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Evil Unites

By Will Emmons

    Being in quite a good mood, because of Mario, Luigi, Mallow, Geno, and Daisy, visit she was scurring around the castle titing up for the coming visitors. All of a sudden Toad screams," Help ," as Bowser carries him of cackling. Toadstool called the guards but it was too late. As he fled Bowser called out, " If you ever want too see Toad again, have Mario, Luigi, Geno, and Mallow deliver 100,000,000 Frog Coins to me in Barrel Valcano in the second chamber."
    After the group reached the palace, Toadstool explained the situation. Geno explained, " On his way from Star Road he saw a Terrapin carrying a wiggling bag, but he had disregarded it as a sack full of mushrooms."
    At that Froguis' Discple hopped in screaming," Froguis has been kidnapped by a large frog calling himself Wart, he's been takin' to Barrel Valcano,he is demanding 100 million Frog Coins for his return, and that I deliver." Mallow said," His parents had been kidnapped, by some guy in a yellow Mario suit and a "W" on the cap, he wanted the samething."
    All of a sudden a Sarasain ran in gasping ," Tatanga kidnapped Daisy, took her too Barrel Valcano, 100,000,000 Frog Coins, Mario."
    They gathered up the coins and started off using the Royal Bus of Nimbusland. As they passed over the Rose Way fireballs began too fire at the bus, Mallow tried deflecting them with snowballs, but to no avail. The bus went plummiting to the forest floor, below.
    When they landed cushioned by Mallow's air cushion, 4 towering Reznors attacked the fivesome, but Mario and Luigi's fireballs were able to stop them.
    The team was able to talk the Yoshi's into being transportation. Poor Frog Discple he had to ride Boshi.
    After making there way too the valcano, the Yoshi's left. In the valcano they were attacked by various weopon beasts an axe, a sword, a knife, and even an cannon. Mallow found this very peculiar. Then they had to fight off aliens, shy guys, and a giant rat. They split into two groups.
    Sadly, the smaller group of Geno & Mario found Bowser, Smithy, Wart, Wario, and Tatanga 1st. Bowser cut off the passage and they fought. Geno Beamed Wario through a wall ,but it opened a magma pocket. Only Geno, Mario, and Bowser servived. The other group saved the hostages.

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