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February 23, 2006

It's the first mailbag of 2006. Let's get on with it.

What do you think Mario 128 on the Revolution should have?

- Simon Stravitz

Sean Kelly Everything that has made Mario great in the past.

Kyle Orland It should probably have Mario. And, er, coins? Other than that, I'd like to see something I can't predict. Something completely original theat redefines the genre.

Oh, and no water hoses. Please?

Jay Resop Mario 128 should have the following features. If it lacks any ONE of these features, I will boycott Nintendo for the rest of my life:
1) Luigi. (Well, duh.)
2) A hovercar.
3) Racing stripes.
4) A sweet, creamy, filling.
5) A super, duper, ultra Mushroom, that makes your character grow a hundred, billion, feet tall, and so you can STOMP around the Mushroom Kingdom crushing EVERYTHING in sight and all of the mushroom people would be running around yelling "Oh no! Oh no! He's going to sit on us!!!" and they'd be yelling "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" as you pressed the "A" button to sit on them and when you sat on them the game would go "Squish" and then you'd see "YOU WINNER!!!" and then Princess Peach would bake a cake.
6) There is no six. (Thanks Golem. Hehe.)
7) A place to hold my car keys.
8) Elvis.
9) A large pop-corn popper.
10) Ten lords of leaping.
11) Jumanji.
12) Voice acting by the cast of Stomp.
13) Dr. Donez!
15) I donno, some Mountain Dew or something.
16) A map of Chile.
17) The lost city of Atlantis.
18) A spell check feature, because I can't spell jack.
19) Monterey Jack cheese.
20) Some character named Jack.
21) A jack-in-the-box.
22) A jack hammer.
23) Ok, no more jack jokes.
24) What do you mean, I forgot number 14?
25) No I didn't.
26) No I didn't.
27) No I didn't.
28) No I didn't.
29) You lie.
30) Pft, there's no need to call me names, you meanie.
31) Fine, have it your way, jerk.
32) Poptarts.
33) And finally, above all else, NO Mario.
Well, I can dream, ya know. Heh.-jay

PenguinMan I think it should have whatever Nintendo feels like it should have. That would be just fine and dandy by me. Who am I, the common consumer, to make demands of a multi-national corporation? What... is... the... point of... all... of this?


EAM No new devices.

MetalMan Well, it would be best if it had some old-school gameplay. It should also have a tough boss (You'll see what I mean if you've beaten Super Mario Sunshine) and perhaps attempt to add more replay value. Graphics shouldn't be emphasized on at all, and I want some sort of multiplayer/online mode too, seeing as the Rev can do so much more than the Gamecube (The difficulty of getting that console online was mindboggling). Generally, I want things which have been ignored and left alone by Nintendo.

PeachFan Well, it should most definetly have Princess Peach in it.

Mario was featured in another cartoon you forgot to mention.

In 1983 the saturday morning cartoon called SATURDAY SUPERCADE featured in one cartoon many video games caracters like donkey kong q*bert frogger donkey kong jr and mario.

- Kevin Lacombe

Sean Kelly I did a quick Google and found that X-Entertainment has a good article on it here. I don't know what's scarier, the way Mario looked or the way Q*Bert looked.

Kyle Orland True enough. I've heard about this show on the interweb but never seen an episode. Anyone have more information about the DK shows?

Jay Resop Thank you for sharing that. My life is now complete. So many nights I have stayed awake hoping that one day, someone, some strong, noble person, would come to my aid and tell me that factoid. I am forever in your debt. Thank you. Thank you.-jay

PenguinMan I think a Q*Bert cartoon is a horrible idea. Such foul language in a Saturday morning cartoon? That is just something awful.

EAM I've never actually had a chance to see the show, but from what I've heard about it I'd like to.

MetalMan I see. Well, since I'm not distinctly responsible for the section which missed it, I can't do much about it. A screenshot or two about it might help, or perhaps a link to a page with information?
Editor's Note: Way ahead of you (see my answer)

PeachFan Ooh, that's rather nifty. Thank you for sharing the information! I don't remember seeing that cartoon.

Yo paisanos, what's up?

Well first off, let me just say that this site is the best Mario site on the net!

Now on to my question: About some time ago I remember seeing a fic that was probably the epitome of the MARIO BROS. saga: Eternal Legacy. Now I had a chance to read it, and it was very good fic with a lot of potential. What ever happened to it? Does it still exist? Or did you decide to just feed it to the cheep-cheeps?


Sean Kelly It probably got lost in the sands of time (i.e. I don't know).

Kyle Orland Unfortunately, this epic monstrosity of a fan fiction was lost in a server outage in 2003, and never continued past the first chapter. A circa April 2003 version is available, through the magic of the Internet archive.

Jay Resop Do we still have cheep-cheeps? I thought we had to get rid of them last year because they were against government regulations...-jay

PenguinMan Uh... look over there! ...What, did you except me to run away, like Jay would? He's a pansy; real men face their problems and answer the tough questions.

Except in this case, I don't know. I think there are better things to do with your time than read/write fan-fiction anyway, like play Super Mario RPG for the 197th time.

EAM I don't know, but the Cheep-cheeps have been awfully quiet lately.

MetalMan Thanks for the complement. I don't keep much track of fanfics, and a search through our fanfics section has returned no matches. Please tell me when/where you saw this, and perhaps what URL it was at, and I can see about getting it back up...

The section has no editor, though, so I'm counting on you to respond to the mailbag with another email containing that information if you want it.

PeachFan I'm honestly not sure. I'm still rather new to the staff, even though I'm not the new girl anymore. But honestly, I don't know. Sorry!


I love Mario but haven't played for years (like 10 at least). I had the old Nintendo, the first one that came out and I played for thousands and thousands of hours. I'm currently in the market to get a new system (from my bfriend for x-mas) but I have no idea which one is the best and/or offers the most games. I definitely want the one that you can play the original Mario on. Please give me some advice.


Vikki Ivanovich

Sean Kelly I would say to wait until the fall and get the Revolution

Kyle Orland If you want classic Mario, a Game Boy Advance is definitely the way to go. SMB1, 2, and 3, Mario World and Yoshi's Island are all available for the system. If you need that big screen feeling, buy a Gamecube and the Game Boy Player, which puts the portable games on your TV.

Jay Resop Well, you're in luck! Since you've last played the NES, this new fangled system called the SNES has come out! It's like the NES...............but SUPER! WOW! What a deal! Go buy one now for all of your friends! Feel the N-Power!-jay

PenguinMan Well, the last system that had the original SMB was the Game Boy Color with Super Mario Deluxe. Also, the GBA has several re-released classic Mario games, so you might want to give that a look too.

EAM I'm assuming its too late now, but we if pretend you meant next Christmas the Revolution would be the best choice. In addition to the revolutionary new games, it will offer games from the other major Nintendo consoles.

MetalMan This answer is probably too late, but you'll want the SNES and Super Mario Allstars: Super Mario World for the largest selection of ORIGINAL Mario games. For all the new ones, either buy a Gamecube now or wait a year and buy the Revolution to be able to play every one ever made (hopefully.)

PeachFan You can play an updated version of the original Super Mario games on the Super Nintendo (with Super Mario All-Stars) and on the Gameboy Advance (with the Super Mario Advance series). They've all got updated graphics and music, but other than that, it's still the same old games we've grown to know and love. ^_^

Can you tell me what a game was called that was around in about 1992 - it included collecting tokens, mario going through various rooms to do this. yoshi was there (I think) and then it moved on to a sort of quiz which had questions around Leonardo da Vinci amongst others?

- Chrisking12

Sean Kelly Sounds like Mario's Time Machine

Kyle Orland Sounds like Mario's Time Machine to me. Guys?

Jay Resop The game was called Super Mario Idonnowhattheheckyouretalkingabout. It was on the BeatsmeNES.-jay

PenguinMan Sounds like Mario Is Missing. I wish my memories of this game would go missing too.

EAM Mario is Missing.

MetalMan You're probably thinking of the old Edutainment games. There's a list somewhere. I saw a video in College about how they made them. Fascinating, but you can just tell how out of touch with reality they were. "We're combining Mario with education! How could anyone resist?" Clearly they didn't realize that gameplay is a necessary component to most games. See Jay's reaction to Mario is Missing for more details.

PeachFan I'd almost want to say Mario is Missing, but if you're controlling Mario, that wouldn't be it. Hmm. I have no clue.

In Super Mario 64 DS,for some reason, when I stand on the star in the lobby of the main castle (with the sun beam present-I've collected 30 stars) and look up, all it says is "you hear a voice calling Mario", but it never transports me up. What exactly am I doing wrong. I have tried everything.


Sean Kelly Being a relatively new owner of a Nintendo DS (with Super Mario 64 DS) I have say this - make sure you are playing as Mario and not the other 3 playable characters.

Kyle Orland That's very odd. You sure you have 30 stars?

Jay Resop What you did wrong was buying Super Mario 64 DS.-jay(Gets run out of town by the rest of the SMBHQ staff.)

PenguinMan Think REAL hard about what you just told us, okay?

EAM I wish I could help but I have no idea.

MetalMan I don't have a DS, Mario 64 DS, or even my old Super Mario 64 cart anymore. Though I did get all the stars needed to complete the game... that was 170 something, almost, right? In other news, I can't help you. @_@

PeachFan Gah. I haven't played the DS version of Mario 64. It sounds like maybe it's a glitch? I need a DS.

Hi. I was wondering a while ago about a month before the Nintendo DS came out there was a Mario game being previewed and it was cool. It looked like any ol' Mario game but half of it was is 3-D and half was in 2-D will that game ever come out? Sincerely, Mike
Sean Kelly That's New Super Mario Bros. It has just been announced that it will be coming out May 7.

Kyle Orland That was "News Super Mario Bros." a reimagining of the original game that is still being developed for the Nintendo DS. I played a development version at E3 and it was a blast. Think old school SMB but with all sorts of crazy effects like wobbly mushroom platforms, items that make you super-small (and super fast) or super-large (and super-slow), a wireless race to the finish mode, and more. I'm looking forward to this one.

Jay Resop ............................................Yes. Yes it will.-jay(OK, I have no idea, but I like to get people's hopes up.)

PenguinMan It's never going to come out. Nintendo is just a huge tease and shows us these awesome games that will never be released to us because they hate us all. Sorry, buddy.

EAM It's called New Super Mario Bros and it's supposed to be released this year!

MetalMan Either that's a mockup of Super Mario 64 DS or a tech demo. Either way, I highly doubt it will be released, unless it had some name. If the name is still being bandied around enough, it may have a chance. Many DS games, I think, have a 3D screen and a 2D screen in them. One of them is used for navigation.

PeachFan I'm not sure which game you're talking about- if I knew, I could tell you. (I swear, I must live under a rock...)
Editor's Note: That would be the planet Mars :P

I don't know if he died or what, but the Mushroom king (from the specialty sections) needs to read his E-mail and respond to it because a long time ago I sent a very tough question that I want him to answer, but he won't. If he does not respond soon, then that makes me the Mushroom king.
-Kaptain Koopa

Sean Kelly After a loooooooooooong hiatus, the original Mushroom King returned a few weeks ago. He seemed not to be happy about being replaced with a vacant-head twitty impostor. I wonder who that was............

Kyle Orland The mushroom king is dead, long live the mushroom king.

Jay Resop You did not ask a question. Why did you not ask a question. I NEED to answer questions. It is my duty! it's not.-jay

PenguinMan I'll give him a shock with my cattle prod next time I see him, JUST FOR YOU.

EAM The King isn't dead. He's just, uh... taking a long nap...

MetalMan He's back, and now with a ghetto attitude. Just wait until he shreds your question apart with a chainsaw. I failed to confound him myself (And I could have actually taken the section over had he lost), but I doubt it's possible. He'll never admit defeat.


My son has the Super Mario Brothers, Deluxe for his Game Boy. I noticed that I can select to play the original version from 1985, but when I go into that it just comes up where I have to pick world 4-5, 5-5, etc..... I just want to play the orignal version from the beginning and keep whatever powers I get from each board without loosing them when I choose another world. HELP!!!!!!!!

Jim Carroll

Sean Kelly Did you ever try playing the NES version?

Kyle Orland On the select file screen, hit start and choose "clear" then hit A to clear one of the files. You will then start from the beginning.

Jay Resop Ok, I'm tired, so I'm going to have Dr. Donez answer the last two questions. Night night!-jay

Dr. Donez What the...(yawn). It's 3am! What is Jay waking me up for! Why that no good...(grumble). Anyway, let's see your question... Deluxe...original...pick...powers... So if I understand this, you want to know if you could use the Deluxe Ice Pick at your friend's next birthday party instead of the original Ice Pick, because you think it has greater powers. Well, I'm sorry, but there IS no Deluxe Ice Pick...fool. And I'm not giving you the original! So go away!

PenguinMan Ironically, I never played SMB Deluxe. Maybe it's because I still had the original fresh in my memory. Maybe I just way to into Pokemon at the time. Maybe the voices in my head tell me to kick small animals. Oh well.

EAM To start from the beginning go to level 1-1, or you can delete the file and start over completely.

MetalMan Don't panic. You are in a Mario game crisis situation. Sit down somewhere calm and drink a glass of water. Then take three deep breaths and go "I am okay. Mario Game Troubles will not kill me." Afterwards, take a 15 minute nap. If that doesn't work, go to Gamefaqs for some prescription Mario game advice to save you some trouble.

...Or you could just stop screaming "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" whenever something goes wrong. Yeah.

PeachFan Hmm... (yet another Mario incarnation I haven't played yet).... I'm glad I've got a job now, I can start getting all these Mario games I'm missing so I can answer these questions correctly.

Hi my name is Joe. I Have All the episodes of the Super Mario World TV Show.They're in good enough quality (the kind where if your wmp screen is small its better viewing) and I could send them to you If you want. The zip file will contain no viruses. I Am gonna scan it before i send it with my Anti Virus (Avast).

As a bonus I could write you guys fan fiction for the cartoons section.I'm not sure if Im ready for the big fan fiction page( if you havent selected anyone for that yet). But please consider me writing fan fiction.

I Also want to know when is the Super Mario Bros TV show Petition going to be sent in?

- Joe

Sean Kelly no

Kyle Orland Thanks for the offer, Joe, but I don't think we want to tread in the legal hot water of posting full versions of copyrighted video on the site. With the DVD market how it is, it wouldn't be long till someone released it on a home format and came after us with scary cease and desist letters. Not worth the risk. Maybe you should post it on Google video or some such site if you want to share with the world. As for fan fiction, if you write it, we'll probably post it.

Dr. Donez Your question bores me, so I'm going to pretend like you asked my what my favorite food dish is. The answer is cajun yellow corn with rice.

PenguinMan I don't believe you. You're just going to send us this horrible, horrible virus that is so bad it will infect other computers in a 10-mile radius EVEN WHEN TURNED OFF. People like you sicken me, and I hope you run out milk the next time you pour a bowl of cereal.

EAM It's not my section but I'm sure your submissions would be welcome wherever they are sent. I don't know anything about the petition, but with the entire Super Show coming out on DVD what is it asking for?
Editor's Note: It wants 4Kids Entertainment to make a Mario cartoon

MetalMan Well, well, we need someone, indeed. You'll have to prove you can use HTML and update the section. Ask the other admins about it. I mean, wait, they will answer it. Look at the other answers. As for those files, there's a good chance that stuff is copyrighted, and that SMBHQ can't host them without getting into legal trouble.

It'd be better to buy them outright. As for that petition... well. I don't know.

Curse you questions about things I know nothing about!!!!

*Goes off and destroys nearby Starbucks*

PeachFan I'm not the girl to go to with these questions. I don't own the website, I just answer their mail.


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