The Grand Finale

By Fiddlesticks

Chapter One:Koopa Kare

Scene 1: Outside Bowser's Castle

(It's a dark and storm ridden night. A boo's cackle echoes throughout the surrounding landscape. The drawbridge begins to lower.... Bowser Koopa, king of the Koopas, begins to walk out, followed by Boom-Boom, his loyal minion.)

Bowser: Right Boom-Boom, now you've to baby-sit the Koopalings while I go torment the Mushroom land.
Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom do good job, boss Bowser!
Bowser: ........right... now, if you have any trouble.....
(Bowser hands Boom-Boom a box of Bob-Ombs.)
Bowser: .... just play their favorite lullaby by tossing these Bob-Ombs at something, they'll fall fast asleep....
Boom-Boom: Okey-dokey, boss Bowser!
Bowser: Right, FLY-GUYS!!!!!! GET THE CLOWNCOPTER!!!!!!!
(Bowser walks off, Boom-Boom turns around to walk back inside. A ball smashes him in the face and he falls over.)
Iggy: Nice shot, Lemington!
Lemmy: Why thank you, Ignatious, now... SHUT THE DRAWBRIDGE!
Boom-Boom: Ugh.... what the?!? No, Koopakiddies, no!
(The drawbridge closes, Boom-Boom smacks into it and falls into the lava moat.)
Lemmy: Yippy-Yappy-Doo! We did it!
Iggy: Criminy, so we diddly-did!
Lemmy: Let's go and tell the others, by crikey!

Scene 2: Koopaling's bed-room

(The kids are running around like maniacs..... as usual..... Iggy and Lemmy walk in.)
Lemmy: We diddly-did it!
Ludwig: Excellent! But, vat vill ve do now?
Morton: Let's go bother Kamek!
Roy: Nah, let's go and smash some Troopas' heads in!
Lemmy: Let's go throw balls at each other until we collapse!
Wendy: Let's listen to the new "Goomba Curd" single!
Iggy: Let's say the word "Crikey" endlessly!
(Others stare blankly.) Roy: Let's just smack Iggy round the head a couple a times....
Scene 3: Outside Bowser's Castle

(Boom-Boom has climbed out of the moat. Some Bloopers have attached themselves to his butt.)
Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom not like jellyfishies!
(Boom-Boom tries to shake them off. They get annoyed and bite.)
Boom-Boom: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(The Bloopers detach. Boom-Boom runs around screaming.)
Blooper #1: Jeez, what's his problem?
Blooper #2: He should know all Bloopers hate people who "shake their booty"!
Blooper #3: You said it brother!
Blooper #1: I wonder, do ya think he'll ever stop running about?
Blooper #2: Maybe we can attack again if we put down "running and screaming" on our list of hated things?
Blooper #1: That's good enough for me.....
(Bloopers jump on and bite Boom-Boom's butt again, he screams and jumps at the drawbridge, smashes through it, and gets back inside.)
Boom-Boom: Oh goody, Boom-Boom back inside, I be thanking you, Jellyfishies!
Blooper #2: Uh...... is thanking us for biting him on our hated things list?
Blooper #1: Probably.......
(Bloopers bite again.)
Boom-Boom: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blooper #3: For some reason, this makes me feel good!

Scene 4: Inside the castle.

(The Koopalings are running about.)
Ludwig: Okay, ve've given all the Koopa Troopa's vedgies, now vat?
Morton: Give the Goombas "wet-willies"?
Ludwig: They have ears?!?
(Suddenly, Kamek appears.)
Kamek: Bowser promised you kids would be quiet while I worked! Where is your baby-sitter?!?
Morton: In some hot boiling lava....
Kamek: The sad thing is that's probably true...
Iggy: I tinkity-think that we should go to Kamek's tower and ruin all his work!
Others: Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!
(The kids run off.)
Kamek: Hey! Come back here! Your father will hear of this! Hey? Come back?!?

Scene 5: Kamek's Tower

(The kids enter and grab all the things they can find, they then run over to Kamek's cauldron.)
Ludwig: Okay, now...... DROP IT ALL IN!!!!
Koopalings: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Kamek enters.)
Kamek: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(But he's too late. Everything falls in. There's a huge explosion. A huge spark flies out the window. Boom-Boom then enters.)
Boom-Boom: What Boom-Boom miss?
Kamek: A brain.....

Scene 6: Outside the Princess' castle

(Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and the Princess are trying to fight off Bowser and an army of Fly-Guys. It isn't very hard and they're beating them with just a few punches. When they're all down they head over to Bowser.)
Mario: Right Bowser, this time there's no escape!
Bowser: Does this mean I'll miss "Bay-watch"?
(Just then the spark from Kamek's Cauldron comes tumbling down. It hits the ground in front of the good guys feet. It then explodes, knocking them out.)
Bowser: Heh heh..... now is the time of reckoning......

Scene 7: Back at Bowser's Castle

(The Koopalings' have been tied up and gagged. Boom-Boom and Kamek play chess.)
Boom-Boom: Uh....... what do the little horsey guys do?
Kamek: I dunno....
(Bowser then enters, holding a cage with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and the Princess inside.)
Bowser: Hey kids, poppa brought home a present for yas!

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