa

Sean Kelly The mailbag is definitely not a joke. While people like PenguinMan and Jay give jokey answers, other people like me (usually) and Kyle try to give serious answers. Would you prefer six people giving identical answers. Also, give me a break, I have a busy life and when I do have time to work on the website there are more important sections than the products.

Kyle Orland Personally, while I try to have fun with these mailbags, I always try to keep it respectful, and I'm sorry if you feel we don't care about ours fans or the issues they raise. As for the products page, please understand that we are all very busy with work, school, and other thingsi n our life, and SMBHQ sometimes has to take a back seat to that.

Now, here's a question for you: If you have many of these new pieces of merchandise, why don't you take some pictures, write up some descriptions, and send them in to share with the site's other readers? Y'know, actually contribute to the community instead of just bellyaching.

Jay Resop Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

PenguinMan Seeing as how the quote at the end is mine, I will explain. I see that with five other people, more than likely someone will know. Therefore, I feel more at liberty to make silly comments. I don't mean anything that doesn't directly answer the question, and it's all in good fun. So yes, sometimes I DO treat it as a joke, but I'm not seriously mean. It's supposed to be educational and entertaining, but there are just some questions that there are no real answer to. Since we can't be educational, we try to be entertaining. However, the issue with the mailbag coming out so slow is Sean's fault. Feel free to throw a few bricks through HIS window. How DARE he try to have a life!

EAM Exactly who is reaching out to a mailbag as a source of intelligence? We must find help for this misguided soul. The mailbag, in my mind, should be more about entertaining the reader than giving a serious answer, especially if I'm replying to suggestions about the site when I only have control over the game ideas section.

MetalMan Not exactly. It's just that we aren't the personal servants of the fandom, and most of us have lives. For, truthfully, I have no time to go searching for new Mario collectibles all the time, and, heck, even my section happens to experience the occasional inactivity due to the fact that I go to College and have a job.

If you have the time to send us emails like this and be so persistent, I repeat my original answer: Go do it yourself. This site is meant for other people to read, and if there's such demand for it, not only you but other people who read the site can enjoy your hard work. I'd do it, but I'm too busy; the others are at least somewhat busy. Jay's section has really been hit hard, too.

If Jay cannot update even NC often, then the chances of him updating the collectibles section is even worse. So please, rather than try to attack us, focus that energy on finding your own stuff.

PeachFan Kaptain Koopa,
I do care what the fans have to say. Usually I just answer with the eBay comment, because most people are able to get on eBay and take a peek at things. I do have another suggestion, though, but it may not yield many results. Try searching Google Images for "Super Mario Brothers Collectibles" or something similar, and who knows how many pictures of interesting Mario goodies might come up.

And if I wasn't so horrid at keeping my own section updated, I'd ask to try and update the Mario Collectibles section, although I think I'd need help from others finding random Super Mario goodies.


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