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Little Yoshi's Adventure

By Maggie Nelson

  One day Toad went to the palace to see the Mario gang. No one was in the palace and no one was in the town, either. He rushed off to Yoshi's Island to see if the Yoshis knew where they were. When Toad arrived there, he saw Boshi jump out from behind a bush. Toad saw that from behind Boshi's sunglasses, he had swirling eyes. Boshi took out a bag and put Toad inside it. Then Boshi ran away with the bag in his paws. Then a few Koopas rushed out. "King Bowser will be so proud of us," one said. "Yeah, we captured the whole Mario gang and there is no one else to save them." Then suddenly something was moving in the bushes. Little Yoshi jumped out. The Koopas ran away. "Looks like Bowser's troops didn't see me," he said. He went off to look to see where the others were.
  When he reached Bowser's castle, he saw Koopa guards in front of it. "What's the password?" they said. "Everyone knows that," said Little Yoshi. "Its King Bowser." The Koopas opened up the gate.
Meanwhile in the castle...
  Bowser looked out the window. "I can't believe there's one person left! Guards, make sure he won't make it to the dungeon!" Little Yoshi was only halfway to the dungeon when a bunch of goombas jumped out from a secret passageway. "Yum, lunch," said Little Yoshi as he ate the goombas. Lttle Yoshi found the dungeon. He found the Mario gang and the yoshis there. He ate the bars and then they were all free. They all went back home and found out that Boshi was no longer hypnotized.

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