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The Good Goombas

By Wayne Scott

"Mama Mia!!!!! What doa you want to do today, Luigi?" Mario asks his buddy.
"Hmmm... I don't know, maybe we can go exploring Goomba Street!" Luigi suggested.

Mario nods in agreement. So the two mario brothers were off to Goomba Street. After miles of walking, they finally saw the street sign. Mario read it carefully. " Goomba Street... ENTER IF YOU DARE!!!!!" he shakes his head. " Noa one will believe thata gibberish." Suddenly they heard a sqeaky voice holler: " Get him, boys!!!!!!" A fleet of goombas jumped out from behind the sign. They started tackling Mario and Luigi. " It's okay, Mario! I'll take care of 'em!" Luigi jumped up in the air. And threw a huge fireball at the Goombas. A few were squashed like a pancake. And the rest were slightly hurt.

Suddenly one of the Goombas jumped up." Uh.... were sorry... there appears to be some sort of a mix-up. We thought you were sent here from Wario... we just put up that scary sign up to scare them away... We mean no harm. And besides, Wario's army stole our Grand Goomba Medallion, and..." Mario pulls out a golden shiny thing out from his pocket. It was the medellion!
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