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Dethrone the Mushroom King!

Question Set #10

Dah King's Heavy Metal Bag 136-142

You wanted me back, well here I am! I have a splitting headache right now, so I will just attempt to see what you morons have sent for this tenth edition.

-The King

(Disclaimer: Dethrone the Mushroom King is for entertainment only. Don't take the King's answers personally.)


Email 136
Finally, you're back. I was waiting for this. Okay, let's see if you can do this:
1) Have Lakitus ever thrown hammers? If so, name the game.
2) What is all of the information we know about the age of the Koopalings, based on information from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3?
3) One game was released in a contest only in Japan. The game was portable and only 11,790 units were distributed. Now tell me, what is the game?
4) What character was the above game in the shape of?
5) How many possible enemies can be on-screen in the arcade game, Mario Bros.?
6) What is the first game in which Mario and Link have appeared together?
7) What are at least 5 differences between the North American and PAL versions of the Hidden Mansion in Luigi's Mansion?
8) How many games in the Mario Party series exist so far?
And to give you some ones you can answer...
9) What's your top score in Donkey Kong?
10) What is your most amazing video gaming moment?
-Zack Frisbee

I can tell that you have you have been waiting for this, considering you have asked like a million questions. What happened to the days when it was one question per mail.

  1. As far as I know, Lakitus only threw Spiny eggs and I have too much of a migrane to looks for the obscure game in which you thought you saw otherwise.
  2. Do you really want to base you canon on a Saturday morning cartoon?
  3. Who cares?
  4. Again, who cares?
  5. Mario, Luigi, and the enemies. Next!
  6. I believe that to be Tetris. If you don't believe me, than bad for you!
  7. Do you truly expect me to fly to Europe just to do your stupid comparison?
  8. 10, if you include the handheld versions. This is too easy.
  9. Scores are for people in mullets that appear in dumb documentaries
  10. Playing without having to answer your dumb questions!

Email 137
So you think you can answer Stephen's ALMIGHTY QUESTIONS OF DOOM! Well lets see you do it Mr. Mushroom King.

Question 1- Why were the original partner sprites from Paper Mario not used in The Thousand Year Door?

Question 2- Is Birdo a Male or Female?

Question 3- Who runs faster, Sonic or Mario with his Turbo Nozzle?

I'll be waiting for your answers....


You are so not cool to ask these dumb questions!

  2. Birdo is a boy that became a girl through Nintendo not being comfortable with gender-bending in their games.
  3. Who cares? If Mario won, it would be cheating.

Email 138
How many characters are in Mario Part 7?

Who is the host in the same game?

What is the name of the thing you throw in a party board to set traps?

How many koopa kids are in the game? :)

Jonathan Kendall

If I wanted to answer trivia, I would have gone to Chuck Quizmo (or at least the weird imposter of him that appears in this game).

Email 139
Well, I'm kind of confused about who the current king is, but .... You were wrong! At least someone was wrong. In Email 31, someone said that Wart was in SSBM. Totally bogus. They were thinking of Birdo...

Anyway, my questions:
1. What is WIN-tendo?
2. Is it the same Mario throughout the series? Sort of like how Link is not the same person in every game.
3. Why wasn't R.O.B. in Mario Kart Wii?
4. What is Tatanga's ship called?
5. Where did 9-volt get his namw? (This counts as a Mario question, right?)
6. What color are Luigi's socks?
7. According to Belome, how does Mario taste? 8. Why wasn't Geno in Brawl?
9. How can I get a job at Marrymore Hotel?
10. And while we're talking about SMRPG, just for fun, who is you favorite Axem Ranger?

I figure that's enough for now...

Tyler Apsley

What is it with you guys are question-o-ramas? I am not a computer you know (I am also not the moron, who answered e-mail 31).

  1. You tell me.
  2. No, Mario's are a race of aliens from the planet Uranus.
  3. Because he is not a Mario character and was too hard to get on the DS
  4. A UFO is a UFO to me
  5. First tell me what a "namw" is.
  6. Anyone who doesn't wear white socks just looks weird.
  7. I would think it'd be pretty disgusting
  8. Because puppets can't fight.
  9. Don't pay your bills.
  10. Why do you care? I didn't even like Power Rangers.

Email 140
what is the real name of super mario bros. 2 ?

Mike Mastovich


(The answer is Doki Doki Panic BTW)

Email 141
will there be a mario on ds?

Paul Osborne

That's weird, I thought there were already tons of games on that system. That is unless you want a Mario physically on your DS, then I have to say no (unless you have stickers).

Email 142
What is the first game that mario could get a poision mushroom in


I believe this was the first time that I have gotten a question from a number.

Well Mr. 17209493927, I believe the answer you your question is the real Super Mario Bros. 2 that has nothing to do with Doki Doki Panics (i.e. The Lost Levels).

Now I need to find my aspirin....

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