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Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros
RE-RELEASES: 1986 (Arcade - VS Series), November 1988 (NES - 2-in-1 SMB/Duck Hunt), December 1990 (NES - 3-in-1 SMB/Duck Hunt/World Class Tack Meet), June 2004 (GBA - Classic NES Series)
Save: None, Size: 32 levels, Players: 2 alternating
ESRB Rating:
The game that started Mario's home invasion. Help Mario on his quest to save the princess through eight vast worlds. Travel on land, underground, in the dungeons, and in the water as you face enemies such as the mallet throwing Hammer Bros. Use the power of the warp zones to jump ahead to later levels. Defeat Bowser, save the princess, and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.
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