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Welcome to the links page. If your here you probably want to leave SMBHQ for now (sniff). Very well. The best Mario sites are just that, the best ones out there. If you can't find it here, it should be at one of these sites. The best video games sites are other cool sites devotd to other games. Other cool sites are sites that link to me, or my friends sites, or sites that I just plain like. See ya later.

    Other Videogame Sites
    Video Game sites that have little or nothing to do with Mario.

  • The Mega Man Homepage - Great page, inspired Kyle to start SMBHQ!
  • - Nintendo's official page. Worth a look.
  • Nintendo Database - Like the name suggests, this site is one huge database of information on Nintendo games. Run by ex-SMBHQ staffer Mark Kelly.
  • Zelda Legends - An impressive and indepth site on the Legend of Zelda series.
  • The Captain N Network - You remember Captain N, right? This comic based site continues the Captain N idea on the web.
  • NES World-The first (and best) fan site totally dedicated to the NES
  • Metrod Database - The best site you can find about the Metroid Series.
  • Metroid Recon - A site aimed at informing and entertaining people playing through the Metroid series.
  • Console Passion Retro Games - Online ordering of Classic Games and Vintage Consoles. All the major systems and Japanese imports. Modification services, competitions and polls.
  • Videogames REVIEWED - Features reviews of various video games.
  • - If you read the "Mario Busters" comic in NC, you would be familiar with webmaster CodieKitty. Features comics, Lemmings, files and music.
  • Super Smash Quest - The former SMBHQ-section is now a separate site run by MetalMan.
  • Nintendo Repair Shop - An online shop offering various Nintendo (and Sega and Sony) parts and games.
  • Donkey Kong Megasite - A site featuring much info on the Donkey Kong series.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - Join James D. Rolfe as he vents his frustration at the worst of the worst in Video Games. Warning: Contains persistent strong language. Viewer Discretion is strongly advised.
  • DS Ultimate - Nintendo DS game information and gitches
  • Kirby's Place - Information on everyone's favourite pink puffball.
  • Zelda Dungeon - In-depth information on the Zelda series.
  • - Video walkthroughs for Nintendo 64 games
  • - Features various flash games
  • Troll and Toad - Online store specializing in RPGs, Board Games, and Videogames
  • Forever Nintendo - Nintendo News
  • Nintendo Park - Nintendo Information
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