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The Evil Mario Bros.

By Nick Symosky

Chapter One

This is Nick Symosky, here to tell you a story, a true story about Good Guys And Bad guys. Enough "hoo-doo",Let's Start The Show!

One night, Mario and Luigi couldn't sleep so they read the story of their third adventure together.Suddenly,They got sucked into the book!But it was Bowser,not Wart,then Bowser put them in his new-fangled cloning machine.He didn't know how it worked because he forgot to read the instuctions(once an imbasile,always an imbasile!)so he set it for Evil.Then,He created the Super Evil Mario Bros.Then Bowser took some inocint Mushroom Retainers and Peach(HE'S AT IT AGAAAAAAAIN!!!!!!!!) Mario And Luigi set off to bowser's Castle and will save Peach and the Missing Mushrooms...or will they? Only time will tell.So stay tuned.

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