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How Mario Got Fleas

By Nick Falzarano

Chapter One

The sun was shining. The blue sky was full of fluffy white clouds. It was a beautiful day.
"Too beutiful"grumbled bowser koopa as he paced around his throne room."i hate beautiful days." Bowser continued to pace around his throne room.
Suddently,the door crashed open. Bowser whirled around to see who had disturbed him. It was his daughter, Wendy O. koopa. "daddy,"she whined, "I'm board. I want a pet to play with."
Hmm, bowser thought and smiled his horrible smile. Wendy O. backed up in fright.
"OK Wendy," bowser said ,"I'll get you a pet."
"oh thank you daddy,"wendy o. said as she ran out of the throne room. The door slammed behind her. Bowser grinned.


Mario, his brother luigi, and their friends yoshi the dinosaur, princess toadstool, and toad the mushroom were walking along the road towards the princesses castle.
"thank you guys for a wonderful after noon,"the princess said.
"no problem peach "mario said to the princess.
Suddently the blue sky seemed to darken.
"come on peach,"said toad,"it looks like its going to rain."
just then kamek, bowser's cheif wizard appeared in a puff of smoke.
"I want a dog! " shouted kamek. He pointed his magic wand at mario. A beam of light shown from his wand onto Mario.
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!"peach yelled. She dived between mario and and kamek into the bright light and pushed mario out of the way. Then, in a puff of smoke, mario and peach vanished.
In their places were two dogs. one was wearing a pink dress and a crown on its head. the other had a red cap and overalls on.
"M-mario,"luigi stamered,"P-peach?" "oh dear"kamek said,"i was only supposed to get one pet...oh well, two is better than one." with that said, he grabbed the two dogs and dissapeared in a puff of smoke.

Chapter Two

"here you are sir," said kamek when he reapeared in bowser's throne room.
"which one did you get?"bowser asked him.
"I think you will be pleased sir," kamek said," i brought two dogs...princess toadstool and super mario."
"this is even better than i planed it!" bowser exclaimed,"deliver them to Wendy o. at once."
"yes your evilness,"said kamek just before they disapeared in a puff of smoke.


"what do we do?"toad screamed, "were doomed! super mario and peach are DOGS! there's no one to save us! we're doomed! bowsers won! oh, what to do, what to do."
"hey," said luigi,"what to i look like, a tree? i'll save them."
"oh thank you luigi,"toad gushed.
"but......."luigi continued,"i'll need your help."
"whattttt?"toad screeched,"no way. i'm too scared."toad ran into the castle. luigi sighed. he was on his own.
"o.k."said luigi,"where do i start.where would kamek have taken mario and peach.?"the answer came to him in a second.
"bowser's keep!"
i'll need supplys,luigi thought,i'd better stop at my pad...but mario's pad is closer.i'll go there instead.
"wait a second!" luigi SAID,"WHERE'S YOSHI?"
"Here I am "yoshi said revealing himself from behind a bush."when kamek appeared,i got scared and i hid.but now we have a job to do. Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Luigi hopped on yoshi and off they went to rescue mario and peach.they hurried to mario's pad.after a few minutes, luigi hurried out of mario's pad.
"OK, i'm ready,"luigi said,"let's go."
they hurried towards bowser's keep.

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