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Know Your Items

    Items are the key to success in every Mario game this side of "Mario is Missing". Yet many Mario players are baffled by even the simplest items theory concepts. Take this example I was e-mailed recently.

    Dear Mr Roland,
I was playing the original Super Mario Bros. yesterday, and some weird glitch or something happened. hit the first ?-block in the first level, and got a nice little coin sound effect with a cool little pop up graphic. Ithought this was pretty neat, so I tried it again with the next block. To my horror, a strange, spotted fungus looknig thing came out of the block and started MOVING! I was afraid to touch this weird creature, luckily it was gonig away from me. Then it bounced off a pipe and came towards me! Just as it was about to touch me, I turned off the system so the glitch would kill my hardware. Have you ever heard of this problem before?
-Bill T. FakeGuy

    There is no need to be afraid of items. They can be your friends... even power you up and makethe game easier. Here's the vital stats on a bunch of the games more popular items.

Looks like: A spotted, discolored muffin.
Effect: Makes you into a tall, lanky, awkward looking Mario.
How to tell if you already have it: Run into an enemy. If you shrink, you had it. If you die, you didn't have it.
Use it when: You're small
Don't use it when: You're big

Fire Flower
Looks Like: A radioactive, glowing daisy.
Effect: Let's you shoot fireballs. Changes your overalls into a white radiation suit (to protect you from the flowers nuclear power)
How to tell if you have it: Hit B (Y on SNES). If a fireball comes out of your nose, you have it. If you stand there and get hit by a koopa troopa, you don't have it.
Use it when: There are enemies around
Don't use it when: There aren't enemies around.

Raccoon Tail
Looks Like: A really rotten marijuana leaf (Note: SMBHQ does not promote drug use)
Effect: Turns you into a freakish mutant plumber with a raccoon tail
How to tell if you have it: Do you have a freakish Raccoon tail hanging out of your butt? If you do, you're weird. If Mario does, he hasa Raccon Leaf
Use it when: You want to be a flying freak of nature
Don't use it when: You prefer to look normal and stay on the ground

Star Man
Looks Like: A bouncing, glowing yellow ninja star!
Effect: Gives you a weird disease that make you glow all sorts of weird colors. Oh yeah, and you're invincible.
How to tell if you have it: Jump into a pit. If you die, you may or may not have had it. But now you're dead. HAHAHAHA!
Use it when: You want to kill all around you
Don't use it when: You don't feel like a psychotic postal worker

Wing Cap
Looks Like: A cross between a baseball cap and a dove.
Effect: Makes everyone laugh at your silly hat. Let's you fly though, so all those losers who make fun of you will be soooo jealous.
How to tell if you have it: Jump three times. If you say "Waaa, Haaa, Woohoo" turn off the TV's sound. If you fly, you have a wing cap.
Use it when: You wanna be free as a bird!
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