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Welcome to the links page. If your here you probably want to leave SMBHQ for now (sniff). Very well. The best Mario sites are just that, the best ones out there. If you can't find it here, it should be at one of these sites. The best video games sites are other cool sites devotd to other games. Other cool sites are sites that link to me, or my friends sites, or sites that I just plain like. See ya later.

    Editor's Choice
    The sites that we believe are the prime picks.

  • The Mushroom Kingdom - One of the absolute BEST Mario pages out there. Lot's of original, good stuff and great design. The best place on the 'net for graphics (esp. AniGIF's) sounds, and other multimedia file.
  • Super Mario 128 Central - A good site to go to for Mario news.
  • Nintendo Land: Mario Mania - Another of the best Mario resources around. Very comprehensive lists and lots of info, in general. Even more than SMBHQ in many cases. The best place to go for info.!
  • Super Mario Monster Compendium - A database on all the Monsters in the Mario universe.
  • Buziol Games - A site featuring many online Flash games including the SMB-based "Mario Forever."
  • Super Mario Wiki - A Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia for the Super Mario Bros Series
  • - A site dedicated to the preservation of classic videogames.
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