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Item List

This list contains most EVERY Mario item in any Mario game, and it's description. It also lists what games the item is in. For instance, 1-up Mushroom (SMB+ [-SML]) means the 1-up mushroom is in every game from Super Mario Bros. afterward, except for Super Mario Land. In the item descriptions, "you" and "Mario" are used interchangably. If you can't find an item under it's letter, check it's section (e.g. Super Mushroom is under M for mushrooms) Currently, the list features items from ALL major games (SMB1-3, SMW, YI, SM64 and SML1-3). Soon, it may have the DK's and Mario Bros.'s items. It doesn't have the SMRPG items because there's too darn many. Anything missing/wrong/typo? E-mail me about it, PLEASE.
Current Item Count:63

Name: Games the item was in
     Description: What the item does
     Rarity: How easy is it to find this item. Ultra-Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Ultra-Rare.
     Usefulness rating: Out of 5, with explanation
     Further Info.: Interesting facts
     Related items: Other items to look into


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1-up Heart: SML
     Gives Mario an extra life
     Rare: Most are hidden in normal or invisible blocks
     : No saves means you'll need a lot of lives
     SML is the first game without a 1-up mushroom since SMB
     Also see: 1-up mushroom

1-up Mushroom: SMB, SMB2, SMB2(j), SMB3, SMW, SM64
     Give Mario an extra life.
     Rare: Usually hidden
     : Extra lives are almost always helpful.
     Replaced with 1-up Heart in SML.
     Also see: 1-up Heart

3-up Moon: SMW
     Gives Mario 3 extra lives
     Ultra-Rare: Only one or two in the whole game
     : Lives are nearly meaningless in SMW with infinite saves/continues
     Alnog with grey coin, one of the only multiple 1-up items
     Also see: 1-up mushroom, 1-up heart, grey coin

10-point star: YI
     Adds 10 seconds to the timer
     Uncommon: Get it from mini-games
     : Great for helping you to 100 points at the end of a long level
     Only usable from pause screen. YI has the most life-increments of any Mario game (30 instead of 2, 3, or 8)
     Also see: 20-point star

20-point star: YI
     Adds 20 seconds to the timer
     Uncommon: Get it from mini-games
     : Great for helping you to 100 points at the end of a long level
     Only usable from pause screen. YI has the most life-iincrements of any Mario game (30 instead of 2, 3, or 8)
     Also see: 10-point star

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Anchor: SMB3
     Keeps the Airships in place after Mario loses to them.
     Rare: White mushroom houses have them
     : Usually you can just chase the ship wherever it flies to.
     Only usable from map screen. Possibly the most useless item ever.
     Also see: None

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Banana Peel: SMK, MK64
     Slips up the opponent, slowing them down and popping balloons in batle mode. In SMK, makes them lose 4 coins
     Common: From the many ?-blocks
     : Put them in front of jumps to slip up the computer opponents.
     Come in sets of 5 in MK64.
     Also see: None

Berry: SMW
     When Yoshi eats enough of these, he lays an egg with an item inside
     Common/Rare/Ultra-Rare: Red ones are common, Pink rare. Green ones are only in one level.
     : The itemsyou getaren't very useful or necessary
     10 red berries gives a mushroom, 3 pink berries makea coin-producing cloud, 2 green ones add time to the timer.
     Also see: None

Blue Coin: SM64
     Adds 5 coins to Mario's coin count
     Rare: Only in a couple of levels.
     : Good for getting to 100 coins or getting 1-ups
     Only appear after you pound a blue coin switch. End a level with 50 coins for a 1-up.
     Also see: Red coin, Grey Coin, Coin

Bomb: SMB2
     Blows up walls to make passages. Can hurt enemies and Mario too.
     Uncommon: They sprout up where you need them
     : Needed in many areas, not good for killing enemies.
     Don't hold it too long or it explodes in your hands. Only way to kill Mouser.
     Also see: None

Bull Cap: SML3, WLVB
     Gives Wario a more powerful charge
     Common: Pop up a lot.
     : Helps you jump farther and is fun to use.
     Won't appearwhen Wario is small... Garlic appears instead.
     Also see: Garlic, Dragon Cap, Rocket Cap

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Carrot: SML2
     Gives Mario bunny ears, letting him float with B button
     Uncommon: Found a lot of places
     : Makes jumping on enemies and precision landing much easier
     Won't appear unless Mario is "Super"
     Also see: Racoon Leaf

Cherry: SMB2
     Collect a lot of these and a Starman appears
     Common: Lots of these just floating around
     : Often not worth the trouble. Good in digging levels.
     Also appear in slot machine mini-game. 3 in a row gets a 5-up.
     Also see: Starman

Coin: MB, SMB, SMB2, SMB2(j), SMB3, SMW, YI, SM64, SML, SML2, SML3
     Adds one coin to Mario's coin count. 100 coins gives Mario an extra life.
     Ultra-Common: Absolutely EVERYWHERE
     /: Great in games where lives matter (SMB, SMB3), suck in other games.
     In MB, give extra points, in SML and SMB2, gives bonus game chances instead of extra lives. In SM64, 100 in one level gets a Power Star, 50 gets a 1-up.
     Also see: Red Coin, Grey Coin, Blue Coin, Dragon Coin

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Dragon Cap: SML3, WLVB
     Lets Wario blow fire out the front of his cap.
     Uncommon: Not as common as the Bull Cap.
     : Good for plowing through enemies.
     Can't be used underwater.
     Also see: Jet Cap, Bull Cap.

Dragon Coin: SMW
     Adds 5 coinsto Mario's coin count. Collect 5 in one level for a 1-up.
     Common: Five in every level.
     : Lives are easyto get and near useless in SMW
     Sometimes Yoshi's Wings are needed to find these.
     Also see: Red Coin, Grey Coin, Blue Coin, Coin

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Fake ?-block: MK64
     A bomb that resembles an upside-down ?-mark box.
     Uncommon: Come from the many item boxes.
     : Place them in the middle of real ?-blocks and watch the fun.
     Along with Poison Mushroom, one of the only "negative version" items
     Also see: Banana Peel

Feather: SMW, SMK
     Lets Mario fly in SMW, or jump high in SMK
     Uncommon: There when you need them usually.
     /: Limited use in SMK, very useful in SMW.
     In SMW, only appears when Mario's "super". In SMK, not in battle mode.
     Also see: Raccoon Leaf

Fire Flower: SMB, SMB2(j), SMB3, SMW, SML2, SSB
     Lets Mario shoot fireballs
     Uncommon: They're around
     : Great for clearing a path, or in underwater levels. Very fun in SSB.
     Only appear if Mario is "super"... otherwise Super Mushroom appears. Usable from map screen in SMB3. In SML2 and SMW, fireballs turn many enemies into coins. In SSB, acts as more of a flame thrower.
     Also see: Superball Flower

Frog Suit: SMB3
     Helps your swimming speed and jumping height, but limits your walking to awkward hopping.
     Rare: Only in a few select mushroom houses/?-blocks.
     : Needed to get in some pipes, and overall helpful in water.
     Usable from map screen.
     Also see: None

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Garlic: SML3
     Trasfroms Wario into Hardhat Wario
     Common: Found often
     : Lets Wario charge and protects him from death
     Why does Garlic give Wario a hard hat?
     Also see: Super Mushroom

Grey Coin: SMW
     Give an increasing number of points and 1-ups the more you collect.
     Rare: Only in a few levels.
     : Rack up the lives in a level full of enemies.
     Enemies change into this when a Grey P-switch is hit.
     Also see: Grey P-Switch

Grey P-switch: SMW
     Turns all enemies into grey coins
     Ultra-Rare: Only in a few levels
     : Can rack up the lives, but lives are near-useless in SMW.
     Only converts enemies within a certain range.
     Also see: Grey coin

Green Shell: SMBK, MK64
     Shoots a projectile that bounces around until it hits someone
     Common: Always seem to show up in the item boxes
     : Effective ifyou can aim. Watch for bank shots.
     Come in sets of three in MK64. Can be used to nullify other shells or peels, etc.
     Also see: Red Shell, Shell

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Hammer: DK, SMB3, SSB
     Breaks a rock on the map screen in SMB3. Swung as a weapon in DK and SSB.
     Uncommon/Rare: Only a few available in SMB3. More common in DK and SSB.
     /: Needed to get the third warp whistle, otherwise little use in SMB3. Very effective and fun in DK and SSB.
     Only usable from map screen in SMB3.
     Also see: None

Hammer Bros. Suit: SMB3
     Gives Mario a fire-resistant shell and lets him throw hammers.
     Rare: Only a few in the latter worlds of the game.
     : Just plain fun.
     Only item that makes you resemble an enemy. (Kuribo's Shoe doesn't count)
     Also see: None

Heart: SML2
     Gives you ten heart-points. 100 heart-points gets a 1-up
     Common: In a lot of boxes
     : Not especially helpful. I'd rather have a Mushroom.
     Heart-points can also be gained by killing enemies.
     Also see: 1-up heart

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Invisibility Cap: SM64
     Makes Mario semi-invisible and lets him go through some walls for a few seconds
     Rare: Only in places where you need to go through walls.
     : Fun to use, but limited usefulness
     Only found in Blue !-blocks afteryou find the Blue Switch Palace
     Also see: Wing Cap, Metal Cap

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Jugem's Cloud: SMB3
     Lets Mario skip a level of his choice
     Ultra-Rare: Use them wisely.
     : Very helpful, especially in World 8 fortress
     Only usable from map screen. Jugem is Lakitu's name in Japan.
     Also see: None

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Key: SMB2, SMW, YI, SM64
     Opens locked doors. Can be used as a weapon in SMB2.
     Uncommon/Rare: Only three in SM64. Where you need them in other games
     : Necessary, but not really helpful
     Phanto will chase you when you hold it in SMB2.
     Also see: None

Kuribo's Shoe: SMB3
     Lets you jump high, walk on spikes, and jump on Pirhana Plant's and Spinies.
     Ultra-Rare: Only 2 in level 5-3.
     : It's just fun to squash Pirhana Plants
     One of the rarest items in any game. Kuribo is Goomba's name in Japan.
     Also see: None

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Lightning Bolt: SMK, MK64
     Shrinks all your opponents for a few seconds
     Uncommon/Rare: Only about 1 in 100 in SMK. More common in MK64
     : Slows down opponents and lets you squish them under your Kart.
     Only item that universally affects all opponents in Kart games.
     Also see: None

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Magnifying Glass: YI
     Shows which coin are red coins in one level.
     Uncommon: Show up in mini-games
     : You should get every coin you see anyway.
     Only usable from pause screen.
     Also see: None

Metal Cap: SM64
     Turns Mario into Metal Mariofora few seconds, making him invincible and slower.
     Rare: Only a few in the game
     : Great fun and cool music accompaniment
     Makes Mario sink underwater. Only found in green !-blocks after you find the Green Switch Palace.
     Also see: Wing Cap, Invisibility Cap.

Mushroom Block: SMB2
     A block shaped liek a mushroom. Used as a weapon or a stepping stool.
     Common: These form the platforms on some later levels
     : Good reusable weaponthat can even kill Sparky.
     Only stackable item in any Mario game.
     Also see: None

Music Box: SMB3
     Puts all Hammer Bros. on the map to sleep
     Uncommon: Pop up regularly when you beat the Hammer Bros.
     : Just stops Hammer Bros., you still fight them if you touch them. Very useless
     Only usable on map screen. Change background music.
     Also see: None

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P-switch: SMB3, SMW
     Changes blockstocoisn and coins to blocks for a few seconds.
     Uncommon: In many levels
     : Great for making platforms or getting extra coins.
     Can be carried to where you need it.
     Also see: None

P-wing: SMB3
     Let's Mario fly as long as he wants without running.
     Rare: Only about a dozen in the game
     : On many levels, it lets you fly past everything to the exit.
     Usable from map screen. Your inventory fills with them after you beat the game
     Also see: None

Poison Mushroom: SMB2(j)
     Hurts Mario
     Uncommon: Often where you'dexpect a Mushroom.
     : Stay away from these.
     One ofthe only "negative effect" items.
     Also see: Super Mushroom

Potion: SMB2
     Creates a door to subspace, where Mario can get Coins and Mushrooms.
     Common: At least two per level.
     : The only way to get mushrooms and coins.
     Only the first two potions every level let you get coins.
     Also see: Mushroom, Coin

POW Block: MB, SMB2
     Destroys all enemies on screen.
     Ultra-common/Rare: In MB, one in every 3 levels. In SMB2 and YI, much less common.
     : Good universal power, but only a temporary fix.
     Can replicate if you take them into subspace in SMB2
     Also see: Winged Cloud Maker

Power Star: SM64
     Needed to open doors to various levels.
     Common: 7 in every level, 120 in all.
     : Needed to move on.
     Seventy needed to complete the game.
     Also see: None

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Red Coin: YI, SM64, SMBDX
     Twenty hidden in each level in YI, 5 in SMBDX, or worth two coins in SM64.
     Common: Five, Eight, or 20 per level depending on game.
     : Needed to open up secrets in all three games.
     In SM64, 8 gets you a power star.
     Also see: Grey Coin, Blue Coin, Coin, Dragon Coin.

Red Shell: SMK, MK64
     Projectile that homes in on the nearest cart.
     Uncommon: Occasionally appear in ?-blocks
     : Great offensive power, no need to aim well
     Available in groups of three in MK64
     Also see: Green Shell, Shell

Rocket: SMB2
     Rockets you to a higher section of the level, then explodes
     Rare: They show up where you need them
     : Neccesary, not really helpful.
     Same explosion animation as bomb/bob-omb.
     Also see: Bomb

Rocket Cap: SML3
     Lets Wario fly straight forward for a short time.
     Rare: Only in a few levels
     : Fun and useful for evasion and getting to higher platforms
     Wario leans in with his shoulder as he flies, as an attack.
     Also see: Dragon Cap, Bull Cap.

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Shell: SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, YI, SM64
     Slides along the ground killing enemies. Mario can ride on them.
     Rare: Don't see them much
     : Fun and effective
     Can be found in all but SMB2 only by stomping a turtle. Mario can carry these in SMB2 and after, but not in SM64
     Also see: Green Shell, Red Shell

Starman: SMB, SMB2, SMB2(j), SMB3, SMW, YI
     Gives Mario invincibility for a few seconds
     Uncommon: Show up a lot, but don't last long.
     : Great for speeding through tough sections. Watch for pits.
     Can be used from Map screen in SMB3. In YI, let's baby Mario run without Yoshi's help.
     Also see: Power Star

Stopwatch: SMB2
     Stops all enemies in the level for a few seconds
     Uncommon/Rare: Depends on how many ripened vegetables you pick
     : The enemies can still hurt you, making this near useless
     Appear after you pick 6 ripened vegetables (The 6th will be a stopwatch instead of a veggie)
     Also see: Music Box

Raccoon Leaf: SMB3
     Gives Mario Raccoon ears and tail. Lets Mario fly with a running start
     Uncommon: Pretty easy to find.
     : Flying is helpful, but the P-wing and Tanooki Suit are better.
     The only transformation item in SMB3 that isn't a suit.
     Also see: Feather

Super Mushroom: SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SML, SML2, SMK, MK64
     Makes Mario into Super Mario. in Kartgames, gives Mario a speed boost.
     Common: The most common "power-up"
     : An extra hit before death is very helpful.
     Fire Flower, Carrot, and other items only appear if you have this
     Also see: Poison Mushroom.

Superball Flower: SML
     Lets Mario shoot superballs
     Uncommon: Appear in place of Mushrooms when you are "super"
     : Versatile and useful
     Can kill enemies or collect coins it collides with. Unaffected by gravity.
     Also see: Fire Flower

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Tanooki Suit: SMB3
     Transforms Mario into a Racoon, allowing him to fly or turn into a statue
     Rare: Found mostly in Mushroom Houses late in the game
     : Versatile, and fun to use.
     Tanooki means racoon in Japanese.
     Also see: Raccoon Leaf

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Vegetable: SMB2
     Thrown as a weapon at enemies.
     Ultra-Common: All over the place
     : Other enemies can be used for the same purpose
     Come ripened (big) and unripened (small) with no functional difference.
     Also see: Stopwatch

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Warp Whistle: SMB3
     Takes Mario to "World 9" where he can choose to warp to later worlds.
     Ultra-Rare: Three in the whole game (2 in World 1, 1 in World 2)
     : Skip to your favorite level
     When blown on World 9, takes you directly to World 8
     Also see: None

Watermelon: YI
     Let's Yoshi spit things from his mouth
     Common/Uncommon: Green ones found on many trees. The other's are rarer.
     : REALLY fun to use on monkey's, and semi-useful.
     Green watermelons let you spit watermelon seeds, blue watermelons let you spit ice (3 uses), red watermelons let you shoot fire (3 times).
     Also see: None

Wing Cap: SM64
     Let's Mario fly for a few seconds
     Uncommon: Not as common as the Bull Cap.
     : Good for plowing through enemies.
     Only found in red !-blocks after you find the Red Switch Palace. One with unlimited use can be found on the castle roof.
     Also see: Invisibility Cap, Metal Cap.

Winged Cloud Maker: YI
     Changes all enemies on screen into winged ?-clouds
     Uncommon: From mini-games.
     : Good when you need a few extra stars.
     Usable only from the pause screen
     Also see: POW Block

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Yoshi Wings: SMW
     Takes Yoshi and Mario to a bonus level
     Rare: Only a few in the game
     : Only good for getting Dragon Coins
     Turns Yoshi into Blue Yoshi, regardless of previous color.
     Also see: None

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