The Koopalings' Plays

By L.V.K

Ludwig- Welcome to our play.
Lemmy- It痴 going to be about
Iggy- Cinderkoopa.
Wendy- So you better watch or else!
Larry, Morton, and Roy- It痴 brought to you by Sand Creatures-EEEKKK!

Ludwig- I知 going to be the prince.
Lemmy- I知 going to be the king.
Iggy- I知 going to be the 1st mean brother.
Larry- I知 going to be the dad.
Morton- I知 going to be the 2nd mean brother named Morton and I知-
Roy- I知 going to be the 3rd mean brother.
Wendy- I知 going to be Cinderkoopa.
Bowser- And I知 going to be the fairy godfather.


*at the Koopas House* Wendy- Mean old brothers. They make me do all the work.
Roy- (enters room) Did you finish the floor?
Wendy- Yes.
Roy- (inspects floor) There are Koopa footprints everywhere! Do better!
(Leaves room)
Morton- (enters room) Did you clean my room yet?
Wendy- Yes.
Morton- I went in there, took out 80 books and you say it痴 clean?! Do better! (Leaves room)
Iggy- (enters room) Did you clean my robe?
Wendy- Yes.
Iggy- Look! There痴 a lint ball!
Wendy- (plucks off lint ball)
Iggy- Now it has your germs on it!!! Do better! (Leaves room)
Larry- (enters room with 3 bros.) Dear, did you finish the housework?
Wendy- I did.
Larry- WELL YOU HAVE TO RE-DO THE HOUSE! Now we are going to the ball! ( everyone leaves)
Wendy-(cries) Now I can稚 go to the ball.
Bowser- Dear Cinderkoopa, why are you crying?
Wendy-Who are you?
Bowser-Your fairy godfather. Now let痴 get yas dressed up for the ball.
Wendy- Do I have to repay you?
Bowser- Yup, all I want is a refrigerator. All I had for dinner was the two plumbers, Mario and Luigi and-(refrigerator drops on Bowser)
Wendy- Well, I don稚 want to go in this old smelly dress.
Bowser-Then you can wear this beautiful white gown.
Bowser That痴 why it痴 beautiful.(anvil drops on Bowser)
Wendy- and I don稚 want to where these ugly shoes.
Bowser-Then you can wear these beautiful glass slippers.
Wendy- They池e BEAUTIFUL!
Bowser-That痴 why they池e called beautiful. (dumbbell drops on Bowser)
Wendy- What will I go in?
Bowser- A carriage of course.(went outside with Wendy.)
Wendy- Thank you! (Went inside the carriage)
Bowser- Now be back at 12:30 a.m. sharp or you will be Miss Rags again.

*at the royal castle*

Ludwig- When is my friend going to be here?
Lemmy- Calm down son. He or she will get here soon. Now how 礎out some lox?
Ludwig-(swallows lox whole then begins pacing) Ooooohhhh .
Wendy- I知 hereeeeeee!
Ludwig-(runs over to Wendy) You are her!
Roy- She look oddly looks familiar.
Morton- Yeah. Like Cinderkoopa.
Iggy- But she痴 at home.
All- Or is she?!
Ludwig- You are the one!
Wendy- (giggles then looks at watch) Oh no, I致e got to gooooooooo!!!
Ludwig- Wait! How will I find you?
Wendy-(Zooms away and drops a slipper)

*after everyone left from the castle*

Ludwig- I met her then she leaves. But why?
Lemmy- Maybe she had to do some chores. Now how 礎out some lox?
Ludwig- (swallows lox whole then begins pacing) Ooooohhhh .

*at the Koopas home*

Ludwig- (rings doorbell)
Larry-(answers door)
Ludwig- Are they池e any girls in your home? Beacause little lady dropped this slipper.
Larry- Sorry no girls here-
Wendy- I知 a girl!
Ludwig- (slips on shoe.) It fits!
K.T.-Everything else in the movie is censored for grossness.
The End

*curtain closed.*
(Everyone bows)
Ludwig-We would like to thank K.T who was our stage crew and for dropping the anvil and refrigerator and the dumbbell on Bowser. Thank the lady Koopa Troopa!
K.T.- (bows)

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