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Download some great SMBhq and Mario wallpaper for your desktop.

SMBhq Design 1 SMBhq Design 2 SMBhq Design 3
SMBHQ - Design 1
SMBhq - Design 2
SMBhq Design 3
Mario Through The Ages
Mario Through The Ages

Buddy Icons:

Feel free to use any of the following SMBhq AIM Buddy Icons for your AOL Instant Messenger.

To add your AIM Buddy Icon:
Make sure you have AOL Instant Messenger installed on your machine
2. Click the image below that you want to appear as your AIM Buddy Icon

Basic SMBhq
Logo Got Mario?? Design 1 Design 2 Design 3
SMBhq Sections
NC Dethrone the Mushroom King Super Mario Mysteries

Desktop Icons:

Use these desktop icons for whatever purpose you see fit.


Here are some great miscellaneous items for your to download.

SMBhq Winamp3 Skin
Think about SMBhq as you listen to your music.

Super Mario Bros Font.
"Do the Mario" with this SMB-inspired font (created by The Liquid Plumber), that's currently seen all around SMBhq (most notably for the navagation buttons)

Mario Bros Hat Font
A font that's same as the letters on the Mario Bros hats. Created by Sam Beckett

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SMBhq is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution or higher.

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