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Special Cup

On any engine class, 
complete the mushroom, 
flower, lightning and 
star cups.

Do them all again in 
150CC to unlock the 
special cup in Time 

Unlock the Extra / SNES tracks

Complete all the cups with gold 
trophies, then replay and get 
over 100 coins in each cup. 
Try and aim to get at least 
25 coins in each race to meet your

Unlock the Extra / SNES tracks 
in Time Trial

Unlock the Extra tracks as above, 
and get gold in 150CC in them to 
unlock it in Time Trial.

New Backgrounds

Complete all the cups with gold 
trophies to have a sunset background.
To get a nighttime background on the 
title screen, then get three stars in
all the cups in all the CC classes.

Character Select Secrets

On the character select screen 
in any mode, pressing L will make 
their animation in the corner fire 
a shell, and pressing R making them jump up. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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