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Dethrone the Mushroom King!

Dethrone the Mushroom King!

Send in your questions to stump the King.
You know what to do.

Viewer Disclaimer: The following views are the views of the Mushroom King and the Mushroom King alone, SMBHQ washes their hands of all responsibilty for what may be said. Viewer discretion is advised.


It's an albatoss; no, it's a Koopamobile, no you comic book lackeys it's me, THE MUSHROOM KING OF ALL! If the big letters didn't hint it to you, I'm at very high regards towards my nickname, and that nickname is to be now known on the highest of honors in the realm of Mario!

I lurk here in the shadows answering the questions those morons at the SMBHQ mailbag are too scared to answer. There is no question that is too tough for the almighy Mushroom King! Email me your questions (please no time wasters- use good judgment), and I'll post the answers (or dare I say the awe struckin' submits) on my next update. So with that out of the way, all challenges are open for business! Get emailin' me guys!

Question Set #1
Question Set #2
Question Set #3
Question Set #4
Question Set #5
Question Set #6
Question Set #7
Question Set #8
Question Set #9
Question Set #10
Question Set #11

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Along with my standard answer the questions shtick, I also figured that in order to get some of you lazy bums up for emailing me I'd add a special forum for me to talk trash, and for you in turn to add your bit's of nastiness as well. I like to call it appropriately TRASH TALKING in all capital letters. It may be ripping off the SMBHQ mailbox a bit, but at least you have a reason to talk alittle filth and get away with it. I put my remarks up, and choose a random assortment of your guy's to post as well. If anything at least it can give someone a decent laugh every now then. Here's my starting disparages, you add in as desired.

“If I had a dime for every Mario game I didn't own; I still have a dime!”

“Take a lesson brotha's: Most of you out there are probably nothing but little Bowsers inside, you can throw whatever you want at me, but bottom line you'll still get your ass burned (in lava of course)!“

And finally…

“If you're reading this section comprehensively, then I have one big question to ask you. You can read, since when!"

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