Magic Mirror

By Bojan Teodosievic

Chapter One

In Mushroom Castle is great ceremony. It's King's bithday. Princess and Toad give him a new crown, Mario and Luigi new robe... There was mountain of gifts. Later, in castle enter an old man in wizard robe and hat.

Old Man: My dear king, I was poor old sorcerer. When you and daughter come to rule this kingdom, I and my family are become very rich, because lower taxes and things. I will give you this magic mirror. Mirror get's its magic powers in midnight, so look in him at that time!

Mushroom King: Thank you! What will hapend then?

Wizard runs out from the castle. Out side sorcerer turns into Kamek.

Kamek: Ghahaha! ... I was poor... ... Mirror get's its magic... Hahaha! I can't wait until midnight!

Kamek disappears and appear in his own castle.

Later, in midnight, Mushroom King look in mirror and hear the voice.

Voice: Mushroom King...

King: (scared) What?

Voice: Mushrom King...

Kamek appear in the mirror.

Kamek's reflektion: Mushroom King, you are in my possesion...

King: ( with strange face, under the spell ) Yes, my Koopa master?

Kamek's reflektion: Come to Darkworld... To Koopa Castle... Hurry...

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