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Remote Control Mario Kart - This kart is just one more reason that I want to live in Japan. You'd never see something this cool in American stores. Why race around Mario Kart's on the TV screen when you can do it in real life?! This kart features a two button control system; The button on the left makes it go forward, while the button on the right makes it back up and turn. The control isn't that remote, either, becuase it's connected b a wire. Despite this, the kart still looks really cool. The articulation on Mario's figure and the kart is very realistic, maknig it look like it came right out of the game. The only difference from the game karts that I cna see is the light on the back which flashes when the kart backs up. But this just makes it cooler! In the US, this could be pretty sought after, although I'm sure they're rather common in Japan. If you're looking for a Christmas present to get for me, this is it!
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