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Mario and Link's Freaky Friday

By Wario the 3rd

It was the last bout of the Super Smash Bros. Tournament. Link, hero of time, was about to face Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom arena. "I've been waiting for this for a looooong time," Link said, as he pulled out his sword. "Everyone knows that I am the best hero," Mario replied. The bell rang and they got it on.

     Link came out with an unexpected boomerang attack, immediately knocking Mario down. Link ran to get in some blows, but Mario hit with his leg sweep. Mario followed up with the super coin uppercut. As link came down from the fall he held his sword beneath him and came crashing down upon Mario's head. A pokeball fell down from above and Link ran to grab it. As he picked it up a fireball smacked the back of his head. Link turned and threw the Pokeball, making it land right beside Mario. Mario watched in horror as the form emerged. "Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen Goldeen." Link couldn't contain himself and started laughing hysterically. The laughing stopped as he was hit with a laser beam. Mario was holding a ray gun. The rapid fire could not be avoided by Link and when Mario finally ran out of ammo, he threw the gun to finish Link off. But Link wasn't going to lose today. He jumped in mid-air and then spin attacked his way back onto the board. Mario grabbed him by the feet and started to spin around. He let go and Link ricoched off of several platforms before landing on his feet behind Mario. He unleashed a spinning attack, followed by the hookshot, followed by another spinning attack, followed by rapid sword attack. Link pulled out a bomb. Standing right next to Mario, he threw it at the exact same moment Mario threw a fireball. BOOM! The explosion sent both men hurtling off the board and into the background.

     Link awakened to find himself next to some castle. He was in a green feild, so bright green it could make him sick. He walked to the castle and had to cross a small bridge. As he was crossing, a man in a cloud with a camera approached him. "Ambush!", link immediately thought, as he pulled out his sword and made quick work of this cloud man. He walked in the castle. Upon entering a voice rang out. "Nobody's home. Get out!" As he heard this voice there was a vile laughing sound. Link looked around when suddenly a mushroom man appeared out of nowhere. Another ambush! He pulled out his bow and aimed at this mushroom man and demanded to know what was going on. The man introduced himself as Toad and began to tell him what had happened to Princess Peach's castle.

     Mario awakened in a strange land. He was in a small house. A fairy awakened him. She introduced herself as Navi and said "You aren't quite what I expected, but you need to come with me to see the Great Deku tree, young Link." Mario stood there, pondering for a moment, and said "But itsa ME! MARIO!" Navi pondered for a moment and said "Yeah, whatever. Come with me." Mario followed Navi towards the Great Deku tree, but was stopped by a kid named Mido. "Hey you, you can't pass here without a sword or a sheild." Mario smacked Mido out of the way and proceeded to the Deku tree.

     Meanwhile, Link had made his way into Bob-omb battlefeild. He climbed to the top of the mountain and was confronted by the Bob-omb king. "Easy job," thought link. He pulled out some fire arrows and lit the fuse of the bob-omb king. "WHAT?", said the bob-omb king "this isn't how this is supposed to happen!" Link had the unfortunance to be standing next to the King at this point, and the explosion was so large, it sent him hurling through the sky. He sailed through a hard object which seemed to be the top of the world. He was sailing through some distortioned sky and by some glitch, when he landed, he was inside some clock. He was trying to think of a way out when a piece of the clock moved out from under him and he fell, flying out of a huge Grandfather clock. He looked around, spotting a huge star door.

     Mario had been sent indide the Great Deku tree and he was having a tough time. These new enemies were undefeatable by any of Mario's techniques. He needed a weapon, but he had none. There were many creatures that looked like Pirahna plants. He remembered how he originally defeated Pirahna plants so he went over there. He tiptoed slowly and then punched this plant down. A stick appeared before him which he grabbed happily. NOW he had a weapon. He found a cobweb which he easily went through by doing a butt stomp. Working his way through, he eventually found the boss. it seemed there was no way to beat this strange creature. Mario punched it square in the eye and it went down, stunned and convulsing. He grabbed his Deku stick and stuck it right through the eye and into the brain. The creature exploded, revealing a peice of heart and a portal. Mario chose the portal and was instructed to go to the castle by the Great Deku tree. Mario then recieved spiritual stone number one.

     Link went into the Star door. He was saluted by a giant set of staircases. He could see the top, but he ran for almost an hour and never got there. Link thought for a moment and remembered a message. The star door had said he would need 70 stars before he could get through. He looked down to see he had only gone up 2 or 3 steps. He pulled out his longshot and aimed for the ceiling. He was pulled towards the ceiling, towards the top for hours. He was losing strength so he let go of his longshot and fell to the floor. As he looked up he was amazed to see that the longshot was standing still in mid-air. He could still hear the noise of it retracting, but it was not moving. He launched an arrow and saw it stop in mid-air still whizzing and spinning. Link grabbed the longshot and made it come back to him. He noticed a portion of the wall that looked different, like it was the cause of this spell. He ignited his arrow with fire. He shot the fire arrow. He then shot the longshot through the non-moving fire arrow. It ignited, and hit the wall area, breaking it to peices. All of a sudden, Link, who was still holding the longshot, was hurtled through the air because the spell was broken and the longshot was recoiling, the two unmoved arrows that were in the sky moved again, both hitting Link. Link fainted, dropping the longshot, and falling through a hole in the floor.

     Mario had found his way to the town market. He saw a temple and decided to go there before going to the castle. A huge wooden door was blocking a section. Mario remembered he had brought all three of his hats for emergencies. He put on his Hide cap. With his transparency power, he ran right through the door. He noticed a giant sword and decided he would need it. He lifted the sword, and thought he noticed a change. He looked around and a shadowy figure popped out. "Link, you are here, I am... you're not Link!" The shadowy figured revealed itself to be Princess Zelda and told Mario that he had better be going, when all of a sudden the earth rumbled and a voice said "I have you now, Zelda". Zelda then dissapeared. Mario was stunned. He went outside, and he noticed several zombies. Scared, Mario ran to the castle, where he was supposed to go in the first place. The castle was floating above a pit of Lava though. Mario pulled out the Winged cap. He flew to the castle and entered in.

     Link awoke to find himself in a strange fortress. This fortress was in the sky. Everything was always just out of reach of his longshot. He had to walk and jump his way through. Luckily there weren't too many enemies, and they could all be taken out with his sword. He walked up to a pipe at the top of the fortress. "Here goes nothing," he said as he jumped in.

     Mario was amazed at the size of this castle. There was a giant sheild protecting the center room, and Mario figured this is where he would have to go. Mario didn't want to deal with destroying the sheild, so he put on his Metal cap. Mario ran through the sheild. He made it, but his metal armor was totally destroyed. Now Mario was at a winding staircase. He ran through avoiding as many enemies as possible, until he came to a room with two giant statues. The statues came to life as soon as Mario came near them! Mario tried every single Mushroom Kingdom trick in the book but could not harm the statues. It was entirely impossible! As he was dodging, a statue hit him. Mario was knocked clear across the room and was all but killed. he ran to the door to the next room but it was locked. The two statues approached him, surrounding him. Mario squatted and covered his eyes. They both prepared to give him the death blow, when Mario did a double backflip. They gave each other the death blow destroying themselves. Mario finally made it to the top, to a large door. He opened it and stepped inside.

     Link fell down and landed on a platform. A Gigantic lizard emerged. "So you've made it here at last to save the Princes, eh, Mario?" "Yes," replied Link. "You're not Mario!", Bowser realized as he looked up. "I guess I'll have to take you out as well." Ganondorf turned around to see Mario standing before him. "What!? You are not Link! Who are you?" "It'sa ME! Mario!" Gannondorf went into an angry rage, "How DARE you even think you are wothy of taking me on! I was supposed to get Link here for the power of the triforce! For this you will suffer!" At this moment the Triforce of power on Gannondorf's hand glew bright red. Zelda, who was encased above, her triforce glew as well.

     Link was ready to take on Bowser. He was about to dodge Bowsers incoming charge attack, when all of a sudden, his Triforce glew for no apparent reason. Link was distracted and Bowser knocked him into a bomb. Link was sent hurtling back onto the platform with his life dwindling. Bowser turned to Link and started to breath fire, but Link shot an Ice arrow into his mouth. Bowser started choking on the arrow and Link ran behind him. "This worked on Gannon," he thought, and started slicing Bowser's tail.

     Gannondorf shot beams of light at Mario and Mario had no way of reflecting them back. Mario was almost out of energy when he looked at Navi. "You're a fairy!", he said, "Revive me!" Mario grabbed Navi and all his life was revitalized. Mario pulled out the sword he had gotten earlier and made a mad dash at Gannondorf. Gannondorf, unsure of what to do, shot a bolt directly at the sword. The sword flew out of Mario's hands, bounced off the walls and went directly into Gannondorfs heart. Gannondorf died. Zelda was free. All of a sudden, the castle started to rumble. "Mario, we've got to escape immediately," piped Zelda, "follow me!" Mario had a better idea. He grabbed Zelda, and jumped off the top of the castle. "AHHHHH!", Zelda screamed and screamed on the way down, but when they were two feet from the ground, Mario stopped in mid-air, did a flip and a butt-stomp. They were safe!

     Link found that his sword wasn't having much effect on Bowser. Bowser got the Ice arrow out of his throat. "TAKE THIS!", he said as he breathed fire into the sky. A sea of fire came hurtling down onto the platform. Bowser looked around to see that everything was engulfed in flame, and there was no possible way that Link could have survived. Bowser heard a noise, and quickly turned around, only in time to see Link in a Red Tunic jump out of the flame and throw a bomb in his face. Link landed behind Bowser and used a bottle of bugs on his shell. The bugs crawled into Bowser's shell, and Bowser got seriously angry. He forgot about the bomb, which blew up sending him into the abyss. Link shot an ice arrow into the ground putting out the flame. "I've won", he thought. Just then Bowser jumped out of the abyss and landed in the center of the platform. Bowser stomped the ground, making all sorts of sections of ground fall off. The platform was in the shape of a giant star. Link had been on a part that fell off. and now he was hanging onto a ledge for dear life.

     Mario was celebrating but he heard a noise. Gannondorf popped out of the ground, and used the last of his power to turn into Gannon. Mario saw a giant tail. He ran between Gannon's legs and grabbed the giant tail. "Well," he thought, "this worked on Bowser."

     Link saw Bowser standing right there about to stomp his hand. Bowser stomped Links left hand, and now Link was barely holding on. Bowser lifted his foot to get the other hand, when Link pulled out the longshot and shot him in a not-so-nice place. Link jumped up, ran to the nearest bomb, threw the longshot over it, and activated the recoil button. Bowser was pulled by the not-so-nice place right into the bomb, and was knocked out cold.

     Mario grabbed the tail of Gannon and swung him around and around. He let go and Gannon flew into the fire barrier that he had created. just then, the Master sword that had previously been in Gannondorf, fell from the sky above and landed right in front of Mario. Zelda cast a spell and held Ganon down and Mario delivered the final blow.Zelda called upon the power of the sages. "Sages, get Ganon, now!" Ganon dissapeared and became sealed.

     Link went to Bowser. "You've beaten me this time, but I will get my revenge someday!" Bowser dissapeared and left a giant Star. Link Grabbed it and was teleported back to the courtyard. Princess Peach appeared. "Mario, you've saved the castle! Hey, you're not Mario." "I am Link." "Where is Mario?" "I don't know. If I am here, that means he is probably in Hyrule."

     Mario walked to Zelda. "Zelda, what do I do now? There is no warp pipe I know of to return me to the mushroom kingdom." Zelda pulled out the Ocarina of time. "With this I can return everyone to their rightful places, but you will never be able to return. Do you accept this?" "Yes," said Mario. Zelda played the song of time on the Ocarina.

     Link and Mario woke up, dazed from the blast of the bomb. They looked around, to see that they were in Smash Bros. Mushroom Kingdom Arena. "I had the strangest dream", they both said simultaneously. They got up and dusted themselves off. "Hey Mario," said Link, "I'm really sorry. You're a great hero." "You too", said Mario. "Let's fight some other day, friend", said Link. "Yeah", replied Mario. Link put his arm around Mario and they walked off into the sunset, as two friends, re-united.

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