Reason(s) for lack of updates

Hi there loyal viewers. A lot of you have been pestering me about why I haven' been updating the site for a while. Others of you are probably just wondering "Why isn't SMBHQ getting updated anymore". Some of you first time visitors are reading this and thinking "What is he talking about". Well, the first two groups of you deserve some explantion.

The main reason SMBHQ has been lacking since, oh, about the beginning of September, is that my schoolwork has gotten a lot harder. There's a lot more of it, meaning a lot less time to spend on the page. That and me being in a few clubs means the page has to get neglected. Sorry!

The second reason updates have been scarce is the overhaul I now have planned. I've been coming up with a few new section ideas and getting new material for the old sections. As soon as I get my scanner (which should be very son) I'll put more time into all this new and improved stuff, and eventually (hopefully by years end) you'll se a huge overhaul update. By then, SMBHQ should be back in business! Between now and then, the site won't shut down though. I'll try my best to update the game idea, poll, fan fiction, and other regular sections as often as possible. In fact, I updated the poll results and news just today. SO all you people worrying can stop worrying, and all you people pestering me can stop pestering me, and all you first time visitor can continue to look around the site...