The Killing, A Yoshi and Luigi Story

By Virus

Chapter 1: A Killer Reward

"ARRRGH! THAT STUPID MARIO IS EATING THAT STUPID CAKE THAT PEACH MADE FOR HIM! ARRRGH!! WAIT TILL HE FINDS OUT THAT I ADDED A NEW INGREDIENT, POISON MUSHROOM SPRINKLES! ANY ONE WHO EATS IT WILL DIE!!!" say's Bowser in his castle, after being defeated by Mario...Just then Mario died as he took a bite out of a delicious but poisonous cake, then Princess Peach saw Mrio fall onto the cake, dead, but it was to late, she too took a bite out of the and died... "STUPID MARIO!!!! He always get's to go out and save Peach! And I just stay at his pad," said Luigi furiously" I'M GONNA GO OVER THERE AND KICK HIS BUTT!"

Chapter 2: Deadmen Found

Luigi walked into the castle and Yoshi was there starring at the dead Mario, and Peach. Yoshi sniffed and said "They have been poisoned with poison sprinkles..." as he turned to Luigi. Then they both heard screaming outside!
"TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THOSE STARS NOW!" said Bowser as he held Toad.
"NO! NO! NO!" said Toad.
"THEN DIE YOU LITTLE @#$!%!!!!!!!" said Bowser more furious than ever! He tossed Toad into the cannon, aimed it a a nearby wall, AND FIRED! Toad hit to wall so fast and so hard that the impact caused his butt to go right threw his head! Then his body shattered to pieces!
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" said Luigi running towards Bowser.

Chapter 3: The Battle

Luigi tackled Bowser knocking him into the lake! Then Yoshi grabbed a goomba with his tongue and spit it out towards Bowsers mouth when it was open!
Bowser swallowed the goomba and started choking! Luigi and Yoshi ripped a tree out of the ground and used it to stab Bowser in the face, BUT BOWSER GRABBED THE TREE AND HIT LUIGI AND YOSHI (who were standing next to each other) AND THEY BOTH WENT FLYING TOWARDS ONE OF THE CASTLE WALLS! THEY HIT THE WALL FACE FIRST! AND THE LAST THING THEY REMEMBER WAS THEIR FACES MEETING THE WALL AND THE SOUND OF THE FACES CRACKING...then everything goes black....and and silent....but will their lives (if they even have them anymore) be like this for all eternity???

Chapter 4: The Awakening

The blackness Luigi and Yoshi have been starring at started fading away. Slowly their eyes focused and they can hear the sounds of a busy town again.
"Uhhhhhh," said Luigi "Yoshi? Yoshi? Where are you?" Then he turned his head and saw Yoshi throwing up various things like coins, mushrooms, goombas, koopa shells, etc.
"Ahhh now I feel better..." said Yoshi "WHERE ARE WE!?"
"I don't know..." said Luigi. They were somewhere strange, there was a sign that said Knothole village. All the towns people were starring at Luigi and Yoshi. Then in a distance they can see a super fast blue blur! When it reached them it stopped and said...
"Alright people, out of my way, lets see what's happened this time!" said a strange blue hedgehog creatue.
"Uh oh!" said Luigi. He jumped onto Yoshi and they both got ready to fight.
"WHO ARE YOU!" said Yoshi.
"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog! AND WHO ARE YOU!" said Sonic.
"We are LUIGI AND YOSHI!!!" said Luigi.
"Never heard of you guys..." said Sonic.
"Because we are not from around here!" said Yoshi.
"First Robotnik now this...Come with me you two..." said Sonic

Chapter 5: Knothole Kingdom

"You guys weren't here when this happened but a long time ago a guy called Robotnik terrorized Knothole and the world eventually we killed him. I got married to princess Sally...Then we became the King and Queen of Knothole. We captured a guy called Knuckles the Echidna, because we thought he may be a possible threat to Knothole, but he is still alive in our Jail cell, HOPEFULLY he will die soon, and we automatically killed Snively, who worked for Robotnik,because he to wanted to control Knothole. Today we try to eliminate possible threats before they become threats." said Sonic.
"So what should Yoshi and Me do?" said Luigi.
"Well guess what my friends, YOU ARE POSSIBLE THREATS!!!" said Sonic. Before Yoshi and Luigi could move they were caught by Sonic and some guards.
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU STUPID-" said Luigi but before he can finish the knocked them unconsious and sent them to the Jail Cell.

Chapter 6: Trapped Like Rats.

"Hey you WAKE UP!" said a voice. Luigi and Yoshi woke up slowly and saw a red echidna-like creature.
"Greetings I'm Knuckles the Echidna." said Knuckles, "You know what I heard the guards talking and they said they are going to kill you today!"
"Couple hours..."said Knuckles.
"Yoshi were in trouble! Yoshi!?!?" said Luigi as he turned to see Yoshi. But Yoshi was Looking kind of sick! ALL OF THE SUDDEN HE THREW UP A BOB-OMB! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! The kingdom shaked a little.
"HEY YOU STOP!" the guards said trying to open the door quickly! There was a giant hole in the wall, but they were about 50 stories up!
"Grab on guys I'll take you down there!" said Knuckles. Knuckles started climbing do with Yoshi and Luigi on his back.

Chapter 7: The Escape

When Knuckles was 10 stories away from the ground, a guard from above shot his hand and he fell of the building with Yoshi and Luigi. He cursed loudly as he fell. When they were 2 stories from the ground Yoshi saw a pole sticking out of the building and with his tongue he grabbed it, Luigi then grabbed Yoshi's shoe, but Knuckles wasn't lucky and he hit the ground hard and he cracked his head open, and his brain came out. Knuckles's last word was a BAD one. Yoshi was used to falling from a height of 2 stories so Luigi climbed up onto the pole and Yoshi let go first. Yoshi landed feet first then Luigi fell on Yoshi's saddle. Then they ran away as fast as the could.
"Incredible! They just got here and they escaped the Jail cell in only a couple of hours! That's a new record because the fastest Jail Break ever recorded was 2 days! They did it in 5 hours! Send out search bots! We need to find those....FUGITIVES!" said Sonic.

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