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King Donkey Kong

By Jeff James

Night had fallen on World 8 (Bowser's world) as the two apes made their way to the king's dark castle gates. Donkey Kong Jr. and his father had come to steal whatever magic they could find and sell it for more bananas in the jungle.

     Having more experience, DK Sr. tried to calm his son. "Don't worry, junior. In the end this'll all pay off. At home the Kongs need more of those golden bananas."
As he said this glistening liquid appeared at his mouth, and he rubbed his stomach. However he soon regained his composure and briefed Junior on his mission.

     "OK, you stay out here and watch for guards. I'll go in the 2nd floor window and grab the stuff!" With that Donkey Kong climbed up a nearby tree and leaped down into the courtyard.

     Sneaking into Bowser's room was no relaxing task. The Koopa king grunted and turned over in his sleep so many times DK thought he would surely wake up. Luckily for the mighty simian, all went well and he got a hold of two wands, five jewels and one treasure chest.
     However, as he creeped back across the courtyard, two Hammer Bros. spotted Donkey Kong.
     "Hey, you!" they exclaimed. "What are you doin' with Koopa's treasure?!" As the brothers took off after him, Donkey Kong scampered up a tree and looked down upon DK Junior.
     "Hey, son! Here, catch all of this stuff and run back to the jungle!" He dropped the stolen goods into the small ape's hulking arms. "Oh, wait. One more thing; take this last wand!"
     Donkey Kong Junior put down all of the valuables so he could catch the wand his father was throwing down to him. When the tip of the wand collided with his head, a blinding red glow made DK Jr. stagger backwards.
     "What was th-" his father didn't have time to complete his sentence when a hammer hit the tree, shaking him loose and making him fall to the ground.
     But just when it looked grim for Donkey Kong Sr., a very odd thing began happening. DK Jr. started growing and growing until he stood 50 feet tall! He gave out a roar, pounding his chest. The Hammer Bros. tried to run away in fright, but DK Jr. was too fast. He scooped them up and threw them to kingdom come.
     "My, you've grown, son!" Donkey Kong yelled.
     "Wow, Dad, this is great. I'm gonna go to the Mushroom Kingdom and look for hordes of bananas! See you back at the jungle!"
     From his room Bowser watched the giant ape stomp off. "Bring that ape to me," he told a nearby soldier. "He could be very useful in my plan for world domination!"

* * * *
"This is strange", commented Mario as he checked his watch. "It's already 9:30 in the morning and Bowser hasn't attacked yet." He mulled over this opportunity. "This calls for a sleep-in!" So he climbed back into bed and in seconds he began snoring.
     Meanwhile in the castle, Princess Toadstool was also noticing Bowser's absence.
     "I think I'll go for a walk in the woods!" she announced to her father and Toad.
     "It is a nice day," Toad chimed in. " What the heck, I'll join you, Princess."
     The two left, with the king and Luigi waving goodbye.

     Up in the sky in his WhirlyBird, Bowser and a fellow minion flew over the last mountains before the Mushroom Kingdom. The minion stated, "King Bowser, I don't see any sign of the giant ape."
     Bowser took his eyes away from the binoculars. "You're right, and it's a good thing I beat that mangy animal over here, too! My plan is working perfectly so far…"
     "My king, isn't that the Princess down there amid the trees?" the minion inquired.
     Bowser looked through his binoculars. "I believe it is! C'mon, fellow koopa. Might as well start my plan off with a little romance! Ha ha ha!" Down below, Toad heard the engine noise of the WhirlyBird overhead. When he looked up and saw it coming towards he and the Princess, Toad grabbed her by the arm.
     "We've gotta go! It's King Koopa! He's coming right for us, princess!"
     "Just a moment, Toad. I have to pick these pretty wildflowers," she replied.
     All at once a robotic tentacle zoomed downwards straight at them. As Toad ducked out of the way the tentacle wrapped around the Princess. It then hauled her screaming figure up into the WhirlyBird.

* * * *
Mario awoke to an earthquake, or something like it. It was as if someone was playing very big drums, and with each pound the ground reverberated.
     Falling out of bed, the heroic plumber ran to the window to see what was going on. At the center of the kingdom was a humungous Donkey Kong, pounding his chest and swiping at what looked like Bowser's WhirlyBird device.
     Inside the WhirlyBird, Bowser kept trying to knock DK Jr. out with fireballs and large cannonballs. It had no effect, and his minion couldn't help because he was watching Princess Toadstool, who remained tied up with thick rope.
     After a few misses, Donkey Kong Junior's hand finally hit home, sending the Princess, Bowser, and the Koopa to the ground yelling in fright.
     Once they landed, DK Jr. reared back a large index finger and flicked them both way out into the forest. Their cries soon turned to sobs, then to a distant crash. Princess Toadstool was still tied up when the ape approached her.
     He smiled at her and began to unravel the rope. When she was free, the Mario Bros. appeared! DK Jr. halted his actions and confronted them. "Who are you two?" he boomed.
     "We're the Super Mario Brothers, and you'd better not touch the Princess, Mr. King Kong!" Luigi retaliated.
     "Oh, is that so?" With one touch, both brothers shrunk to the size of a little child.
     Then, having them out of the way, Donkey Kong Jr. proceeded to pick up Princess Toadstool and carry her away.
     "Yikes!" she cried
     With the princess in his grasp, Donkey stomped through the Mushroom Kingdom, roaring and swiping at buildings with his free hand. In the distance, he spotted the tall towers of the castle. Intrigued, the giant ape made off toward the site.
     In the clutches of the giant Donkey Kong, Princess Toadstool rested her arms on the thumb and forefinger. "Now I know how Fay Wray felt," she said.
     Donkey Kong Jr. reached the castle, horrifying the king. But what frightened the king even more was that his daughter was the ape's captive! He watched as DK made his way up the tall, pointed towers. From below the people could hear the princess's cries and pleas of "please put me down!"
     Mario and Luigi leaped up and smashes their heads against two "?" boxes, revealing Wing Caps. Putting these special hats on, the bros. flew off towards the scene.
     "I hope Princess isn't afraid of heights," Mario added.
     Once atop the tower, Donkey Kong Jr. had time to admire Princess Toadstool. He stroked her long hair with his other finger. He accidentally moved her crown. She fixed it and scolded her carrier. " Hey, Kong, watch the crown!"
     Looking over the edge of DK's finger, the princess could see how far she was up.
     "Well, on the bright side it's a nice view..heh heh…"
     Suddenly two figures raced overhead. It was Mario and Luigi!
     Not wanting to fight with the Princess in hand, Donkey Kong Jr. placed her on a ledge below. She watched as Mario slammed into his head while Luigi tied a large string around the ankles. DK roared and clawed at the air, but the super brothers were too fast.
     Suddenly, the ape shrank back to normal, causing him to topple over backward. Donkey Kong Jr. plummeted all the way down towards a crowd of spectators below.
     But just as he though he would hit the ground, his father caught him.
     "Not too good, son. Did you even get any bananas?"
     Ashamed, Jr. replied: "No, I'm sorry, Dad."
     "That's alright, Jr. It looks as if you found something even more meaningful than fruit." He looked toward Princess Toadstool, who was being carried down in the arms of Mario.
     "Nah, she'll never let me near her again."
     "Well, I still have Bowser's treasure, including the Magic Wand. Wanna try someone else?" the father ape asked as they headed for the sunset.
     Donkey Kong Jr. got excited. "Yeah! Maybe Princess Zelda, or Lana, or maybe even Pauline, like grandfather!"
     Mario and crew just rolled their eyes and headed back to town.
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