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Mario's Early Years

Vital Stats
System(s): Super NES/Computer
U.S. Release Date: 1993
Current street price: Less then 5 Dollars
Save: None
Size: 27 worlds to explore, hours of fun for young ones
Players: 1 Player
ESRB Rating: EC

In a nutshell
The game is a educational learning tool for young preschoolers. The game has 27 different worlds, each with something new to learn. Fun with numbers helps preschoolers math skills. Counting and patterns are just a few of the skills they learn. Fun with letters helps preschoolers learn about reading and helps them learn the alphabet. Questions like what does this word start with and what word goes with what picture helps the child to learn. Preschool fun is the entertainment part of the program. It contains games like Matching and Hide and Go Seek and even the first mario SINGALONG!

Gameplay Overview
Mario's Early years is a very basic game. It was designed that way to let young kids play the game. Basically, all you do is click on certain spots on the screen to activate them. It has just the right amount of gameplay to keep young ones entertained.

Notes of interest
This is the only mario game known to date that has a sing along. It's also one of the rare mario games that came to the computer!

"Just A Moment"
-Mario (Loading Screen)

There is no true ending in this game... it just keeps going and going and going.

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